15+ Shapes In Nepali: Geometric and Reliable

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Knowing the आकार (pronounced as Akara) or shapes in Nepali is essential. After all, how will you describe the round jeri, a crispy Nepali dessert that you ate on the street, or the triangular stall where you bought the best fruit at the end of the market? Shapes in Nepali help you describe details, so let’s have a look at them together.

Learning the translations for shapes in another language is important because it helps you understand the environment around you. It also makes your trip more enjoyable when you can describe things and places in Nepali rather than just relying on English translations. Fortunately, it’s easy to remember some of the most common shapes in this language because some of them sound pretty much the same as in English.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the most common shapes in Nepali, and see if they sound familiar!

Names Of Shapes In Nepali

Shapes are आकार Akara in Nepali, and the meaning word draw is आकर्षित Ākarṣita. Can you see the similarity between the two words? A shape is an outline of something which must be drawn. Hence the words in Nepali are similar or linked. Pretty cool, right?

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2D Shapes In Nepali

2 Dimensional (2D) Shapes In Nepali

circle गोलाकार Gōlākāra
triangle त्रिकोण Trikōṇa
square वर्ग Varga
pentagon पेन्टागन Pēnṭāgana
quadrilateral चतुर्भुज Caturbhuja
hexagon हेक्सागन Hēksāgana
octagon अष्टभुज Aṣṭabhuja
Parallelogram समानान्तर चतुर्भुज Samānāntara caturbhuja
Rhombus रोम्बस Rōmbasa

3 Dimensional (3D) Shapes In Nepali

rectangular prismआयताकार प्रिज्मĀyatākāra prijma

Words To Measure And Draw Shapes

In English when discussing shapes, we also need to word how the shapes are made. Here are some words to describe the shapes or mention how they are made:

circumference परिधि Paridhi
diameter व्यास Vyāsa
geometric ज्यामितीय Jyāmitīya
measureमापन Māpana
ruler दापुdapu
meter मिटर Miṭara
radiusत्रिज्या Trijyā
edge किनारा Kinārā
curveवक्र Vakra
propertyगुण guna
round गोलो golo
areaक्षेत्र kṣētra
perimeter परिधि paridhi
dimensionआयाम āyāma

Objects In Nepali

Objects In EnglishNepaliPronunciationSound
cupboard अलमारी Alamārī
pillow तकिया Takiyā
bed ओछ्यान Ōchyāna
potभाँडो Bhām̐ḍō
dish भाँडा Bhām̐ḍā
fridge फ्रिज Phrija
sofa सोफा Sōphā
glass गिलासGilāsa
notebook नोटबुक Nōṭabuka
computerकम्प्युटर Kampyuṭara
bookcase किताबको अलमारी Kitābakō alamārī
chairकुर्सी Kursī
backpack झोला Jhōlā
paper कागज Kāgaja
clock घडी Ghaḍī
window झ्याल Jhyāla
bicycle साइकल Sā’ikala
carकार Kāra
banknote बैंक नोट Baiṅka nōṭa
bag झोला Jhōlā
shirt शर्ट Śarṭa
table तालिका Tālikā
Sweaterस्वेटर Svēṭara
shoe जुत्ता Juttā
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Sentences With Objects And Shapes In Nepali

Sentences With Objects And Shapes In Nepali

These sentences below will hopefully help you use your new and refined vocabulary about shapes in Nepali. Try them out and leave us a comment!

Have you seen that rectangular dish? के तपाईंले त्यो आयताकार परिकार देख्नुभएको छ?Kē tapā’īnlē tyō āyatākāra parikāra dēkhnubha’ēkō cha?
Please pass that round pillow. कृपया त्यो गोल तकिया पास गर्नुहोस्।Kr̥payā tyō gōla takiyā pāsa garnuhōs.
Look for the square box in the fridge.फ्रिजमा स्क्वायर बक्स खोज्नुहोस्। Phrijamā skvāyara baksa khōjnuhōs.
That pot has a funny shape.
त्यो भाँडो एक हास्यास्पद आकार छ। Tyō bhām̐ḍō ēka hāsyāspada ākāra cha.
The gas cylinder may be leaking.ग्यास सिलिन्डर लिक भएको हुन सक्छ। Gyāsa silinḍara lika bha’ēkō huna sakcha.
My bicycle’s tire does not look round. मेरो साइकलको टायर गोलो देखिदैन। Mērō sā’ikalakō ṭāyara gōlō dēkhidaina.
What is this shape on the banknote? बैंक नोटमा यो आकार कस्तो छ? Baiṅka nōṭamā yō ākāra kastō cha?
The bag has a triangular shape. झोला त्रिकोणीय आकार छ।
Jhōlā trikōṇīya ākāra cha.
Measure the screen size of my computer. मेरो कम्प्युटरको स्क्रिन साइज नाप्नुहोस्। Mērō kampyuṭarakō skrina sā’ija nāpnuhōs.
I would like to buy that round chair. म त्यो गोलो कुर्सी किन्न चाहन्छु। Ma tyō gōlō kursī kinna cāhanchu.
The Nepali food has interesting shapes. नेपाली खानामा चाखलाग्दो आकारहरू छन्। Nēpālī khānāmā cākhalāgdō ākāraharū chan.
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And there we have it! Did you enjoy this post? We hope that you did and that you’ll be able to use these in real conversations. From the lists that we have given here in this article, let us know what helped and what other words or sentences would be helpful to add. For example, you may frequently be using words, phrases, and corrections related to shapes in Nepali or objects that we have not mentioned here and that you think should be added to this list. We’d like to hear from you and get more comments!

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