Body Parts in Lithuanian: 60+ Easy Words To Know

Lithuanian, a Baltic language, can seem quite scary to learn. Lithuania itself is a melting pot of languages and cultures, all blending together in this fascinating language of 3+ million native speakers. Because of this, it’s often overlooked in language-learning resources. 

But you are different, you wish to learn a lesser-known language, and cement yourself as an awesome language-learning savant. In this article, we will talk about body parts in Lithuanian. In addition, we will explore expressions related to body parts. So if you’re traveling there, and you’ve hurt yourself, or want to impress a Lithuanian love interest, then it’s important for you to know this vocabulary!

In addition to body parts, learn some Lithuanian expressions related to body parts used in daily life. Some may surprise you, or make you giggle! Okay, let’s begin the lesson!

 Why Should You Learn Body Parts In Lithuanian?

#1: Good To Know To Give Out Compliments

Do you have a Lithuanian partner, or do you want a Lithuanian partner? Imagine complimenting their eyes, or physique in their native tongue. I’m sure it would make them blush, and definitely score points in your favor, and to make sure you’re on the same page!

#2: Good To Know In Case You Need Medical Assistance

You never want to be sick while traveling, but unfortunately, it happens. If you know basic body parts, you can better communicate to medical staff and feel more assured in your health & care. 

#3: Good To Know To Become More Fluent

If you want to master Lithuanian, or at least become better in the language, then it’s important to know expressions and vocabulary. You wouldn’t think it outright, but body parts and body language are brought up in daily conversations. 

#4: Good To Know For Lithuanian Expressions & Idioms 

So many expressions use body parts, so if you know the right vocab, you’ll be a star in funny idioms & expressions. Language is so much more than just memorizing vocabulary … It’s also about learning the expressions & little tidbits that make that language unique! It’s fun to add humor to language, and I know any Lithuanian person you speak to would enjoy it as well. 

Body Parts In Lithuanian

body parts in lithuanian

Lithuanian Vocabulary For Parts Of The Face

These vocab words are good to know if you want to compliment your Lithuanian sweetheart. Lithuanians are considered very beautiful people, so you better start practicing to try and impress one!

Lithuanian people have a high population of people with light features (blue or green eyes and blonde hair).

One thing to note: Make sure to keep your hands visible while eating. This means keeping your wrists resting on the edge of the table. This is considered polite in Lithuanian culture.


Lithuanian Vocabulary For Parts Of The Mouth

You never know when you may need to fill in a cracked tooth or filling at the dentist’s office. Let’s hope you don’t have to, but just in case, here is vocabulary for parts of the mouth in Lithuanian.

body parts in lithuanian

Lithuanian Vocabulary For The Torso & Lower Body

Lithuanians tower over most people from other countries, as they are considered some of the tallest people in the world. This explains why lots of famous basketball stars hail from Lithuania! Keep this in mind as you’re complimenting their lean, long legs & arms.

Belly buttonBellybutton
PenisPenis / Varpos / Varpa
VaginaVagina / Makštis

Lithuanian Vocabulary For Arms & Hands

Here are the singular and plural forms for parts of the arms & hands. In Lithuanian, you usually add either an ‘os’ or ‘i’ to make a noun plural.

Arm/ArmsRanka / Rankos
Elbow/Elbows Alkūnė / Alkūnės
Finger/Fingers Pirštas / Pirštai
Hand/HandsRanka / Rankos
Nail/NailsNagas / Nagai
Thumb/Thumbs Nykštys / Nykščiai
Upper armViršutinė rankos dalis

Lithuanian Vocabulary For Legs & Feet

Do you want to ‘show where your legs come from?‘ This popular Lithuanian expression uses legs & feet vocabulary, and you never know when you’ll need to bust it out in conversation!

Ankle/Ankles Kulkšnis / Kulkšnys
Knee/KneesKelio / Keliai
Shin / CalfBlauzda

Lithuanian Vocabulary For Body Hair

“Marozas”, or a person characterized by their shaved head and sports suit clothing, are to be stayed away from in Lithuania. Other than than ‘marozas’, body hair, and facial hair for men, is common in Lithuania.

Arm hair Rankų plaukai
Ear hairAusų plaukai
Eyebrow hairAntakių plaukai
Hair (on head) Plaukai
Leg hairKojų plaukai
Nose hairNosies plaukai
Clean-shavenŠvariai nusiskutęs

7 Hilarious Lithuanian Expressions Related To Body Parts

body parts in lithuanian

#1: To Hang Pasta On The Ears

English Translation: To lie.

Lithuanian Translation: kabinti makaronus

Next time you have pasta for dinner in Lithuania, try hanging it on your partner’s ears to see if they’re lying to you about something!

#2: To Swallow With Your Eyes

English Translation: To enjoy the beautiful view. 

Lithuanian Translation: ryti akimis

Picture this: You’re on a stunning mountaintop vista in Lithuania, when a local says they want to swallow this with their eyes. It’s quite a graphic description, but you can’t help but agree!

#3: Eyeballs Pop Out Of Your Forehead

English Translation: To be surprised.

Lithuanian Translation: akys ant kaktos iššoko

This Lithuanian expression is similar to an idiom in the English language (‘eyeballs popping out of your head’). Maybe you recognize this silly image being depicted in American cartoons?

#4: Can’t See Further Than Your Nose

English Translation: To be indifferent. 

Lithuanian Translation: toliau nosies nematyti

If you ‘can’t see further than your nose,’ you simply don’t care enough to look! 

#5: To Show You Where Legs Grow From 

English Translation: To give you a lecture. 

Lithuanian Translation: iš kur kojos dygsta

Oh no! Your parents caught you sneaking in after curfew. They are now sure to ‘show you where legs grow from’ … Good luck! 

#6: To Roll The Muscles

English Translation: To work out, to get in shape. 

Lithuanian Translation: užsikočioti raumenis

Time to roll the muscles in this new year! Lithuanians, who’s with me? 

#7: A Person’s Face Unharmed By Intellect

English Translation: To spot a fool. 

Lithuanian Translation: intelekto nesužalotu veidu

To say a ‘person’s face is unharmed by intellect’, you’re being sarcastic to say that they’re stupid! It’s a nice phrase disguised with cruel intent. But it’s quite funny in my opinion! 

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What’s Your Favorite Idiom?

Learning idioms is a fun, informative way to become a more balanced and fluent Lithuanian speaker. Take a break from difficult grammar tenses and instead start practicing the following silly phrases & vocabulary to bust out in conversation! By the way, my favorite Lithuanian idiom from this lesson is ‘to swallow with your eyes!’

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