Albanian Proverbs: 15 Intriguing Examples You Should Learn

Albanian Proverbs

Sometimes we need a little bit of wisdom in our lives, which is why Ling is bringing you a list of Albanian proverbs. But what exactly is a proverb? Although we probably have a rough idea, it’s still good to reacquaint ourselves with the English translation. The defining characteristic of a proverb is that it’s short, generally well-known, and is a piece of advice designed to help you in your life.

Here’s one of my favorite Albanian sayings to get you going:

Çdo njeri ndërton fatin e vet– Everyone builds their own destiny.

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List Of Albanian Proverbs

List Of Albanian Proverbs

Everyone builds their own destinyÇdo njeri ndërton fatin e vet
A good start is half the battleFillimi i mbarë është gjysma e punës
Tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you areMë thuaj me kë rri, të të them cili je
A dog that barks a lot, does not bite youQeni që leh shumë, nuk t’gic
As long as you live, you will learnSa të rrosh, do të mësosh
Work work day and night, to see a little lightPunë punë natë e ditë, që të shohim pakëz dritë
Do not ask how he died, but how he livedMos pyet si vdiq, por si rrojti
The apple does not fall away from the appleMolla nuk bie larg mollës
Do not leave today’s work for tomorrowPunën e sotme mos e lër për nesër
Nobody can serve two mastersAsnjëri nuk mund ti shërbejë dy zotërinj
Everyone builds their own destiny.Çdo njeri ndërton fatin e vet.
The cat’s away, the mice will playIku macja, lozin minjtë
Advice in one ear, and out the otherNë njërin vesh (më) hyn, në tjetrin (më) del
The big fish eats the small onePeshku i madh ha të voglin.

If you liked this list, let us know if you want more Albanian proverbs. There is a whole host we didn’t show you, but I’ll give you a few phrasal clues about what you could expect from another list.

  • ‘Even the hen.’
  • ‘Not your foe.’
  • ‘Remain friends.’
  • ‘Own fortune.’
  • ‘Walking stick.’

Intrigued? Let us know if you want more. 

What Is Albanian Kanun?

Whereas proverbs show us a way to live, kanun is the last actual law that Albanians live by.

Kanun is slightly complicated because it isn’t law how we know it in Northern Europe. Kanun has a lot more of a tribal element than, for example, English common law.

The concept of Kanun can be traced back 500 years; however, nothing was written down. It wasn’t until the Ottoman administration in the 1800s that anything was actually codified. During the Communist regime, which lasted for the final half of the 20th century, all tribal elements of Albanian society were banished, including kanun. However, the system returned after the regime collapsed, albeit in a watered-down form.

Albanian Proverbs Key Aspects Of Kanun

What Are Some Key Aspects Of Kanun?

After learning Albanian proverbs, it’s important to know more about Kanun. It is an extremely complex topic to pin down and has ancestor worship, animism, and totemism elements. Perhaps it is best to describe it in terms of some simple precepts such as faith, honor, and revenge. An analogous(although different) concept might be the Islamic rule of Sharia Law.

You are faithful to your God, honorable to your friends and family, and take revenge on anybody who gets in the way of the first of these 2 things.

As you’d imagine, kanun is very controversial, particularly with secular-minded liberal Albanians. Part of Kanun is the idea of blood feuds, i.e., koka për kokë (head for a head). Those of you familiar with the Godfather movies might know what this might be like. In the world of the mafia, it’s known as a vendetta. Some estimates that I’ve found online suggest that 10,000 people have died since 1990 due to blood feuds. Even reading newspapers currently in Albania, you will often find a story of a vendetta tucked away somewhere on an inside page.

Learn The Albanian Language With Ling

So there’s your list of Albanian sayings.

When I left you in the introduction, I discussed some reasons why I love Ling and mentioned the number of courses and the lessons.

The third thing I love about Ling is the user interface.

Don’t get me wrong, other apps are perhaps more comprehensive than Ling, but they’re as dry and aesthetically pleasing as mass-produced bread. The creators of Ling have brought a unique feel to their app with a beautiful user interface supplemented with mini-games and quizzes.

The fourth thing is this blog. I’ve been writing for Ling for almost 1 year now, and we haven’t missed a week in all that time. That is the kind of support you just don’t find with any other language app. Download it now on the Play Store or App Store.

Check out the last 2 that we’ve written, and let us know what you think. Congratulations in Albanian and common daily vocabulary in Albanian.

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