Best 7 Apps To Learn Hebrew In 2023!

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Hey there! Looking around for keys to unlock the secrets of the Hebrew language? Whether you’re planning a trip to Israel, want to connect with your roots, or just love learning new languages, you are going to need some good apps to learn Hebrew. With these apps, say hello to interactive lessons, fun quizzes, and pronunciation practice at your fingertips.

In this article, we’ll explore the best Hebrew learning apps out there to make language learning a breeze. So, get your thumbs ready, because you’re about to embark on an app-tastic language journey! Let’s dive in and discover the coolest ways to master Hebrew on your smartphone.

Why Learn Hebrew?

Hebrew is an ancient Semitic language with a rich history that dates back thousands of years. The language was originally used for religious texts like the Torah. However, it was later revived and adapted as the modern official language of Israel. It’s written from right to left and has a unique script that might look a bit intimidating at first, but trust me, it’s fun to learn!

Learning the Hebrew language can be a game-changer for so many reasons! First off, it’s like unlocking a whole treasure chest of history and culture. Hebrew is the ancient language of the Jewish people, and delving into it connects you with thousands of years of tradition and wisdom. You’ll find yourself exploring biblical Hebrew texts, understanding ancient scripts, and gaining insights into the roots of modern Hebrew phrases and expressions.

Moreover, if you’re planning a trip to Israel, learning Hebrew will be your ultimate secret weapon. Locals are bound to appreciate the effort when you speak to them in their tongue. Who knows, you might even be let off easily when haggling at the market like the locals. Or, be dazzled with a bigger portion size of the delicious falafel that you order in their native tongue.

AppGetting Started PriceBest For
FunEasyLearn$2.49/m for 6 months (Free Trial available)Beginners
HebrewPod101$3/m for 24 months (Free Trial available)Immersive Experience
Pimsleur$19.95/mAudio Lessons
Drops$13/m (Free Version available)Vocabulary
Hebrew Alphabet, Hebrew LetterFreeScript
iTalkiVariesFinding Tutors
Ling$6.67/m (Free Version available)Gamified Learning
apps to learn Hebrew

#1 FunEasyLearn: Best App For Beginners

As the name suggests, FunEasyLearn provides an absolutely fun and easy way to learn the Hebrew language. Like the Ling app, it lays down the basic foundation for learning Hebrew with respect to all the aspects of language learning. It works best for total beginners, helping them learn the alphabet, basic words and phrases, as well as basic grammar.

The gamified approach, with interactive exercises, quizzes, and a reward system, makes it one of the best Hebrew learning apps for beginners. The interface is intuitive, and the app offers a big list of native languages to choose from!

Stand Out Features

  1. The app provides a gigantic 6000-word bank and a 5000-phrase bank to aid you in learning Hebrew vocabulary through flashcards and decks in a structured manner.
  2. FunEasyLearn’s speech recognition technology allows learners to practice pronunciation and improve upon it by comparing their speech to that of native speakers.


$3.99 for a monthAll features unlocked
$2.49/ month for 6 monthsAll features unlocked
$1.79/ month for 12 monthsAll features unlocked
$49.99 for a lifetimeAll features unlocked

#2 HebrewPod101: Best App For An Immersive Experience

HebrewPod101 is packed with a treasure trove of audio and video lessons. It caters to all levels of learners, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. The Hebrew lessons are engaging, practical, and designed to boost your speaking, listening, and comprehension skills.

With native speaker instructors, you are set to master authentic pronunciation and conversational Hebrew effortlessly. From cultural insights to vocabulary drills, HebrewPod101 has got your back. Whether you’re on the go or chilling at home, this platform offers flexibility and convenience to make your Hebrew journey a smashing success!

Stand Out Features

  1. The absolute best feature of this platform is the emphasis on providing a cultural context to all the lessons. This helps learners understand the language in its totality instead of learning merely new Hebrew words or phrases, which eventually fade away with time.
  2. The audio lessons recorded in the form of dialogues by professional voice actors are tremendously beneficial for learners, especially beginners. This activity trains and sensitizes the novice ears to pick up the correct tone and intonation for better speaking skills.


Free7-day premium trial, first 3 lessons in each pathway, 50+ survival phrases course, 100+ vocabulary lists
$3/monthBasic (Everything in Free Version + Access to All Lessons, In-Depth Lesson Notes)
$7/monthPremium (Everything in Basic + Multiple-Choice Assessments, Line-by-Line Audio Dialogue, Premium Lesson Tracks, Personal Word Bank, Spaced Repetition Flashcards)
$14.87/monthPremium Plus (Everything in Premium + 1-on-1 Access to a Teacher, Hand-Graded Assessments, Guidance & Personalized Assessment)
apps to learn Hebrew

#3 Pimsleur: Best App For Audio Lessons

Pimsleur offers an all-encompassing audio lesson pathway that exhaustively covers all the probable scenarios and categories that a new language learner is routinely faced with. Learners are directed towards easy Hebrew word retention via a scientifically designed spaced repetition system.

The course uses native speakers to record the audio lessons, which really helps learners become attentive to the tone and inflection used as they speak Hebrew. It also allows you to stream or download the lessons in order to work offline.

