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Are you interested in getting to know all about Albanian clothing? Would you like to know more about how the Armenian people prefer to get dressed? Then this article is perfect for you as you will discover about the traditional clothing in Albania, contemporary styles, and many Albanian words to enhance your vocabulary.

Traditional Albanian clothing is very colorful and diverse. The traditional clothing is heavier and includes more wool. Mainly, in north Albania, older women wear all-black outfits. Southern Albania is warmer, so the dresses are usually made of lighter fabrics such as cotton. Both men and women wear traditional clothing, but the styles are different.  Let’s get in-depth information about Albanian Clothing.

Albanian National Clothing

Albanian national dress consists of traditional skirts and square-shaped headdresses for women, while Albanian hats and long pants worn by men were influenced by Ottoman Empire. Albania’s traditional costumes, such as conventional socks and high woolen hat, is a way the upper body covers. Opinga is the classic shoe, also known as art sandles, worn at folklore festivals and music.   

Albanian Costume

Albanian folk dress is the most well-known national costume folk dress in the Kosovo Kelmend region clothing. Albanian dress is also influenced by the clothing of European countries, including Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, and other Europe sovereign states.

Types Of Albanian Clothing

Albanian Clothing

The traditional clothing of Albania varies depending on the region, but some of them are listed below:


Fustanelle, i.e., the kilt, is a traditional Albanian skirt-like garment with pleats worn by men. It is also known as a philippă in Romania and a fustanella in Greece. The kilt originates in the ancient Roman toga, later adopted by the Byzantine Greeks and the Ottoman Turks. 

In its modern form, the kilt is typically made of white wool or cotton and is worn with a shirt and jacket. The kilt’s length varies depending on region, but it is usually ankle-length or knee-length. The kilt is often seen in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia, but it is also worn in other parts of the Balkans and the Mediterranean.


The xhubleta is a traditional Albanian garment worn today by many women in the country. It is a long, flowing dress typically made of brightly colored fabric and is often adorned with intricate embroidery, beadwork, and other embellishments. 

The xhubleta is an essential part of Albanian culture and is often worn on special occasions such as weddings and holidays. In recent years, it has also become popular as a fashion item among Albanian women living outside of the country. Many designers have created their own versions of the xhubleta, which are now widely available.


It is a traditional Albanian dress dating back to the Middle Ages. The word plis comes from the Albanian word for pleat, and the dress is characterized by its pleated skirt. It is typically made from woolen fabric, and the skirt is often woven with colorful patterns. 

The dress is worn with a white blouse and a long woolen scarf. Qeleshe was once worn by Albanian women daily, but it is now mostly seen on special occasions such as weddings and festivals. The skullcap remains an integral part of Albanian culture and tradition.


It is also one of the traditional Albanian clothing worn only by women. It consists of a white shirt with long sleeves and a wide collar, often decorated with embroidery and short wastes.

It is usually made of cotton or linen and is often worn with a waistcoat or jacket. The Mbeshtjellese is one of the most recognizable pieces of Albanian clothing, and it is often seen in traditional Albanian dances and folk performances.

Modern Albanian Clothing

Central Albanians now prefer to wear more modern styles of clothing. While the traditional dress of Albania is not typically worn as often as it once was, it can still be seen at weddings and other special occasions. Whether you’re interested in fashion or Albanian history, the dresses will fascinate and delight you. Some of the casual clothes in Albanian (tesha, roba) are listed below: 

T-Shirts (Bluze)

T-shirts are a type of Albanian clothing usually made from cotton. They are simple in design and easy to care for. T-shirts can be worn by both men and women and are often seen as a more casual piece of clothing. 

Pants (Pantallona)

Albanian culture has a long history of both men and women wearing pants. Albanian pants are typically made of a lightweight fabric, such as cotton or linen. They are loose-fitting and comfortable, with a wide leg that flares out at the bottom.

Vocab For Clothes In Albanian

Albanian Clothing

Here is a list of all the useful words which you should know about if you want to ace learning words for Albanian clothing.

