13 Easy Daily Vocabulary In Albanian For Newbies

Sometimes it’s important to practice specific vocabulary lists, and sometimes it’s better to get more general. When compiling this list, we decided to make it a little random and words that perhaps other people would miss out. You may never use these words, but then one might pop into your head at the right time and fit perfectly into what you are trying to say. Let’s go! Common daily vocabulary in Albanian.

Learn With Ling – Daily Vocabulary In Albanian

Think about subscribing to the blog and downloading the app if you enjoy this list. Ling is designed to blend into your hectic lifestyle. Being a writer for Ling, of course, I use the app. That means practicing Albanian in the 10-minute window while I’m waiting for a train or perhaps in the post office while I’m waiting to send a letter. Ling’s units are bite-size, and they are very easy to pick up (and not put down).

It has been proven that the classroom setting and schedule just don’t cut it for the vast majority of learners. For 100s of years, school kids have had to suffer through Latin conjugations and writing out masculine and feminine verbs in French. Ling is part of the revolutionary movement that redefines what language learning means.

Common Daily Vocabulary In Albanian

Alarm ClockOra me zile







Laundry BasketShporta e rrobave

Laptop ComputerKompjuter laptop

Mobile PhoneCelular




ToothbrushFurçë dhëmbësh


What Is Daily Life Like In Albania For Expats?

Over the last decade, more and more ex-pats are making the leap over to an Albanian way of life. There are many reasons for this highest among them is the cost of living, but what is daily life like in Albania for an average ex-pat?

The first and most obvious place to start is that foreigners can live in Albania. This may sound like common sense, but it was extremely difficult for a foreigner to go to this secretive communist state for half a century. Since the 1990s, this has changed.

In fact, the government has done a complete reversal on foreigners and foreign investment. Tourism acts as a massive boon to the country’s economy.

The best times to go outside in Albania are spring, summer, and autumn. Spring and summer are particularly nice as Albania shares a similar climate with Greece and Turkey, and even winters are nothing compared to Northern Europe. Snowfall happens only about once every 3 years. However, if snow is your thing, there are many mountain resorts.

Is it easy to make friends in Albania? The answer is yes, both with Albanians but with other ex-pats. The community is growing every year, with most ex-pats being from Italy, England, and America.

It is easy to get a visa in Albania, with E.U. and U.K. citizens being afforded 90 days. U.S. citizens are afforded 1 year, which is extremely generous compared to other countries.

daily vocabulary in Albanian

Common Daily Phrases In Albanian

I am attending a meetingUnë jam duke marrë pjesë në një takim

I charge the battery on my phoneUnë ngarkoj baterinë në telefonin tim
I check my emailUnë kontrolloj emailin
I listen to music on my headphonesUnë dëgjoj muzikën në kufje
I lock the doorUnë mbyll derën
I plan for tomorrowKam në plan për nesër
I receive a phone callUnë marr një telefonatë
I turn off my alarmUnë fiki alarmin tim
Read booksLexojnë libra
Read a newspaperLexo nje gazete

What Is The Cost Of Daily Living In Albania?

As we mentioned in the intro, most people move to Albania for the cost of living. Some guides list it as the lowest in Europe!

It isn’t easy to provide a complete generalist guide because different areas in the country have different costs. However, we can say that the cities are more expensive (although the salaries are higher). Another thing to consider is the time of year. The beaches are packed in the summer, so rent along the beach fronts increases during these months, and if you’re living there, you might find yourself priced out by holidaymakers.

In Tirana, the capital, there has been a massive building boom in the city since 2000, and there are now many high-rise luxury apartments. Still, compared to the West, prices are great, with a 2 bedroom place on a long-term rental contract costing perhaps $500 per month. Be on the lookout for better deals because many landlords are desperate to rent out after the coronavirus.

daily vocabulary in Albanian

Learn Albanian With Ling

The Albanian language is surprisingly beautiful when you get into it. From a linguistic viewpoint, basic Albanian words and Albanian phrases are far from basic. To speak Albanian is unique because it has its own branch on the Indo-European language tree.

To finish, I just want to give you a few more paragraphs about why Ling could be great for you. This app will be right up your street if you enjoy mini-games quizzes and leader boards. Ling aims to put the fun into learning because, in truth, there is no other way to learn. Gone are the days when students are willing to sit down for hours at a time with a dusty old book. Our attention spans simply won’t stand for it anymore.

We have reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar practice, so all bases are covered. Note: The writing practice teaches you the modern Albanian alphabet.

If you enjoyed this blog, why not check out some other posts such as the Albanian calendar and Albanian culture.

Come on over and impress your Albanian friends with how much you’ve learned.

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