Stand Out Features

  1. The platform offers 30-minute core lessons in Hebrew by dividing the learning curriculum into levels 1, 2, and 3. In total, the learner gets a total of 90 Hebrew language lessons. At the end of Lesson 30, at each level, the course provides ‘Reading Lessons’ that are designed to help you read aloud the Hebrew sounds and get accustomed to them.
  2. The portability and flexibility that the platform offers is amazing. You can use the course while on the go using its ‘car mode’ or with Amazon Echo devices.


$150Pimsleur Hebrew Level 1 Premium (30 Lessons)
$150Pimsleur Hebrew Level 2 Premium (30 Lessons)
$150Pimsleur Hebrew Level 3 Premium (30 Lessons)
$300Pimsleur Hebrew Levels 1-2 Premium (60 Lessons)
$350Pimsleur Hebrew Levels 1-3 Premium (90 Lessons)
apps to learn Hebrew

#4 Drops: Best App To Learn Hebrew Vocabulary

The Drops app focuses heavily on vocabulary acquisition and thus is best used as a complementary tool to enhance your Hebrew learning journey. The best part about using Drops is that you get an exhaustive, immense vocabulary library to dig into. The categories are based on routine situations that one faces on a daily basis. However, the sad part is that it misses the entire grammar component.

Stand Out Features

Engaging activities, like Hebrew quizzes, are designed to help you remember vocabulary that you can put to use in day-to-day situations. While what the Drop app offers is limited, whatever it does offer works rather well for the users.


Free versionUpto 99 topics
$2.99/monthPremium version to unlock advanced lessons
apps to learn Hebrew

#5 Hebrew Alphabet, Hebrew Letter: Best App To Read Written Hebrew

Like so many other apps to learn a particular language’s alphabet, this free app also uses the finger tracing method to teach learners the Hebrew alphabet. The app also allows you to take tests from time to time in order to keep track of your progress as well as your score.

Stand Out Features

Since it’s a pretty straightforward app with a simple interface and course structure, its features are also pretty basic. The only stand-out feature of this app is that it offers an offline mode to continue your language practice without interruptions, which helps you practice writing Hebrew anywhere, anytime.


This is an absolutely free app.

apps to learn Hebrew

#6 iTalki: Best App To Find Hebrew Tutors

The iTalki Hebrew platform is a language learner’s dream come true! This online hub has a vast community of skilled tutors to find a perfect match to suit your learning style. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming for fluency, iTalki offers interactive one-on-one lessons that claim to fit your schedule and budget. It is also an efficient platform for advanced learners to learn nuances of the Hebrew language with the help of a teacher.

Stand Out Features

  1. The platform provides easy flexibility to the learners. You can find a trial lesson on the spot, and these trial lessons start at as low as $1 an hour. You can choose your Hebrew tutor based on your availability, budget, and proficiency level.
  2. The interactive nature of the Hebrew course, along with the live video lessons, allows the learner to improve upon their Hebrew skills in real-time.


Trial versionStarts at $1 per hour
Paid versionVaries from $5 to $30 per session depending upon the tutor
apps to learn Hebrew

#7 Ling: Best App For Playful Lessons

The Ling app is the best Hebrew learning app when it comes to learning languages via a gamified approach. Its interactive and aesthetic user interface makes lessons fun and engaging. And you don’t even have to be an English speaker to learn basic Hebrew. The language course is accessible to native speakers of 34 languages! You can learn Hebrew free for up to eight lessons in the free version.

Stand Out Features

  1. The AI-powered chatbot featured in the Ling app teaches correct pronunciation while helping you improve your speaking skills.
  2. The Ling app’s 360-degree approach to delivering efficient language learning assures a well-rounded understanding of the language.


Free versionThe first 8 lessons
$8.99 for 1 monthTo unlock the pro version
$6.67/month for 12 monthsTo unlock the pro version
$149.99 for a lifetimeTo unlock the pro version

Best Apps To Learn Hebrew: Round Up

Learning a new language could seem like a daunting challenge, especially to those who are not linguistically inclined. However, the innovative technology and scientifically-backed spaced repetition method employed in these apps and courses can greatly help one get a hang of basic language learning without an ounce of difficulty.

The above-listed apps are some of the best apps to learn the Hebrew language. Now, not all of them cover the entire gamut of the language learning process thoroughly, but depending upon your priority and your proficiency level, you can pick one to kick-start your ‘learn Hebrew’ mission.

Learn Hebrew With Ling

The Ling app, developed by Simya Solutions Ltd, is being recognized as one of the best apps to learn a new language. Why? The app’s gamified approach appeals to young and old alike, and its interactive features make language acquisition a fun process. That’s quite a refreshing change from the dreary world of boring grammar books and heavy glossaries.

The app’s interactive and intuitive user interface makes the language course a smooth ride. And the best part? You can choose from a plethora of native languages to access courses from 60+ languages!

So, what are you waiting for? Open your Play Store or App Store and straight away download the Ling app. The cherry on the top? The first eight lessons are absolutely free!

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