16+ Nepali Desserts: Scrumptious Delights To Discover


Nepal has an abundance of traditional buttery cookies; most are deep-fried desserts and are often made with rice flour. Nepali desserts have traditional flavorings that give them a very inviting and mouth-watering appeal. Let’s check out the best ones!

The national sweet is Sel Roti (सेल रोटी) and Jeri (जेरी) , also called Jalebi. It has a crispy texture and is extremely sweet, and the crisp texture makes it a delight to eat. The color is golden yellow. There are soft Jeris as well, but they are not the favorites of Nepalis, as are the crispy ones.

Names Of Popular Sweets And Nepali Desserts

Popular Sweets And Nepali Desserts

So here are the usual western desserts you can find in Nepal if they are what you are craving:

  1. Cake – केक (Kēka)
  2. Chocolates – चकलेटहरु (Cakalēṭaharu)
  3. Ice cream – आइसक्रिम (Ā’isakrima)
  4. Pudding – हलवा (Halavā)

Nepali desserts, on the other hand, include:

  1. Jeri (जेरी): It is the most famous sweet, made in circular shapes with flour dipped in sugar syrup. The yummy crisp is unbeatable, making it the most delicious and pleasing dessert ever!
  2. Gudpaak (गुडपाक): Served mainly to new moms, this sweet is served to add to nutrition. It is made from cow or buffalo milk, and nuts and fruits are added. Very healthy indeed!
  3. Juju Dhau (जुजु धौ): It is a traditional yogurt with a rich, creamy taste. It is often served on any occasion, even for guests coming home. Many would add fresh fruits too.
  4. Laakha mari (लखा मारी) bread: made in different shapes made to celebrate wedding ceremonies. It is made of flour, sugar, butter, and more. Then it is deep-fried.
  5. Yomari (योमरी): Shaped like a teardrop dumpling, its often made in a festival called Yomari punhi, celebrating rice harvest. Lovers exchange yomaris the next day traditionally.
  6. Til ko laddu (तिल को लड्डु): These are spherical sugar bombs rolled over sesame seeds called Til. It is the most popular sweet in all of India.
  7. Rasbari (रासबारी): It is milk balls dipped in sugar syrup.
  8. Peda (पेडा): made of sweetened condensed milk and sugar with pistachios and almonds. It is readily available everywhere.
  9. Kheer (खीर): best described as a wet pudding made of milk. It is the most welcomed on any occasion, in joy and grief, for the young and old.
  10. Khuwa Barfi (खुवा बर्फी): They are milk-flavored and diamond-shaped. It is a personal favorite due to its rich pistachio taste.
  11. Kulfi (कुल्फी): It is a milk popsicle. Popular in the streets of Nepal, it is an all-time favorite.
  12. Khajuri Barfi (खजुरी बर्फी): Made from Khajuri dough, milk, butter, and salt. It is more like delicious buttery traditional cookies, often used as a religious offering at the temples.
  13. Sel roti (सेल रोटी): It is made of rice flour and is round in shape. It is also used in religious festivals. Sel roti is eaten with spicy side dishes giving an overall savory result. It is the go-to dish for those who do not have a sweet tooth!
  14. Suji ka haluwa (सुजी का हलवा): It is best described as a semolina pudding.
  15. Gajar ka haluwa (गजर का हलवा): Made of carrots, butter, sugar, coconut flakes, and more. It is one of the healthier desserts as a vegetable is the main ingredient.
  16. Sugar-free khuwa barfi (खुवा बर्फी): It is another option for non-sweet lovers. Go for the sugar-free barfi and enjoy the festivities!

Basic Ingredients In Nepali Desserts

Ingredients To Make Nepali Desserts

In case you are allergic to any ingredient or would prefer your desserts a bit more customized to your choice, here’s a list of ingredients used in Nepali desserts. You may need to ask for less cashew nuts or cow’s milk instead or no dried fruits at the sweet shops. Check out this list first!

all purpose flour सबै उद्देश्यको पीठो Sabai uddēśyakō pīṭhō
milk sugar दूध चिनी Dūdha cinī
hot oil तातो तेल Tātō tēla
cashew nuts काजू Kājū
thickened milk गाढा दूध Gāḍhā dūdha
pistachio nuts पिस्ता नट Pistā naṭa
buffalo’s milk भैंसीको दूध Bhainsīkō dūdha
watermelon seeds तरबूजको बीउ Tarabūjakō bī’u
wheat flour गहुँको पीठो Gahum̐kō pīṭhō
condensed milk गाढा दूध Gāḍhā dūdha
brown sugar ब्राउन सुगर Brā’una sugara
grated coconutपिसेको नरिवल Pisēkō narivala
saffron syrup केसर सिरपKēsara sirapa
saffron cardamom syrup केसर अलैंची सिरपKēsara alain̄cī sirapa
dry fruits सुख्खा फलहरूSukhkhā phalaharū
assorted nuts मिश्रित नटMiśrita naṭa
clarified butter स्पष्ट मक्खनSpaṣṭa makkhana
green cardamom powder हरियो अलैंची पाउडर Hariyō alain̄cī pā’uḍara
rice flour चामलको पिठो Cāmalakō piṭhō
sweetened condensed milk मीठो गाढा दूध Mīṭhō gāḍhā dūdha
sugar syrup चिनी सिरप Cinī sirapa
chickpea flour चनाको पीठो Canākō pīṭhō
poppy seeds फुलको बिया Phulakō biyā
whole milk सम्पूर्ण दुध Sampūrṇa dudha
fresh fruits ताजा फलहरु Tājā phalaharu

Special Occasions To Serve Nepali Desserts

  1. Dashain and Tihar: These are the two most important Nepali festivals that are filled with Nepali sweets. It celebrates color and light and is an important Hindu festival.
  2. Buddha Jayanti: It is a festival to celebrate the birth of Gautama Buddha, the religious leader who founded Buddhism.
  3. Gai Jatra: It translates to Cow Parade. The King made it long ago to show support to the Queen after losing her son. The people walked the streets with their cows, and she felt like she was not alone.
  4. Teej: It is a festival primarily for married women who fast and pray for their husband’s long life and prosperity.
  5. Rakshya Bandhan: Sisters tie a thread on the brother’s hand. The brothers bless their sisters with love and protection, and sisters dote over their brothers.

Sweet shops are busy during these times. Make sure you get what you need early. It is encouraged to take at least a small box of Nepali sweets to any home when you visit.

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Nepali Sweets With Ling

Nepali desserts are not only fashioned sweet rice patties! They are so much more than that. They carry the culture and traditions of the Nepali people. They bring joy to the homes of loved ones; they are made on days with and without occasions. They are enjoyed while together and hold beautiful memories to remember when apart.

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