50+ Easy Personality Vocabulary In Malay

Do you want to learn something other than greetings in Malay? For example, maybe you’re planning on traveling to Malaysia soon, and you want to learn how to pronounce traditional Malay dishes. Or, perhaps you’ve already traveled to Malaysia and found the people so hospitable that you’re now interested in the character traits in Malay. If that’s the case, we’ve got just the blog post for you.

In this post, we’ll give you everything you need to know concerning personality vocabulary in Malay. Make sure to keep scrolling!


What Are Some General Characteristics Of Malay People?

Of course, it’s never good to generalize about a group of people. But, if you’re planning to travel to Malaysia for the first time or the fifth time, you must start your research somewhere. For us, that research begins with the people. For example, what language do they speak? That answer is easy – Malay! Next question, are they friendly?

Malay people generally tend to be gracious, polite, and calm. They often wear modest clothing and avoid big or disruptive body gestures. If you prefer a more relaxed environment, you’ll fit right in with the Malay people’s patient approach to daily life.


Easy Malay Personality Vocabulary To Learn

personality vocabulary in malay

Now, it’s time to learn some vocabulary! If you’re ready to learn Malay terms about personality, then keep reading!

Vocabulary Terms A-F

  • adventurous – petualang
  • affectionate – penyayang
  • ambitious – bercita-cita tinggi
  • arrogant – sombong
  • bossy – suka memerintah
  • brave – berani
  • calm – tenang
  • candid – berterus terang
  • caring – penyayang
  • charismatic – berkarisma
  • clever – pandai
  • clumsy – kekok
  • compassionate – penyayang
  • confident – yakin
  • creative – kreatif
  • dauntless – tidak gentar
  • dependable – boleh dipercayai
  • diligent – rajin
  • friendly – mesra
  • funny – kelakar

Vocabulary Terms G-O

  • generous – pemurah
  • grateful – berterima kasih
  • greedy – tamak
  • gullible – mudah tertipu
  • happy – gembira
  • hardworking – rajin
  • honest – jujur
  • humble – merendah diri
  • ignorant – jahil
  • imaginative – berimaginasi
  • impatient – tidak sabar
  • innocent – tidak bersalah
  • loving – penyayang
  • loyal – setia
  • messy – berantakan
  • mischievous – nakal
  • neat – kemas
  • optimistic – optimistik

Vocabulary Terms P-T

  • pessimistic – pesimis
  • reliable – boleh dipercayai
  • respectful – hormat
  • responsible – bertanggungjawab
  • rude – kurang ajar
  • selfish – mementingkan diri sendiri
  • shy – pemalu
  • sincere – ikhlas
  • smart – bijak pandai
  • stubborn – degil
  • talkative – cerewet
  • thoughtful – termenung
  • trustworthy – boleh dipercayai

There you go! Now you know the most important personality vocabulary terms in Malay! But, it’s simply not enough to learn these words. That’s why we’ve also included some example sentences. That way, you can see exactly how to use these words in an entire phrase.


Malay Personality Vocabulary Example Sentences

He’s so charismatic.Dia begitu berkarisma.
I think you should try being a little less bossy.Saya fikir anda harus cuba menjadi kurang bossy.
I liked you better when you were less arrogant.Saya lebih suka awak apabila awak kurang sombong.
I’ll admit that I can be really stubborn sometimes.Saya akan mengakui bahawa saya boleh menjadi sangat degil kadang-kadang.
I wish I were as creative as you.Saya harap saya kreatif seperti anda.
My best friend is so reliable. She always answers the phone no matter when I call her.Kawan baik saya sangat handal, dia sentiasa menjawab telefon tidak kira apabila saya menghubunginya.
My brother is really selfish. He never does anything to help me.Abang saya memang pentingkan diri sendiri, dia tidak pernah berbuat apa-apa untuk menolong saya.
My dad has a lot of friends because he’s so friendly.Ayah saya mempunyai ramai kawan kerana dia sangat peramah.
My girlfriend is very talkative that I can barely get a word in.Teman wanita saya sangat bercakap sehingga saya hampir tidak dapat bercakap.
My sister is so impatient when she’s waiting for food.Kakak saya sangat tidak sabar apabila dia menunggu makanan.
She’s at the top of our class because she’s so smart.Dia berada di atas kelas kami kerana dia sangat bijak.
When did you get so thoughtful?Bilakah anda menjadi begitu berfikir?
Why is your room so messy?Kenapa bilik awak sangat bersepah?
Your boyfriend is very loyal and would never betray you!Teman lelaki anda sangat setia dan tidak akan mengkhianati anda!
You’re being so pessimistic.Anda menjadi sangat pesimis.

Remember, those are just some example sentences to get you started. If you really want to be fluent in Malay, you’ll need to practice daily. But, you might be asking, how can I do that? Let us tell you how!


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personality vocabulary in malay

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