Yes In Serbian: 30+ Incredible Ways To Say

Do you want to learn how to express a word or phrase in Serbian? You have arrived at the correct location! In this lesson, we will gather on several methods to say yes in Serbian so that you can sound like a native!

In this blog, we will study one of the most valuable words in any language: YES. It may be helpful in various contexts, including airports, hotel check-ins, restaurant meals, public transit, and buying. Of course, you can still nod, shake your hand, or give a thumbs up, but isn’t it good to learn the Serbian way?

Yes is pronounced “da” in Serbian and can be taken in various ways based on the words used, tone, and context. Let’s use the Ling app to review its synonyms and the numerous shades of this term. These words are self-explanatory in the sense that you show your approval. But, while we begin the yes in Serbian lesson, we’d like to provide some general information about Serbia and the Serbian language.


Quick Facts About Serbia

Serbia is a vibrant and diverse nation in terms of beliefs, culture, food, business, architecture, and even language. Serbian is the standardized form of the Serbo-Croatian language, which Serbs mostly speak. It is the national and the official language of Serbia, one of Herzegovina and Bosnia’s three official languages, and a co-official language of Montenegro and Kosovo.

This nation was a component of the well-known Yugoslavia  Land of the South Slavs, with Belgrade as its capital. Today, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Herzegovina, and Bosnia form the Republic of Serbia. Serbia now has a total population of 8,692,026 people, most of whom are of South Slavic ethnicity.

Now that you have well-read some basic info about the nation and language, let’s get to the point of this blog. Learn to say “Yes in Serbian” in professional, informal, casual, and epic ways.


Related Words And Vocabulary For Yes In Serbian

EnglishSerbian (Cyrillic)Serbian (Latin)
AlrightУ редуU redu
Of courseНаравноNaravno
OkУ редуU redu
Sounds goodДобро звучиDobro zvuči
FineУ редуU redu
Yes, pleaseДа хвалаDa hvala
Very wellВрло доброVrlo dobro


Positive Phrases If You Are Agree On Something

English Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Latin)
For sureСигурноSigurno
I’d love to!Волео бих да!Voleo bih da!
Go aheadХајдеHajde
Why not?Што да не?Što da ne?
I guess soВаљдаValjda
By all meansУ сваком случајуU svakom slučaju
Consider it doneСматрајте то учињеноSmatrajte to učinjeno
I’d be delightedбио бих одушевљенbio bih oduševljen
No doubtБез сумњеBez sumnje
No problemНема проблемаNema problema
Sounds like a planЗвучи као планZvuči kao plan
Without a doubtБез сумњеBez sumnje
You got itДоговореноDogovoreno


Other Useful Serbian Phrases

With these essential words and phrases, you’ll be able to get around in Serbia. The words and phrases listed here will help you welcome people in Serbian, present yourself in Serbian, and even carry on a discussion in Serbian after meeting someone.

English Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Latin)
Do you speak Serbian?Да ли говориш српски? Da li govoriš srpski?
Do you speak English?Да ли говорите енглески? Da li govorite engleski?
Pleased to meet youДраго ми је Drago mi je
What’s your name? Како се зовете? Kako se zovete? or Kako se zoveš
My name is.Моје име је.Moje ime je (or Zovem se).
I don’t understandНе разумем Ne razumem
Thank you Хвала вам Hvala vam
Please write it down.Молим Вас можете ли ми то написати? Molim Vas možete li mi to napisati?
How are you?Како си? Kako si? or Kako ste?
I’m all right.добро сам. dobro sam
I’m sorry.Жао ми је. Žao mi je
Good morning (Morning greeting)Добро јутро Dobro jutro
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting)Добар дан Dobar dan
Good afternoon.Добар данDobar dan
Good evening (Evening greeting)Добро вече Dobro veče


Why Ling Is The Perfect For Learning Serbian?

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Yes In Serbian

Traditional language classes may be boring, tedious, and uninteresting. We have made learning Serbian entertaining by using puzzles, games, challenges, and quizzes to teach you how to speak, understand, and write the language. Ling employs native Serbian speakers to assist you in perfecting your pronunciation. For example, see our post on whether learning Serbian is challenging and our simple tutorial on Serbian Alphabets.

We’ve also made it a point to provide Ling users with better value possible, with over 60 languages available from a single app. You can even test out the Ling linguistic competence app for free to see whether it’s a good fit for you. So, if you want to learn Serbian or Slavic languages, Ling is exactly what you need! So, download and test it out right now.

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