3 Best Language Apps With VR Features

3 Best Language Apps With VR Features

Ever felt the thrill of speaking a new language, but found the learning curve a bit steep? Well, we’ve got some fantastic news for you! Technology has just taken a giant leap to make this journey smoother and way more exciting than before! Imagine being transported to a virtual world where you can practice your new language skills as if you’re chatting with locals in a quaint cafe halfway across the world… Sounds dreamy, right? That’s exactly what the best language apps with VR Features can offer you!

It seems like everyone is catching onto this buzz, as schools and institutions are hopping on the VR bandwagon, integrating this cool tech into classrooms to jazz up learning experiences. According to the latest research on VR effectiveness, this tech is considered a revolutionary one, given its positive impact on understanding, retention, and practical application of lessons. If it works with subjects like science, math, and history, then VR can also enrich your language learning experience.

Curious? Let’s learn more about it below!

What Is Virtual Reality?

Dive into the revolutionary world of Virtual Reality (VR) – a groundbreaking technology that crafts a simulated, three-dimensional universe, allowing users to delve deep and interact in spaces that are as close to reality as they get. Equipped with a VR headset, you are not just a spectator but an active participant, experiencing a vivid symphony of visuals and sounds, and at times, even tactile sensations that make the learning curve more intuitive and engaging.

When it comes to mastering a new language, VR stands as a beacon of innovation, offering an enriched and in-depth learning pathway. The VR language learning platforms are meticulously designed to facilitate real-world communication scenarios, be it casual conversations with native speakers or navigating through daily life situations like dining in a restaurant. This dynamic approach aids in enhancing speaking, listening, and vocabulary acquisition skills, providing a wholesome learning environment.

What sets VR apart is its immersive nature that elevates the learning experience manifold. As learners, you get to interact with virtual characters, engage in language-centric mini-games, and immerse yourselves in real-life situations, all of which contribute to building confidence and fluency in the new language. This hands-on approach not only makes learning enjoyable but also significantly effective, fostering quicker adaptation and retention.

So gear up because your next language-learning adventure, powered by VR, promises to be nothing short of spectacular!

Can You Learn Languages In VR

Can You Learn Languages In VR?

And now, for the million-dollar question, can you actually learn a language with VR? Well, research after research shows that learning languages in virtual reality (VR) can be an effective method for language acquisition. Its use in language learning allows learners to gain confidence in their language abilities by providing a fun and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the immersive and gamified factor is proven to create a sense of being in a virtual world and interacting with native speakers, facilitating the learning process.

So to answer the question, yes! Virtual reality offers a promising approach to language learning, providing learners with an interactive experience that enhances vocabulary acquisition and language skills. However, please remember that you cannot rely on it alone! You still need to use lesson-based resources to truly understand the intricacies of the language. For instance, you can’t expect to learn grammar rules with it, right?

Best Language Apps With VR Features

Ever dreamed of spicing up your language-learning journey with a pinch of technology and a whole lot of fun? Well, VR is here to turn that dream into reality, offering a thrilling and potent way to master your chosen language. In this section, we’re diving deep into the cream of the crop – the most outstanding language apps equipped with VR features. These apps promise to whisk you away to mesmerizing virtual realms where practicing a new language feels more like an exhilarating adventure than a chore.

AppBest forPricing
Mondly VRImmersive Language Learning ExperienceAvailable at Occulus & Steam for $10
VirtualSpeechVR Public Speaking & Communication SkillsSubscription-based starting at $49
Noun TownVocabulary Building in a Fun WayAvailable at Meta & Steam for $19.99
Mondly VR

Mondly VR

Mondly VR is an innovative language learning app that combines virtual reality (VR) technology with interactive language lessons. With the help of a VR headset, users can immerse themselves in virtual scenarios where they interact with animated characters and practice their language skills in a realistic environment.

What sets Mondly VR apart is its unique approach to language learning. The app focuses on conversational skills, offering users the opportunity to engage in lifelike conversations with virtual characters. This allows learners to practice speaking and listening skills, build confidence, and improve their fluency in a dynamic and immersive way.

Mondly VR covers a wide range of languages, providing lessons and exercises tailored to different proficiency levels. The app also incorporates speech recognition technology, enabling users to get real-time feedback on their pronunciation, ensuring accurate and effective language practice.

Mondly Vr’s Standout Features

From my experience, three standout features of Mondly are its VR immersion, conversational practice, and speech recognition capabilities. The integration of VR technology creates an immersive and realistic learning environment that truly engages and captivates learners. The conversational practice feature allows for interactive dialogues with virtual characters, providing an opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills in a natural and dynamic way.

