5 Most Effective Language Apps For Progress Monitoring In 2023!

language apps for progress monitoring

Are you one of those driven, ambitious, and competitive language learners who stop at nothing beyond the perfect score when it comes to learning with a passion? If yes, then you are in for a sweet treat today! That’s because we are going to discuss some of the best language apps for progress monitoring, which not only help you learn something new daily but also keep track of your lessons.

You see, our lives today have moved beyond the stipulated 24 hours. We are living and learning around the clock, and we definitely need some sort of monitoring device to keep track of this utter madness. So, in a way, you can liken these language-learning apps to a smartwatch that helps you watch your step! But first, let’s find out why and how these apps work to ensure efficient progress monitoring.

Why Do You Need To Monitor Your Progress?

The progress monitoring feature in a language learning app plays a significant role in bettering the user learning experience. Let’s see how:

  1. It allows learners to track their individual advancement in language proficiency. How often do we depend upon a tracking tool to tell us what we are doing right and where we are missing the step, right?
  2. Many of the new and upcoming language apps to learn foreign languages are adopting a gamified approach. So, it’s a given that with data on completed lessons, quizzes, and exercises, the app can adapt the learning content to each user’s level. The most important benefit of this action is to ensure that lessons are appropriately challenging and engaging for the learner. This personalization, in turn, increases their motivation and keeps them hooked.
  3. The first step in any kind of learning is to set an achievable goal. So, it is essential for learners to establish clear objectives for their language learning journey. And when they see their progress over time – reflected in a visual representation of charts, pies, and graphs – they experience a sense of accomplishment, which ultimately boosts their confidence. Hello there, a 100-day streak!
  4. Language learning apps with progress monitoring are your best bet to identify your sore spot – be grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation. With this knowledge, you can then focus your time and effort on improving those areas and opt for targeted practice.
  5. Moreover, if a particular method or exercise isn’t working for you even after putting in much time, you can choose to tinker with your study plan and optimize it according to your comfort. Similarly, app developers can also fine-tune the content and features based on usage patterns and success rates.

Top Language Apps For Progress Monitoring

AppPrice Starting AtBest For
FunEasyLearn$3.99/ month (Free Version Available)Improving All Language Skills
Ling$6.67/ month for 12 months (Free Trial Available)AI Chatbot
LingoDeer$14.99/ month (Free Version Available)Gamified Experience
Memrise$14.99/ month (Free Trial Available)Immersion
FunEasyLearn Language Apps For Progress Monitoring Ling App

#1 FunEasyLearn: Best For Improving All Language Skills

I started learning Korean – an absolute foreign language for me – with FunEasyLearn a while ago. And boy, was I impressed! The app sports a perfect progress tracking feature that takes care of all your streaks, lessons, quiz scores, and what nots.

As a user, I can see my lesson-by-lesson advancement through completed lessons. And get rewarded with flowers and honey for various achievements and skill improvements. The paid version of the app allows you access to a full-blown progress report, complete with graphs and stats, to provide insights into areas where improvement is needed.

Stand Out Features

  1. The app keeps track of your daily attendance and allows you to set helpful reminders.
  2. You can see how well you are doing in the three main verticals – words, sentences, and alphabet.
  3. The review option lets you go back to previous lessons and take a quiz to assess your progress while learning a new language.


$3.99 for a monthAll Features Unlocked
$2.49/ month for 6 monthsAll Features Unlocked
$1.79/ month for 12 monthsAll Features Unlocked
$49.99 for a lifetimeAll Features Unlocked
Duolingo Language Apps For Progress Monitoring Ling App

#2 Duolingo: Best For Beginners

Ah, the most loved owl of our age! Duolingo is the pioneer of ‘streaks’ in the language-learning landscape of today. The app offers you a fun way to keep track of your progress – through interesting play features like league scoreboards, achievement badges pertaining to certain task fulfillment, daily and monthly quests, and so on.

Duolingo uses XP or experience points to measure user engagement and progress. Users earn XP by completing lessons, quizzes, and exercises, and obviously, the more XP a user accumulates, the higher their language learning level becomes.

Stand Out Features

  1. In the app, at the end of each unit, the user is faced with a review option that generates more XP to complete the review process of each skill – grammar, comprehension, pronunciation, and vocabulary – learned in the unit.
  2. You are also given an opportunity to practice and then take quizzes to asses your superlative skills by reaching the ‘Legendary’ level. This encourages users to revisit previously learned content and maintain their proficiency.


