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Whether you’ve ever stepped foot in a bustling Mongolian office or not, one thing remains certain: knowing the right Mongolian words for office equipment can be a game-changer. But fret not, dear friend! In this captivating article, we’re here to expose you to the fascinating world of Mongolian lingo for all things office-related.

From papers to projectors, we’ve got all the linguistic gems you need to conquer any professional setting with confidence. So, grab your notepad and get ready to expand your vocabulary in a way that’s engaging, informative, and undeniably fun! Welcome to the captivating realm of “Mongolian Words for Office Equipment.” Let the language exploration begin!

What Is ‘Office Equipment’ In Mongolian?

In Mongolian, this term is beautifully expressed as “Албан тасалгааны тоног төхөөрөмж.” Now, let’s break it down and dive into the cultural insights it holds.

First up, we have “Албан тасалгаа” (Alban tasalga), which translates to ‘office.’ This term encapsulates the idea of an organized, official place where work gets done, reflecting the Mongolian penchant for structure and order. Next, “тоног” (tonog) means ‘equipment,’ emphasizing the practical tools and gear needed for tasks at hand. Finally, “төхөөрөмж” (tökhöörömzh) denotes ‘room,’ underscoring the importance of the physical space where work and collaboration occur.

In a nutshell, it celebrates the synergy between the workplace, the tools, and the commitment to efficient, organized work.


Easy Mongolian Words For Office Equipment

Without further ado, let’s tackle these “Албан тасалгааны тоног төхөөрөмж” (office equipment).

Paper – Цаас (Tsaas)

Alright, let’s talk about ‘Цаас’ (tsaas), or paper. It’s the office MVP. You know, the stuff you write on, print documents on, and scribble your doodles and brilliant ideas.

But here’s the kicker: Цаас isn’t just for work. From official documents to heartfelt handwritten letters, it’s the go-to. It’s like the universal language in the Mongolian office, and oftentimes the important raw material for making ideas turn into a reality.

Pencil – Харандаа (Kharandaa)

Next is ‘xарандаа’ (kharandaa), or ‘pencil’: this writing instrument is the Robin to paper’s Batman in the Mongolian office scene!

Picture this: you grab a piece of ‘Цаас,’ but what’s missing? Words! That’s where ‘xарандаа’ (kharandaa) comes to the rescue. It’s the scribble-squad leader, the note-taking ninja, and the brainstorming buddy all rolled into one. ‘Цаас’ and ‘Харандаа’ are indeed a dynamic duo, part of the main equipment for a groundbreaking innovation!

Stapler – үдэгч (üdegch)

Now, without ‘үдэгч’ (üdegch), a stack of ‘Цаас’ (paper) full of important documents is just a mess waiting to happen. But with this trusty tool, you can transform chaos into order with a satisfying click. ‘Үдэгч’ is like the magician who waves a metal wand and turns loose pages into tidy packets, keeping your work organized and looking sharp!

Desk – Ширээ (Shiree)

Next is ‘Ширээ’ (shiree) or ‘desk.’ Think of this piece of furniture as the command center of any Mongolian office. Picture it: a sturdy ‘Ширээ’ with ‘Цаас’ (paper), ‘Харандаа’ (pencils), and ‘үдэгч’ (stapler) – the whole gang – just waiting for action. It’s not just a piece of wood; it’s where ideas take shape, where deals get sealed, and where work gets done in Mongolia.

So, next time you see a ‘Ширээ,’ remember it’s more than just a piece of furniture; it’s the epicenter of productivity in Mongolian offices, where the magic truly happens.


Chair – Сандал (Sandal)

Alright, let’s talk about ‘Сандал’ (sandal) which is just the Mongolian way of saying ‘chair.’ It’s where you plant yourself for hours of productivity, brainstorming, and maybe the occasional power nap (we won’t tell). So, while ‘Сандал’ might not be the star of the show, it’s the unsung hero of the Mongolian office scene, ensuring you stay comfy and focused while you conquer your workday.

Computer – Компьютер (Kompiyutyer)

Of course, we wouldn’t forget about ‘Компьютер’ (kompiyutyer), the Mongolian word for ‘computer.’ Now, this is probably the most used equipment! With ‘Компьютер’ on your side, you can crunch numbers, create masterpieces, and connect with the world—all from the comfort of your ‘Сандал’ (chair). It’s not just a machine; it’s the wizard that makes office life in Mongolia a breeze.

Printer – Принтер (Printyer)

Picture this: your ‘Компьютер’ (computer) has churned out a masterpiece, a report, or a funky graphic, but it’s all stuck in the digital realm. That’s where ‘Принтер’ comes to the rescue. It’s like your silent scribe, turning those digital wonders into tangible, hold-in-your-hands reality.

Scanner – Сканнер (Skannyer)

You’ve got your computer doing its stuff, making cool docs, right? But when you need a real-world thing, like a contract or artwork, in digital form, ‘Сканнер’ (skannyer) plays the part. It’s like your digital copycat, turning real stuff into computer-friendly files, the counterpart of the printer.


Photocopier – Хувилагч (Khuvilagch)

Here’s the deal: Sometimes, you’ve got a golden document, and you need more copies, right? That’s where ‘Хувилагч’ (khuvilagch) steps up. It’s like your trusty copy guru, taking that one masterpiece and cranking out exact duplicates in just minutes!

Projector – Проектор (Proyektor)

Finally, we have ‘Проектор,’ which is just the Mongolian way of saying ‘projector.’

Imagine this: You’ve got your ‘Компьютер’ (computer), loaded with killer slides for that big presentation, right? But you need everyone in the room to see it. That’s where ‘Проектор’ (proyektor) takes the stage. It’s like your big screen magician, beaming those slides up for everyone to marvel at.

Learn Mongolian With Ling

So there you have it, a little sneak peek into the world of Mongolian words for office equipment. From ‘Цаас’ (paper) to ‘Проектор’ (projector), these words may sound different, but they play the same crucial roles in Mongolian offices as their English counterparts do elsewhere. The language might vary, but the hustle and productivity? Universal.

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