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Everyone loves komplimente (compliments) as it not only radiates positivity but boosts confidence. For travelers, being in a new country could be challenging since you don’t know anyone there. But if you want to instantly connect with people, the key is to give compliments in their native language. That’s why in today’s post, we’ll cover the common compliments in Albanian that you can use starting today. Let’s get started!

Compliments In Albanian 

We humans like compliments when someone gives us compliments, don’t we? Below, you can find some of the best compliments that are used to show affection towards someone special.

Love-Related Compliments

If you are in love with an Albanian and want to express feelings, you can you these compliments to show affection.

Ti më pëlqen

Ti më pëlqen means I like you. You can use it with anyone, especially the person you genuinely want.

Ti Je e gjithë bota për mua

Ti Je e gjithë bota për mua means You mean the world to me. This is specially used for one you want to marry.

Një vajzë shumë e bukuris

Një vajzë shumë e bukuris means A gorgeous girl. Use it for a girl whom your find exceptionally pretty.

Dashuria i pushton të gjitha

Dashuria i pushton të gjitha meansLove conquers all,” . This is one of those Albanian compliments you give to a couple who has seen hardships, difficulties, and challenges and overcame them, so their love won.

Compliments On Looks

When someone’s personality attracts us, we appreciate them. Imagine your role model, favorite character, or celebrity, you would want to compliment them, right? Here are some phrases to do so.

Me pelqen buzeqeshja jote

Me pelqen buzeqeshja jote means I like your smile. This phrase is perfect for telling your crush, and we bet they will have a soft corner in their heart for you after hearing this.

Sa e bukur Je!

Sa e bukur Je! meansYou look gorgeous. You can say this phrase if you find someone like your colleague etc., really attractive. Mind you, if you use it with a complete stranger, it might make things awkward.

Compliments On Abilities


Faces and styles are not the only attributes that you get attracted to. Sometimes, people’s abilities and capabilities leave you amazed, and you want to admire them. So, here are some of the phrases for you to use others:

Ju jeni një dëgjues i madh

Ju jeni një dëgjues i madh means you are a great listener. Suppose one of your friends is always there for you whenever you need their help; you can use this phrase with them as an appreciation.

Unë e admiroj guximin tuaj

Unë e admiroj guximin tuaj means I admire your courage. Suppose you have a friend who doesn’t fear anyone and is always up for new challenges; you can say this to them.

Useful Albanian Compliments List

I like your mind’s creativity.Më pëlqen krijimtaria e mendjes suaj.
I like your zeal and passion.Më pëlqen zelli dhe pasioni juaj.
I value your views on current affairs and always look forward to hearing them.Unë i vlerësoj pikëpamjet tuaja për çështjet aktuale dhe gjithmonë mezi pres t’i dëgjoj ato.
You are a superb improviser in pressure-filled circumstances and are fast on your feet.Ju jeni një improvizues i shkëlqyer në rrethana të mbushura me presion dhe jeni të shpejtë në këmbët tuaja.
You can be trusted. I’m pleased that I can put my faith in you with critical matters.Ju mund të besoni. Jam i kënaqur që mund të besoj tek ju për çështje kritike.
You don’t apologize for being goofy, which makes me happy, and I want to be silly too.Ju nuk kërkoni falje që jeni budalla, gjë që më bën të lumtur, dhe unë gjithashtu dua të jem budalla.
Your ability to remember information and communicate passionately about physics is fantastic, and I like how much you adore it.Aftësia juaj për të mbajtur mend informacionin dhe për të komunikuar me pasion për fizikën është fantastike dhe më pëlqen sa shumë e adhuroni atë.
Your energy is contagious.Energjia juaj është ngjitëse.
Your ingenuity is outstanding.Zgjuarsia juaj është e jashtëzakonshme.
Your interior design choices are very thoughtful, warm, and honest.Zgjedhjet tuaja të dizajnit të brendshëm janë shumë të menduara, të ngrohta dhe të ndershme.

Basic Albanian Phrases

Now that you know the most common ways of complimenting someone in Albanian, you should also know some common Albanian phrases. Why? Because your compliment could be misunderstood without proper context. 

Also, you can’t directly start a conversation with a compliment without sounding like a total creep so let’s look at some typical starters and sound like a pro. 

Here are six major phrases to help you out in any situation.

Are you married?Jeni e martuar?
Good nightNatën e mirë
How are you?Si jeni?
I like youMë pëlqeni
PleaseJu lutem
What time is it?Sa është ora?

Wrapping Up

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