Celebrating Excellence: Announcing the Spring 2024 Ling Scholarship Winners

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We’re thrilled to announce the Spring 2024 Ling Scholarship winners: Mia and Molly. These two stood out from all other applicants with their remarkable personal statements and passion for language learning!

Congratulations to Mia: Ling Scholarship Winner

Ling Scholarship Winner

We’re honored to award Mia a $1,000 scholarship to support her study-abroad adventure in Spain this Spring. Mia’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and her dedication, commitment, and passion for mastering Spanish quickly distinguished her from the other applicants.

During her upcoming study abroad trip, she’s looking forward to “staying with my host family and experiencing the Spanish culture within the context of a home […] to see what daily life is like and the different lifestyles/routines that are held in Spain […] eating meals with my host family and getting the opportunity to practice my Spanish more.”

In case you have any doubts about the benefits of speaking multiple languages, here’s what Mia had to say: “One of the greatest benefits I have noticed from speaking more than one language is the connections I have made with others […] I have been able to form friendships with others that would not otherwise be possible without the knowledge and appreciation of my second language […] speaking two languages has allowed me to branch out and form lifelong relationships with some amazing people.”

Mia plans to graduate from Illinois State University this May with a degree in Elementary Education, a minor in Spanish, and an ESL endorsement.

Congratulations to Molly: Ling Scholarship Runner-Up

Ling Scholarship Runner-Up

Molly’s commitment to language learning and cultural understanding in her statement also caught our attention and rightfully earned her the spot as our runner-up. 

And, of course, thank you to all the Spring 2024 Ling Scholarship applicants. Your passion for language learning inspires us, and we look forward to reading more compelling stories in the upcoming Fall 2024 scholarship applications. That brings us to our exciting news…

Ling Scholarship Fall 2024 Applications Are Now Open

Ling Scholarship Information

Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of Mia and Molly? We’re excited to announce that the Ling Scholarship for Fall 2024 is now accepting applications. If you plan on studying abroad this Fall 2024 and are passionate about language learning, we encourage you to apply today!

You can find all scholarship information here.

The Ling Scholarship celebrates language learning journeys and stories within our community. Mia and Molly’s success stories remind us of the transformative impact language learning can have on individuals’ lives.

Best of luck to all the future applicants, and congratulations again to Mia and Molly for their outstanding achievements!

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