6 Ways To Say Beautiful In Lithuanian

Do you know how to say beautiful in Lithuanian? Lithuania is one beautiful (Gražus) and fantastic country that doesn’t get too much attention worldwide. It is located within Europe, but it is considered one of the Baltic States with Estonia and Latvia. Lithuania might be a small country, but this country is endowed with interesting and amazing things that will surely surprise you when you get there.

A perfect example of these beautiful things in their native language. Lithuania has a language called Lithuanian. This is one of the oldest surviving languages globally, and Lithuanians really worked hard to maintain their own beautiful language. Let’s dive into the Lithuanian language and learn more about it.

Why Learn How To Say Beautiful In Lithuanian?

Because we will learn in this blog how to say beautiful in Lithuanian, let us first define the word beautiful using an English dictionary. Oxford Languages defined beautiful as an adjective that means “pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically” and “of a very high standard; excellent.” Given this definition, Lithuania is a perfect country to visualize this definition, so you should really know how to say beautiful in Lithuanian and other words related to beauty.

The most common and the easiest way to say beautiful in Lithuanian is graži or gražus

1. Graži / Gražus

English Translation: beautiful, lovely, nice, pretty

The most common and the easiest way to say beautiful in Lithuanian is graži or gražus.  This word can be used to describe almost everything that has an aesthetically pleasing quality, like a girl, site, or even a thing. If you are a beginner Lithuanian language learner, this word is an excellent foundation to learn how to say beautiful in Lithuanian.

Here is something that you should know and understand. Graži and Gražus are used in different ways. You will use Graži for a girl and Gražus for a boy.

Want to hear an interesting fact? Lithuanian women are amazing and wonderful. They have blue eyes (mėlynos akys), blonde hair (šviesiaplaukis), flawless skin (nepriekaištinga oda), and they are tall (ūgio). With these Lithuanian characteristics, you will probably be using the Lithuanian word for beautiful a lot.

If you see a very beautiful girl, you can say labai grazi and labai gražu for a boy.

2. Labai Grazi/Labai Gražu 

English Translation: very beautiful

Have you ever seen something or someone or something that is jaw-droppingly beautiful and can’t explain? If you want to find the best Lithuanian vocabulary to describe it, labai grazi/labai gražu is the best word for you to start with. For example, if you see a charming girl, you can say labai grazi and labai gražu for a boy.

If you want to go extra with your expressions, you can use the phrase puikus

3. Puikus

English Translation: splendid, great, excellent

Another way to say beautiful in Lithuanian is puikus. Did you remember the song in Aladin that says, “I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid?” Well, you can have the word splendid translated in Lithuanian.

Another thing that is beautiful in Lithuanian culture is the breathtaking sites. In fact, many beautiful places in Lithuania are considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These are Curonian Spit, Kernavė Archaeological Site (Cultural Reserve of Kernavė, Struve Geodetic Arc, and last but not least, Vilnius Historic Centre.

If you want to go extra with your expressions, you can use the phrase puikus. You can use this not only for people but it can also be used for the views you will see if you travel to different sites in Lithuania.

4. Nuostabu

English Translation: amazing

Another reason why Lithuania continuous to shine even if they are a small country is that they have beautiful and unique people. If you want to learn how to say amazing in Lithuanian, nuostabu is one of the words with the same meaning as that word.

Lithuania is home to amazing people who have a history that dates back to Europe’s early days. Lithuanians also have a long history of their freedom. This might be the reason why Lithuanians are really proud of their nation and culture. They have an amazing and unique culture that makes them special among other European countries.

If you want to say attractive in Lithuanian, you can say patrauklus

5. Patrauklus

English Translation: attractive; appealing

It is not impossible to find Lithuanian people who are extremely attractive. Especially if you have seen Lithuanian actresses do their best in their movies and dramas. If you want to say attractive in Lithuanian, you can say patrauklus. What’s exciting about it is they used the beauty of attractive patrauklus women as a tourism advertisement. It really helps them show the world how beautiful their people and their country are.

But, I want you to remember that physical beauty (grožis) is not all Lithuanian women can offer. It is their personality, their love for the country, and kindness which makes them attractive.

The Lithuanian word for handsome is išvaizdus.

6. Išvaizdus

English Translation: handsome

Who says beauty is only for women? But, of course, you would also meet someone handsome in Lithuania. The Lithuanian word for handsome is išvaizdus. You can use this word to compliment a man about his looks.

How To Use Beautiful In A Phrase Or Sentence

Now that you have learned the different ways to say beautiful in Lithuanian, it is now time to use these compliments in Lithuanian in actual conversations. Remember, learning Lithuanian will help you understand and communicate with the locals so, try your best to learn how to use these new words you have learned in phrases and sentences.

Now before you go and speak these words on your own, there’s a great app that can teach you the right pronunciation. The Ling app is available to download on the Play Store or App Store and will be helpful to make your accent sound beautiful in the native speakers’ ears.

LithuanianEnglish Translation
Graži merginabeautiful girl
Puikus vaizdas į Vilniųa splendid view of Vilnius
Nuostabūs žmonėsamazing people
Tu esi graži / Tu esi gražusYou are beautiful.
Kokia tu graži! How beautiful you are!
Nuostabus regionas.It’s so beautiful.
Visi kaimai buvo labai gražūs.All the villages were beautiful.
Lietuva yra graži šalis.Lithuania is a beautiful country.
Lietuvos kultūra nuostabi.Lithuanian culture is amazing.
Gyvenimas yra gražus.Life is beautiful.
Maži dalykai yra gražūs.Small is beautiful.

Want To Learn The Beautiful Language Called Lithuanian?

If you are planning to go to Lithuania, there is no better way to connect with the beautiful Lithuanian people than to learn their language. Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages that survived for a very long time. With this, learning Lithuanian is something that you can treasure. Because Lithuanian people manage to maintain this language, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful languages worldwide. Now that you find yourself reading this part of the blog, it is a sign that you want to learn the Lithuanian language more. You can also read other blog posts like Basic Words And Phrases In Lithuanian, Basic Greetings In Lithuanian, and Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation.

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Make your life more beautiful. Start learning Lithuanian now!

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