English WordsAlbanian Translation
Flip-flops and ShortsFlip-flops dhe pantallona të shkurtra
Gloves and JacketDoreza dhe xhaketë
High heels and SuitTaka të larta dhe kostum
Hoodies and T-shirtKapuçe dhe bluza
Long coat and BootsPallto e gjate dhe Çizme
Polo shirt and Leather jacketsKëmishë me polo dhe xhaketa lëkure
Shirt and BraKëmishë dhe sytjena
Shoes and CoatKëpucë dhe pallto
Skirt and JeansPantallona të gjera dhe xhinse
Sweater and DressTriko dhe fustan
Swimsuit and HatRroba banje dhe kapele

Accessories In Albanian

There are many accessories that go perfectly well with Armenian clothing. Let’s learn a few words to enhance your vocabulary and talk about clothes like a native speaker.

English WordsAlbanian Translation
Anklets and BeltsAnklet dhe rripa
Bangles and BraceletsBanga dhe byzylykë
Brooches and PinsKarfica dhe karfica
Cuff Links and StudsLidhjet e mansheta dhe stufat
Earrings and EyeglassesVathë dhe syze
Facemask and GlovesMaska për fytyrën dhe Dorezat
Hair accessories and HelmetsAksesorë flokësh dhe helmeta
Handkerchiefs and pocket squaresShami dhe sheshe xhepi
Hats and HandbagsKapele dhe çanta dore
Headdresses and headwrapsVeshjet e kokës dhe mbështjelljet e kokës
Necklaces and PendantsGjerdane dhe varëse
Neckties and PerfumesKravatat dhe Parfumet
Phones and peripheralsTelefonat dhe pajisjet periferike
Purses and WalletsKuleta dhe kuleta
Rings and SashesUnaza dhe breza
Scarves and FootwearShalle dhe Këpucë
Socks and StockingsÇorape dhe çorape
Sunglasses and UmbrellaSyze dielli dhe ombrellë

Useful Sentences

Finally, here are some sentences for you to learn more about the Albanian sentence structure. Try making more sentences like this one utilizing the vocabulary and information that you have obtained in this blog post.

All of my lovely garments are suddenly too short for me.Të gjitha veshjet e mia të bukura janë papritur shumë të shkurtra për mua.
He always wears slippers inside the home, so I offer him my pair.Ai mban gjithmonë pantofla brenda shtëpisë, kështu që unë i ofroj atij palën time.
He is in a blue T-shirt, to be precise.Ai është me një bluzë blu, për të qenë të saktë.
I enjoy dressing in activewear.Më pëlqen të vishem me veshje aktive.
I enjoy dressing in activewear.Më pëlqen të vishem me veshje aktive.
In the summer, I want glasses.Në verë dua syze.
My mother assists my father in tying his tie when he is dressed in a suit.Nëna ime e ndihmon babanë për të lidhur kravatën kur është i veshur me kostum.
My oldest child puts on her pajamas and bids us all good night.Fëmija im më i madh vesh pizhame dhe na fton të gjithëve natën e mirë.
My pal from childhood was employed by a lingerie retailer.Shoku im që nga fëmijëria ishte i punësuar nga një shitës me pakicë të brendshmesh.
On weekends and when I go for walks, I dress in my tracksuits.Në fundjavë dhe kur shkoj për shëtitje, vishem me kostumet e mia sportive.
Take your jacket with you, please.Merre xhaketën me vete, të lutem.
There is rain. Please don your raincoat.Ka shi. Ju lutem vishni mushama.
We went shopping and purchased numerous bathing outfits.Ne shkuam në pazar dhe blemë veshje të shumta banje.
What has she on? – She is dressed in green.Çfarë ka ajo? – Ajo është e veshur me të gjelbër.
What sort of attire do you wear?Çfarë lloj veshjeje vishni?
Winters can be chilly. I then dress in my boots and sweatshirt.Dimrat mund të jenë të ftohtë. Më pas vishem me çizme dhe xhup.
You can now wear white t-shirts because I washed all of your colorful ones.Tani mund të vishni bluza të bardha sepse unë i lava të gjitha ato me ngjyra.
I give him his slippers because he always wears slippers inside the house.I jap pantoflat e tij, sepse ai mban gjithmonë pantofla brenda shtëpisë.

Wrapping Up

Albanian Clothing

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