Ling App Partners With Huhto: Provide Top #2 Language Lessons For Ukrainian Refugees

There have been six months since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. And we can’t imagine how desperate the suffering of the Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to leave their homes is.

Since World War II, no European country has seen as rapid or as massive a population migration as that of Ukraine. The devastating effects on civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, are alarming, so the Ukrainian crisis is still quite concerning for kids and their families.

Millions Of Ukraine Refugees Have Fled Ukraine Since The Severe Crisis

Since World War II, the Ukrainian crisis has become Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis for two main reasons. First, the number of refugees fleeing Ukraine is enormous. Second, they are forced to escape at such an urgent time. They urgently fled to neighboring countries, and some soon permanently moved to other countries.

With over three million Ukrainians, Poland has become a major destination for refugees fleeing their country. This prompted the Polish government to prioritize requests for aid from the international community, particularly the European Union. The same goes for the various refugee agencies expanding their services to accommodate the flood of migrants.

Here, Zmieniamy Życie Foundation also stands up for Ukraine by creating a Huhto campaign (Help Us Help Them Out), which provides refugees with supplies and temporary housing.

Huhto – Help Us Help Them Out

Support Ukrainian Refugees With Zmieniamy Życie Foundation: Huhto Campaign
(Left) – dedicated team members of the foundation (Right) – Stephanie Allen on the right, and Paweł Dziubiński on the left, the foundation’s president.

Huhto stands for “Help Us Help Them Out,” the Campaign from the Zmieniamy Życie Foundation from Poland, one of Ukraine’s neighbors and a previously mentioned major destination for Ukrainian migrants.

They’re now helping Ukrainian refugees cross the border crossing points from Ukraine into Poland. However, there’s insufficient transport, and the supplies are running low. In addition, they lack the resources to flee to Poland, where they would be safer and could also find a place to reside.

Therefore, they need our assistance to provide thousands of asylum seekers who are now waiting to be picked up in difficult border conditions.

How To Help Ukrainian Refugees

Support Ukrainian Refugees With Zmieniamy Życie Foundation: Huhto Campaign
(Left) – The Ukrainian refugee kids now enjoy painting Malta home to show how thankful they are to the soldiers in Ukraine for fighting for Europe. (Right) – The Ukrainian refugee kids in front of the foundation.

Huhto, is put a lot of effort into the refugees from Ukraine, such as food, accommodation, and transportation. They are open to funding humanitarian assistance and refugee resettlement at GoFundme.

Today, over 2,000 Ukrainian refugees have been safely transferred and sent on their way with their guidance. At Ling, we are happy to be a part of this effort. 

To learn more about their efforts and how you can help, please visit their dedicated campaign site: or

In addition to financial support, Ling has partnered with the Zmieniamy Życie Foundation to provide free language classes to Ukrainian refugees, and we’d love for you to join us. And make sure your whole Ukrainian family members can keep up with their schooling so they can take advantage of the opportunities the future holds!

Our Top #2 Active Users Come From Ukraine!

Our recent Ukrainian Campaign has sparked a response within the Ukrainian community, making it the second most active country in the world after the United States on Ling App.

Support Ukrainian Refugees - Help Us Help Them Out-statistics

We must not let the current crisis in Ukraine discourage Ukrainian children and their families from continuing their education. As you can see, Ukrainian has quickly risen to become Ling’s second most active user, thanks to our Ukrainian Campaign. This enabled Ukrainian citizens to access our application and study any language readily. 

We’re glad to do our tiny bit in the massive undertaking of supporting Ukraine during this challenging time.

Tatiana’s family are all learning languages from Ling.

Did you know that you can help Ukrainian refugees as well? So come together in whichever way you see fit to express your support!

  • Donate financial support
  • Send humanitarian supplies (Food, medicine)
  • Host Ukrainians
  • Hire Ukrainians
  • Volunteer or help professionally
  • Share the information/story on social media.

Learn Ukrainian With Ling


We’ve been standing for Ukraine nonstop, boosting it to the position of the second-most active user over the past half year. So learn Ukrainian now, at your own pace!

With the extensive Ukrainian vocabulary resources provided by Ling, you can study at your own speed and in your own time, whenever you choose. In addition, we’re thrilled to offer both an application and Ukrainian language blogs for your convenient use anywhere you see fit!

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