9 Amazing Malay Words For Magic To Learn Today!

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Do you remember the days when you were thrilled with the idea of going to the circus or watching magic shows on television? Well, those days were one of the many things that built your childhood. Abracadabra! Let’s introduce different Malay words for magic that’ll remind you of the good old days!

With the rich history and tales in Malaysia, it’s impossible for them to not have any stories related to magic. Lores and movies would always display these amazing and occasionally spine-chilling events. Upon learning some Malay words, you might be wondering: What are the words in Malaysia that are associated with them? Drop your dictionary for a second, and join us in this magic carpet ride as we fly through different Malay words for magic today!

List of Malay Words for Magic

Malay, spoken by millions in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei, is rich in terms that describe the supernatural. Like every culture, the Malays have a unique interpretation of magic, deeply rooted in their traditions and beliefs. Magic in the Malay world isn’t just about casting spells or flying on brooms. It’s a tapestry of beliefs, stories, and practices.

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1. Magic – Sihir

There are different kinds of magic, and this one isn’t something that will make you jump in joy or amaze you. Well, for those with twisted interests, it may sound quite appealing. In Malay culture, they call magic “Sihir,” but unlike what we usually grew up with, this word initially means dark sorcery that brings bad luck. So, if you ever read some Malay tales, you’ll notice that they take it pretty seriously.

2. Shaman – Pawang

Spirit healers, fate healers—there are plenty of terms used to describe a shaman in English. But in Malay, they use “Pawang.” They’re called upon during traditional ceremonies or when people encounter something supernatural. They also specialize in communicating and controlling elements and animals. You see, it’s deeply rooted in Malay traditions and beliefs, although these days some folks don’t really believe them.

3. Charm – Pelaris

In Malaysia, many business folks swear by their “pelaris”. It’s kind of like their secret sauce for attracting good vibes and customers. Picture it as a friendly sidekick, making sure business keeps buzzing and luck is on their side. Whether it’s proudly displayed in a store or tucked away for personal assurance, loads of people believe it’s got that special touch for success.

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4. Spell/ Incantation – Jampi

“Jampi” is a Malay word for a spell or incantation. Imagine someone whispering magical words, kind of like the chants you’d hear in fairy tales or from storybook wizards. So when someone talks about “jampi”, they’re referring to that kind of mystical vibe!

5. Amulet – Azimat

Do you believe in the power of charms and amulets? In Malaysia, they have this special trinket, which is typically found in the Quran and mythical writings. If you happen to experience any paranormal activity or you simply want to attract protection and blessings into your life, having this charm around would be great!

6. Traditional Healer/ Witch Doctor – Bomoh

The power of witchcraft can really send you on the hunt for a traditional healer like “Bomoh” in Malaysia. It’s quite similar to “pawang” but unlike the latter, this one specializes in healing physical and spiritual cases. Plus, they’re the ones you come to whenever you need to counter a curse from black magic.

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7. Heirloom – Pesaka

There are items that have been passed down from one generation to another. Given its rich history of ownership, one thing that would make it even more important, aside from it being free, would be the rumors of it holding supernatural powers. It has the capability of attracting wealth and ensuring good health. There’s no evidence for this, but it won’t hurt to value these well-treasured heirlooms, right?

8. Monster – Toyol

If you’re looking for stories to tell your friends, always remember the tale of Toyol which involves the souls of infants who died before they were even born. It was said that they are usually summoned to steal or do bad things. But of course, it comes with a price. Suppose that you find yourself being targeted by this malicious spirit, better get yourself a charm or call for a shaman’s help.

9. Black Magic – Santau

The more accurate term for black magic would be this one. It’s quite interesting to hear about this, but being the one who experiences is surely not a part of your bucket list. Malay people who practice “santau” in Malaysia are capable of harming you. So, if you want to avert any crisis, always bring your “azimat” with you.

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