The app is absolutely free to use. However, Duolingo Plus and Super cost $6.99 per month to unlock premium content.

Ling Language Apps For Progress Monitoring Ling App

#3 Ling: Best For AI Chatbot

Do you enjoy playing make-believe or real-life scenarios with an integrated chatbot that converses with you in the voice of native speakers? If yes, then Ling is your go-to app. The app features an amazing ‘review’ feature that allows you to take stock of all that you have been learning – whether it be vocabulary, dialogues, or language and grammar tips.

The reward and streak system, similar to other gamified apps, work together to keep you going for more. Who doesn’t feel motivated by a good chase, after all?

Stand Out Features

  1. The app gives you banana points or BPs to rank higher on the leaderboard. You also earn a coin every time you finish a lesson. You can then use these coins to buy hints that you can use in difficult lessons further down the line.
  2. Each category also features an ‘Exam’ at the end/ bottom for you to assess yourself. It consists of all the language skills that you have previously practiced in the lesson unit, like speaking, vocabulary, retention, comprehension, and so on.


FreeThe first 8 lessons unlocked
$8.99/ month for 1 monthAll the features unlocked
$6.67/ month for 12 monthsAll the features unlocked
$149.99All the features unlocked
LingoDeer Language Apps For Progress Monitoring Ling App

#4 LingoDeer: Best For Gamified Experience

LingoDeer is another gamified app on the list that provides interactive exercises, clear grammar explanations, and real-world context to aid comprehension and listening skills in your language-learning journey. Needless to say, its user-friendly interface, voice recognition, and progress-tracking features contribute to a personalized and effective learning experience.

The app offers structured language courses that are divided into lessons and modules. Each lesson covers specific topics, vocabulary, and grammar concepts, whereas each module consists of broader language skills.

Stand Out Features

  1. LingoDeer’s progress tracking feature keeps a record of your achievements by displaying a visual representation of completed content. It also indicates your progress through a course completion feature.
  2. The app also offers insights into your learning patterns, strengths, and areas that require more attention. These insights are pretty useful for planning and tweaking your learning strategy.
  3. The app provides a dashboard/ section where you can view your overall progress – including metrics like completed lessons, skill levels, and streaks.


$14.99/ monthAll features unlocked
$79.99/ yearAll features unlocked
$159.99 for a lifetimeAll features unlocked
Memrise Language Apps For Progress Monitoring Ling App

#5 Memrise: Best For Immersion

Memrise is one of my favorites when it comes to picking an app for integrated audio-visual aid for cultural immersion. You see, providing an immersive experience is one of the most significant features through which students learn a new language via immersion, not translation.

This is how the progress tracking feature works in Memrise – once you complete lessons and sections within a course, its progress tracking feature records your achievements. The app displays your completed lessons as well as your overall course completion percentage.

Stand Out Features

  1. The app identifies words or concepts you need to review and schedules them for practice at specific intervals that are designed to reinforce learning.
  2. The ‘flower blooming’ feature is an efficient way to keep a stock of successfully completing challenging tasks such as retaining difficult vocabulary.


$14.99/ monthFull access to all languages and all features unlocked
$7.50/ month for 12 monthsFull access to all languages and all features unlocked
$199.99 for a lifetimeFull access to all languages and all features unlocked

Round Up

So, what did you think of this list about progress tracking features in language learning apps? Well, according to me, these progress monitoring features definitely empower learners by providing personalized experiences. Not only that, they also drive you towards goal-oriented learning, targeted improvement, adaptable strategies, and increased motivation. And collectively, these benefits contribute to a more effective and enjoyable language-learning process.

Learn Language With Ling

Was that list helpful to you? Choosing from a wide variety of options – those with similar features and price placements – is a challenging task, no doubt about that! But if you really want to dabble with learning other languages, then do make a checklist of all features you are looking for in an app.

And if I may suggest, start your journey by trying your hand at the Ling app. This rapidly growing app checks all the boxes of being an engaging, interactive, appealing, and fulfilling language learning app for learners of all ages, backgrounds, and proficiency levels.

You can download it from Play Store or App Store and see all this for yourself. So, download it now!

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