30+ Best Food Ingredients In Spanish You Must Know

Traveling to Spain soon as a chef or a food enthusiast? Then you must be interested in knowing different food ingredients in Spanish. Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Spanish have a lot of delicious cuisines like the famous Paella Valenciana, Gazpacho, and Tortilla. If you have never tried those dishes out, please do! In today’s blog post, we want to explore the popular food ingredients and their Spanish names so that you can impress the locals. Without further ado, let’s get into this article

Major Ingredients Used In Spanish Cooking

food ingredients

Let’s take a look at the popular ingredients that are usually used in most Spanish food. If you are traveling to Spanish-speaking countries soon, then keep these phrases handy. Who knows, you may want to try out a Spanish recipe.

Aceite de oliva – Olive oil

If you don’t find olive oil in at least one out of three Spanish food or Spanish kitchen, then maybe you are not in a Spanish country. Olive oil is essential for most Spanish food like the famous Pallela and Tortilla. Olive oil is used for different things. It can serve as a dressing or a drizzle for meat, it also functions as a preservative for fruits like olives.

Pimentón – Paprika

Another ingredient on the list is Pimenton, no wonder the Spanish have three different Paprikas. You have the mild and sweet, bitter and hot, and the smoked paprika. I mean, you can’t go by a famous Spanish food, especially meat dishes, without having a taste of this important ingredient.

Azafrán – Saffron

Good saffron is extremely expensive, thanks to its versatile use and its strenuous extraction. Saffron is a key ingredient in the traditional Paella unique to the Spanish, and it is often used in some of their cuisines. Although it is generally expensive, you can still afford small amounts.

Ajo – Garlic

You have to find garlic in most Spanish food in one form or the other. In fact, there are a few Spanish delicacies that do not contain garlic in one form or the other. Also, onions are a non-negotiable ingredient in most Spanish food as well. So, if you are a fan of garlic and onions, you will enjoy Spanish cuisine.

Aceituna – Olive

As you may have guessed, olive is a must in Spanish; with over 200 types of olive grown in Spain alone, there are a few things you can do with this fruit. Apart from making olive oil, olive can be eaten as a snack in Spain or used in salad. Better yet, it is an integral part of your Spanish cooking.

Food Ingredients In Spanish To Know


various fruits
strawberryla fresa
blackberryla mora
watermelonla sandía
orangela naranja
applela manzana
lemonel limón
pearslas peras
melonel melón



If you are a vegan or a big lover of vegetables, then you will find these Spanish words for these delicious vegetables useful!

avocadoel aguacate
beetrootla remolacha
cauliflowerla coliflor
brocolliel brócoli
courgetteel calabacín
cucumbersel pepino
lettucela lechuga
mushroomslas setas
spinachlas espinacas

Herbs And Spices

food ingredients in spanish; herbs and spice
saltla sal
thymeel tomillo
pepperla pimienta
cinammonla canela
basilla albahaca
cuminel comino
nutmegla nuez moscada


Meat And Animal Products

beefla carne de res
monkfishel rape
codel bacalao
salmonel salmón
rabbitel conejo
fishel pescado
chickenel pollo
butterla mantequilla
sausageel chorizo
minced meatla carne picada
pork meatcarne de cerdo
yoghurtlos yogures
seafoodlos mariscos
chickenbreastla pechuga de pollo
eggslos huevos
crabel cangrejo
hakela merluza
prawnslas gambas
troutla trucha



vegetables and fruits
riceel arroz
cold waterel agua
flourla harina
breadel pan


Food-related vocabulary



Cooking Utensils You Should Know

frying pansartén


Final Thoughts

Spain has a lot of delicious delicacies that will make you come back for more, no matter how much you try to resist. It is only fair also to know the main ingredients used in most of these dishes just in case you want to try cooking Spanish dishes or buy these from a local market. Whatever it is, I hope you are able to remember some of these Spanish ingredients.

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