Additionally, the speech recognition technology accurately analyzes pronunciation, offering instant feedback for improvement. These features combine to create a highly effective and enjoyable language learning experience with Mondly.



With an extensive user base spanning over 370,000 individuals across 125+ countries, VirtualSpeech offers interactive practice exercises that promote skill improvement. Its reputation and impact have earned it recognition in esteemed publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, BBC, Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post. Among its course offerings, one thing that really caught my eye is its VR experience for learning business English.

You see, VirtualSpeech allows you to practice vital job interview techniques, conversational skills with English-speaking clients, and effective participation in workplace meetings – all within a virtual world that replicates real-life scenarios. By honing your skills in a virtual environment that closely mirrors actual workplace experiences, you’ll be well-prepared for when these situations arise in the office.

Once you’re enrolled, you’ll also benefit from a unique blend of VR videos and tutorials set in specific locations, enabling you to immerse yourself in informative and engaging lessons. The program leverages advanced features, including voice analysis, to assist you in improving your pronunciation and becoming a more proficient English speaker.

VirtualSpeech’s Standout Features

My top three favorite features of VirtualSpeech are its online and virtual reality practice modes, integration of AI and ChatGPT technology for enhanced exercises, and instant performance feedback. These features provide dynamic and flexible learning experiences, interactive practice opportunities, and the ability to identify strengths and areas for improvement. With unlimited access, learners can fully immerse themselves in the language-learning process and achieve progress more efficiently.

noun town

Noun Town

A fan of RPGs? Noun Town Language Learning app is for you! This app employs an innovative approach to teaching foreign languages. In addition to its VR mode, it also offers interactive features such as listening, reading, and speaking, making it a comprehensive platform for language learning. Learners can test their skills with mini-games and practice their communication skills by conversing with the local villagers in the chosen language.

With Noun Town, language acquisition becomes both fun and natural as users interact with authentic, real-world scenarios and gain a deeper understanding of the language. The app covers a range of popular languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and more, making it accessible to novice and seasoned learners alike.

Noun Town’s Standout Features

In my experience, Noun Town’s three most outstanding features are its extensive language library, game-like learning experience, and speech recognition technology for native-like pronunciation practice.

Noun Town offers a language library that takes learners from beginners to winners. With over 1,000 words and phrases in popular languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, learners can start from scratch and progress to more advanced levels. Noun Town’s comprehensive approach makes it an excellent tool for language learning.

Noun Town’s game-like learning experience makes it fun and engaging for learners. By incorporating mini-games and interactive lessons, the app makes language learning an entertaining and immersive experience. This approach ensures that learners stay motivated and engaged while acquiring new skills. Noun Town’s speech recognition technology is also a game-changer that helps learners speak like a native. By interacting with 16 unique characters and practicing their pronunciation through speech recognition, learners can build their confidence and sound more natural.

To be honest, Noun Town’s technology takes away the anxiety of slipping up when you practice in real life, improving learners’ pronunciation and enabling learners to communicate with accuracy and confidence.

What Is The Fastest Way To Learn A Language?

The journey to language proficiency isn’t a one-route show. While VR dazzles with its immersive experiences, it loves to team up with its pals – the classic language classes and comprehensive language apps. Together, they create a power trio that ensures your language skills are well-rounded and top-notch.

So, to ace your language game, blend the new-age VR magic with the tried-and-tested strength of traditional classes and app drills. It’s all about striking that perfect balance, combining the thrill of VR with the depth of conventional learning resources, setting you up for a sprint towards language mastery!

Try Ling Now!

Meet Ling – your new best friend in the world of language learning. Imagine having a treasure trove of over 60 languages, all housed in one vibrant platform, ready to take you on a linguistic journey like no other. It’s not just a platform; it’s a vibrant community where eager learners from all walks of life come together to embrace new languages.

But here’s the kicker – learning with Ling is never a dull moment. Say goodbye to the monotonous lessons and hello to a world filled with interactive sessions, exciting vocabulary games, and cutting-edge speech recognition technology that makes picking up new phrases feel like child’s play. Ling believes in adding a sprinkle of fun to your learning journey, encouraging you to stay on track and zoom past your goals at record speed.

Excited to join the Ling revolution? It’s just a tap away! Head to the App Store or Play Store, grab the Ling app and jumpstart your journey into the exhilarating world of languages. Let’s make language learning a joyous adventure together!

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