30+ Easy Albanian Vocabulary For Family And Friends

When it comes to Albanian traditions, the familial relationship is extremely important. Are you interested to learn the basic Albanian vocabulary for family and friends? In this post, we will walk you through the words used by the locals to call and describe members of their immediate family. If you are up for that, let’s start with the guide now.

Whenever one thinks of going to Albania, what usually comes to mind are the jaw-dropping archeological sites, taking your own xhiro or evening stroll, and the long sandy beach within Tirana. Perhaps some of you may have also heard of the traditional sumptuous dishes they have to offer, but I bet that none of you know much about the country’s family dynamics. Whether you are a tourist or planning to move to the country, learning some basics can significantly help you out.

Before we explore more about the Albanian families below, allow us to walk you through a few expressions that can help you out, especially if you will meet families on an Albanian occasion. Usually, members of the family will ask you to introduce yourself.

How are you doing?Si po ia çon?
I am Jane.Unë jam Jane.
It’s nice to meet youEshte kenaqesi te te takoj
I am from AmericaUnë jam nga Amerika

Now that you already know how to introduce yourself, you might also find yourself in a situation where you need to start a friendly conversation. Read on the examples below to spare yourself from being the “stranger” in an Albanian family.

Good morning! How are you?Mirëmëngjesi! Si jeni?
What is your name?Si e keni emrin?
Anything new?Ndonjë gjë të re? 
Do you speak English?Flisni Anglisht?
What’s this dish called?Si quhet kjo gjellë?
Okay then, see you later.Mirë pra, shihemi më vonë
What’s your profession?Çfarë profesioni keni?
What is your favorite football team?Cili është ekipi juaj i preferuar i futbollit?


Albanian Families

Albanian Vocabulary For Family Members

In Albania, the common family setting is that each household consists of the main family and a few relatives who help takes care of the children when the parents are working. The reason why they have a relative (usually not working) is they are tasked to look after the house and ensure the safety of the kids since it is not common in the country to hire a nanny or housekeeper. As for the parents, it is usual for a mother and father to be financially responsible for the home. As with many traditional concepts, the head of the family is the father, and he is expected to be consulted in every decision at home.

Based on the country’s family code, marriages are allowed so long as they are both 18 years of age. Families are also allowed to influence the marriage decisions of their children, but arranged marriage is not a norm in the country. Once two people are married, they are allowed to move out of the family home and look for other places to live in. However, Albanians share a close family tie which means most of the newlyweds sometimes live on the same roof with either the mother’s or the father’s side. With this being said, there are chances that some of the traditional families have super-extended family members leaving with them.

If you have been watching Albanian-based movies, you probably realized that teenage characters have the tendency to bottle up their emotions. The reason for this is because it is culturally taught at an early age to keep negative feelings to themselves. They also do their best to make eye contact during conversations with their parents, older people, and persons of authority because it shows respect. With this being said, it would be wise for a foreigner like you to communicate with them and also look directly into their eyes to exhibit respect.


Albanian Vocabulary For Family Members


Now that we already know the common family dynamics in the country let us focus on learning the words related to every family. For starters, do remember that the word family is directly translated to familje in the Albanian language. The plural version of the word is familjet.

Mother / Mommynënë / mami
Father / Daddybaba / babi
Siblingvëllezërit dhe motrat
Grandchildmbesë (f) / nip (m)
Grandchildrenmbesat (f), /nipat (m)
Cousinkushërira (f) / kushëri (m)
Cousinskushërirat (f) / kushërinjtë (m)
Aunt (Father’s side)hallë
Aunt (mother’s side)teze
Uncle (father’s side)ungji 
Uncle (mother’s side)dajë
Stepsistermotër nga njerku
Stepbrothervëlla nga njerku


Albanian Vocabulary For Friends

Girlfriende dashura
BoyfriendI dashuri
Best friendMiku më i mirë

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to learn all there is to know about the Albanian family and the terms used by the locals. Suppose you enjoyed this post and would like to learn other language tips related to Albanian. In that case, we highly recommend that you check out our previous posts, such as how to say yes and no as the locals do, how to introduce yourself, and the slang words that will make the locals smile.


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