80+ Best Serbian Music Vocabulary For You To Practice

Serbian Music Vocabulary

Music is a universal language that is understood and appreciated by people all around the world. It has the ability to bring people together and evoke emotions and memories. While music may be universal, the terminology used to describe it can vary greatly from one language and culture to another. That is why, if you want to discuss anything music-related in another language, like Serbian, it’s important to have basic knowledge of some Serbian music vocabulary that will help you describe what you want to say. 

Serbian is a South Slavic language spoken by approximately 10 million people in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo. Serbia itself is a country with strong music traditions, mostly through Serbian folk music, recognized worldwide. From the instruments used to create it to the different types of music and musical styles, Serbian has its own distinct vocabulary to describe all these music-related terms.

Whether you are a musician looking to expand your knowledge of music terminology in other languages, or simply someone with an interest in learning about modern Serbian music, in this article, I’m going to teach you the best Serbian music vocabulary so that you never miss a beat! (See what I did there?)

traditional folk instruments

Serbian Music Vocabulary: Musical Instruments

Let’s start from the very basics; there is no music without musical instruments. I mean, you can make music with your mouth (like the incredible Pentatonix), or even by banging on stuff that are not musical instruments, but when you think about music, your mind almost instantly visualizes musical instruments. Plus, the entrance point into music for many people is learning how to play one musical instrument, so if you want to explain to your Serbian friend that you played the cello when you were younger, you probably should know how to say it in Serbian.

The following table lists some of the most common instruments in the musical industry, along with their Serbian translation. If I missed any musical instrument, please feel free to add it in the comments!

accordionхармоника (harmonika)
amplifierпојачало (pojačalo)
BongosБонгос (Bongos)
celloвиолончело (violončelo)
clarinetкларинет (klarinet)
cymbalsчинеле (činele)
double bassконтрабас (kontrabas)
drumsбубњеви (bubnjevi)
fluteфлаута (flauta)
guitarгитара (gitara)
HarmonicaХармоника (Harmonika)
harpхарфа (harfa)
HornХорн (Horn)
InstrumentИнструмент (Instrument)
keyboardтастатура (tastatura)
mandolinмандолина (mandolina)
organорган (organ)
pianoклавир (klavir)
saxophoneсаксофон (saksofon)
tambourineтамбура (tambura)
TromboneТромбон (Trombon)
trumpetтруба (truba)
violinвиолина (violina)
xylophoneксилофон (ksilofon)
World Music-  Heavy metal

Music Genres In Serbian

After you’ve conquered musical instruments, it is time to explore different musical genres and discover the ones you like the most. Different musical genres also have different words to describe them, so the following table lists the terms used in Serbian.

bachataбацхата (bachata)
bluesблуес (blues)
country musicкантри музика (kantri muzika)
Contemporary musicСавремена музика (Savremena muzika)
disco musicдиско музика (disko muzika)
folk musicНародна музика (Narodna muzika)
Heavy metalХеави метал (Heavi meta)
hip-hopХип Хоп (hip-hop)
jazzјазз (jazz)
lambadaламбада (lambada)
modern musicмодерна музика (moderna muzika)
operaопера (opera)
pop musicПоп Музика (Pop Muzika)
R&B (rhythm and blues)Р&Б (ритам и блуз) (R&B (ritam i bluz))
rapрап (rap)
reggaeреггае (raggae)
reggaetonреггаетон (raggaeton)
rock musicрок музика (rok muzika)
tangoтанго (tango)
Traditional musicТрадиционална музика (Tradicionalna muzika)
serbian music vocabulary guitar

Serbian Music: General Vocabulary

Now that you’ve conquered both musical instruments and music genres, you still have to master some more terms to be able to show your musical peers how much of a connoisseur of Serbian music you are! Here is a list of other terms that you’ll probably need when talking about music in Serbian.

composerКомпозитор (kompozitor)
concertконцерт (koncert)
duetдует (duet)
lyricsТекст (tekst)
microphoneМикрофон (mikrofon)
musicМузика (muzika)
musicianмузичар (muzičar)
noteБелешка (Beleška)
recordзапис (zapis)
rock bandрок бенд (rok bend)
singerпевач (pevač)
soloistсолиста (solista)
songпесма (pesma)
stageфаза (faza)
symphonyсимфонија (simfonija)
tapeтрака (traka)
vocalistвокалиста (vokalista)
Music notes in serbian

Musical Note Terms In Serbian

Let’s now have a look at some terms about musical notes. These words might be used in more technical discussions about music.

accentакценат (akcenat)
altoАлто (alto)
baritoneбаритон (bariton)
bass clefбас кључ (bas ključ)
beatпобедити (pobediti)
bridgeмост (most)
chordакорд (akord)
double bassконтрабас (kontrabas)
double flatдупли стан (dupli stan)
downbeatпотиштен (potišten)
durationтрајање (trajanje)
flatраван (ravan)
half noteполунапомена (polunapomena)
homophonicхомофонски (homofonski)
intervalИнтервал (interval)
majorглавни (glavni)
melodyмелодија (melodija)
minorминор (minor)
modulationМодулација (modulacija)
music scoreмусиц сцоре (music score)
octaveоктава (oktava)
pitchвисина тона (visina tona)
polyphonicполифоно (polifono)
quarter noteчетвртина нота (četvrtina nota)
scaleСкала (Skala)
sequenceНиз (niz)
slurУвреда (uvreda)
sopranoсопран (sopran)
staffособља (osoblja)
tenorТенор (tenor)
voiceГлас (glas)

Popular Music Phrases To Start A Conversation

If you really want to show off your knowledge about music in Serbian but don’t know how to start the conversation, here are a few examples you can use to trigger the discussion:

  • Do you like music? / Волите ли музику? (Volite li muziku?)
  • I love rock and roll! / Волим рокенрол! (Volim rokenrol!)
  • I used to play guitar when I was younger / Свирао сам гитару кад сам био млађи (Svirao sam gitaru kad sam bio mlađi)
  • My dad is the lead singer in a band / Мој тата је певач у бенду (Moj tata je pevač u bendu)
  • I have a full drum kit at home! / Имам пун комплет бубњева код куће! (Imam pun komplet bubnjeva kod kuće!)
  • What is your favourite band? / Који је твој омиљени бенд? (Koji je tvoj omiljeni bend?)
  • Have you ever played an instrument? / Да ли сте икада свирали неки инструмент? (Da li ste ikada svirali neki instrument?)
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