9+ Easy Thai Words For Skincare You Should Remember

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Once you learn Thai, you’d realize that some of the words can be more complex than they seem. To give yourself a little more challenge, why not explore these easy Thai words for skincare? You might even use them during your trip to this foreign country!

Thailand is renowned for its expertise and innovation in the field of beauty and skincare. Their skincare is often synonymous with natural and organic ingredients sourced from the region’s rich biodiversity. The country’s tropical climate allows for the cultivation of unique plant species, many of which have therapeutic and beautifying properties. These natural resources, coupled with centuries-old traditional knowledge, have resulted in an effective and holistic approach to skincare.

If these facts about their products won’t convince you to visit their malls, then we don’t know what will. In this post, we’ve gathered some Thai words that can help you when purchasing skincare products.

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Easy Thai Words For Skincare To Remember

One of the fun yet expensive parts of shopping is when both men and women take a trip to Bangkok to get the best skin care items in malls. Here we have a list of things that you’ll probably look for when purchasing cosmetic products as foreigners!

1. Skincare – การดูแลผิว (Kan Du Lae Phew)

“Skincare” in Thai is “การดูแลผิว” which is pronounced as “Kan du lae phew.” This Thai word refers to the spectrum of routines that uphold the health of the skin, improve its texture, and alleviate various skin issues.

2. Moisturizer – ครีมบำรุงผิว (Cream Bam Rung Phew)

“ครีมบำรุงผิว” pronounced as “Cream bamrung phew” is the Thai translation for “Moisturizer.” Its function varies on the components added into its formula; still, it’s one of the most purchased items when getting skincare products. They’re regularly used in both day and night routines.

3. Facial Cleansing Gel – เจลล้างหน้า (Gel Lang Na)

After wearing a full face of makeup, your face must’ve felt a little icky once you get home. One of the best saviors of our skin is a good cleansing gel. In the Thai language, “Facial Cleansing Gel” translates to “เจลล้างหน้า” in Thai, which is pronounced “Gel lang na.” This skincare product is designed to cleanse the face by removing dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin.

4. Exfoliate – การขัดผิว (Kan Khat Phew)

The word “exfoliate” probably rings a bell to you already, but in the native tongue of Thailand, they call it “การขัดผิว” which is pronounced as “Kan khat phew.” Basically, it’s a skincare process that involves removing old dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, revealing fresher, healthier skin underneath. It can be performed physically by using an abrasive scrub or chemically. Doing this leaves you with smooth skin, as if you’ve gone back to your youthful days!

5. Toner – โทนเนอร์ (Tonner)

Assuming that you use cleansers to clean some gunk off your face, do you use toners too? This product translates to “โทนเนอร์” in Thai, pronounced as “Tonner.” It’s typically water-based and used after cleansing but before moisturizing. In addition, it aids in re-establishing the skin’s pH equilibrium and can assist in eliminating any remaining contaminants on the skin following the cleansing process.

6. Serum – เซรั่ม (Serum)

There are different items that can help moisturize your skin. Some people prefer creams, while others like serums. It’s impressive how the Thai language managed to adapt this word into Thai script. Anyway, items like this are designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin. They are often used for their anti-aging properties but can also be used for skin brightening, hydrating, or even controlling acne.

7. Sunscreen – ครีมกันแดด (Cream Kan Daed)

Staying exposed to the sun for a long time can literally damage your skin. So, before you head to your favorite restaurant, make sure to put on your ครีมกันแดด (Cream kan daed). It comes in different formulas like lotions, sprays, and gels. It also absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, helping to protect the skin from sunburn and other skin damage.

8. Anti-aging – ต้านริ้วรอย (Tan Riw Roy)

Once you hear sentences like “You look so young!” can really boost your morale. As a result, most people like yourself may scavenge for anti-aging products in the market. In Thai, words like “Anti-aging” translate to ต้านริ้วรอย (Tan riw roy). Thais use different tones, so be careful with their pronunciation!

9. Pores – รูขุมขน (Ru Kum Kon)

Not everyone’s proud of having visible pores on their skin, but remember that it’s normal! They’re called รูขุมขน in Thai, which is pronounced: “Ru kum kon.” Don’t worry about having texture on your skin, as they’re what makes you real.

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Simple Phrases To Shop In Thai

After learning some Thai words for skincare, you’ll probably need a guide to help you purchase things in a foreign country like Thailand. If you don’t have a Thai friend, this guide can be your buddy during your trip!

1. How Much Is This? – นี่ราคาเท่าไหร่ (Nee Ra-Kaa Tao-Rai?)

If you’re on a budget, you’d typically ask how much an item is. You can use นี่ราคาเท่าไหร่ (Nee ra-kaa tao-rai?) when speaking with a Thai person, learning bits about their language can help you negotiate better with them.

2. I would like to buy this. – ฉันอยากซื้อสิ่งนี้ (Chan Yaak Seue Sing Nee)

After hours of hunting for the perfect skincare product, you might’ve found the match for your skin tone and have decided to purchase it. Saying ฉันอยากซื้อสิ่งนี้ (Chan yaak see sing nee) is a helpful phrase that’ll aid you in the finale of your voyage.

3. Can I get a discount? – ฉันขอลดราคาได้ไหม (Chan Kor Lot Ra-Kaa Dai Mai?)

We can be pretty cheap sometimes, so getting a discount is surely on our list when getting something from the market. If you’re talking to the seller, you better not forget this phrase: ฉันขอลดราคาได้ไหม (Chan kor lot ra-kaa dai mai?). Who knows, you might actually get a few Bahts off!

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