17+ Easy Terms For Sports In Nepal You Should Know

Are you wondering what are the terminologies used for describing sports in Nepal? Get to know the best words to use and impress the locals by reading this post. After all, the locals are very interested in this topic, and the Nepali words you can learn here might be useful when starting a conversation with them. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Words For Sports In Nepal

American footballअमेरिकी फुटबलamērikī phuṭabala
Sumo wrestlingसुमो कुश्तीsumō kuśtī
Swimmingपौडी खेल्नेpauḍī khēlnē
Table tennisटेबल टेनिसṬēbala ṭēnisa
Cyclingसाइकल चलाउनेsā’ikala calā’unē
Weight liftingभारोत्तोलनbhārōttōlana

What Are The Most Injured Body Parts When Playing Sports?

body parts that injure during sports
Most Injured Body Parts In Sports

Injuries during sports or any physical activity are common and, most of the time, not something you can prevent.

During playing sports in Nepal, you would want to know the names of the body parts if you get injured and need to explain your pain to the medical staff during an emergency.

Before diving into sports, let’s first learn every vocabulary body parts and injury symptoms in Nepali.

Body Parts


Inside The Body



Headacheटाउको दुखाइṬā’ukō dukhā’i

Other Words Related To Sports

sports in nepal words and phrases
Sports Games Vocabulary

Sports events are popular in the Nepali culture as well as in many other countries all over the globe. In this section, we will go over the most common words related to sports and sports events.

  • Arena: मैदान (pronounced Maidāna)
  • Athlete: खेलाडी (pronounced Khēlāḍī)
  • Athletics: एथलेटिक्स (pronounced Ēthalēṭiksa)
  • Award: पुरस्कार (pronounced Puraskāra)
  • Beat: पिट्नु (pronounced Piṭnu)
  • Captain: कप्तान (pronounced Kaptāna)
  • Catch: समात्नुहोस् (pronounced Samātnuhōs)
  • Coach: प्रशिक्षक (pronounced Praśikṣaka)
  • Compete: प्रतिस्पर्धा (pronounced Pratispardhā)
  • Court: अदालत (pronounced Adālata)
  • Defeat: पराजय (pronounced Parājaya)
  • Event: घटना (pronounced Ghaṭanā)
  • Fan: फ्यान (pronounced Phyāna)
  • Medal: पदक (pronounced Padaka)
  • Referee: रेफ्री (pronounced Rēphrī)
  • Rules: नियमहरू (pronounced Niyamaharū)
  • Score: स्कोर (pronounced Skōra)
  • Strategy: रणनीति (pronounced Raṇanīti)
  • Teammate: टोली साथी (pronounced Ṭōlī sāthī)
  • Victory: विजय (pronounced Vijaya)

Famous Sports In Nepal

In this section, we will be telling you about the famous games/sports in Nepal that men, women, and children love! Find out more about it below!

Cricket: This sport was introduced in the 1920s. The Cricket Association of Nepal was formed in 1946 and was funded by the Asian Cricket Council.

Volleyball: This has been the national game in Nepal, since May of 2017. The Nepal Volleyball Association spoke to the government about making this sport the national game. They convinced them to do this by showing them that this sport takes a lot less space to play than most other sports.

Swimming: Swimming is said to be one of the most popular sports in the Olympic games. The Nepal Swimming Association organizes events for professional swimmers in Nepal. Gaurika Singh, a 13-year-old Nepal local, is considered the youngest professional swimmer in Nepal to participate in the Olympics.

Boxing: Nepal won many international medals for boxing events in Nepal and many other countries. Because of Nepal’s growing success in this sport, boxing quickly became one of the most popular sports in Nepal.

Dandi biyo: This popular sport gets played the most in rural areas of Nepal. Before volleyball became the national sport, this was the national sport. This sport is played with roughly a 2-3 meter long stick and a 7-inch wooden pin. The stick is what makes up the Dandi part of the name of this sport, and the wooden pin makes up the Biyo part of the name for this sport. At first glance, this game can look a lot like baseball.

Kabaddi: This is one of the most famous games in Nepal. It originally started off in India and is extremely popular. This sport/game is usually played in two groups with seven players. Kabaddi is a professional game of tag. Though it started in rural areas, it is slowly becoming more of a professional sport in Nepal instead of just a game to play with your friends in the neighborhood.

What’s Next For You?

Now that you have an idea of the best words to use for talking about sports in Nepali, we urge you to find ways to use this in your conversations with the locals. With that said, you can try to join online discussions with sports fanatics or look for a language partner interested in this topic.

If you genuinely want to learn more deeply, we urge you to keep reading below! Nepali is not a an extremely difficult language to learn and we know that with Ling you can definitely achieve your goals.

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