20+ Cool Malay Words For Home Decor For Your Home

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Giving your Malaysian home a bit of life won’t hurt, don’t you think? With tons of choices online, you can easily pick a motif that suits your taste. However, do you know any Malay words for home decor? If you don’t, then this guide has you covered.

Upon checking websites like Pinterest, you might just have the urge to transform your house into different styles. We have a cottage-core aesthetic, grunge, and elegance—actually, there are a ton of choices once you surf around the internet.

A traditional Malaysian home is known as “Rumah Ibu”, which is made from timber. However, this doesn’t really mean that all houses in this country follow this style, of course, this still depends on the region. If you want to add some spice to your lodging, then why not try adding some decorations to it? Here are some Malay words for home decor that’ll help you figure out what you’re really looking for!

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Useful Malay Words For Home Decor

Giving your home is one of your priorities once you finally get a roof over your head. Settling for the plain, old, and customary design is so last season. Sprinkling a little “you” powder on it wouldn’t hurt, right? Besides, it feels more comfortable to see a place that suits your taste perfectly. Here are some Malay words for home decor you can use when picking items you want to add to your home.

Home or HouseRumah
Lamp or LightLampu
Mattress or BedTilam
Bookshelf or BookcaseRak Buku
Wall ClockJam Dinding
Artificial FlowersBunga Palsu
Vase or PotPasu
Picture FrameBingkai Gambar
Wall DecorDekorasi Dinding
Coffee TableMeja Kopi
Sofa or CouchSofa

Tips When Getting Malaysian Decor Items

Adding new features to your home doesn’t really call for lavish rules, you can always follow your preferences to make your place more comfortable. But if you find your house a little lacking and want to give more value to it by sprinkling some cultural decor, then here are some tips that you might want to consider before picking new trinkets!

1. Handcrafted Items

Handcrafted items from Malaysia will never fail to amaze you, they have a unique way of creating unique and stunning pieces. From the popular batik prints to the magical-looking wood carvings, you’ll surely not find it easy to pick among these fantastic works of Malay art!

Malay Words For Home Decor- Ling App

2. Blend Modern & Traditional

These ornaments from Malaysia have this cool knack for combining the old with the new. Have you ever thought of pairing that age-old wooden mask or rustic rattan basket with your sleek, modern sofa? Creativity goes a long way for Malay people. So, if you ever think of getting imaginative, go for it! It’s all about blending the rich stories of the past with today’s trendy vibes to create a home that’s both stylish and soulful.

3. Prioritize Quality

While it might be tempting to purchase cheaper replicas, investing in authentic, high-quality items ensures longevity and preserves the craftsmanship’s integrity. You can always ask your friends or do some research before buying any kind of decoration. Wasting your hard-earned money is the last thing you’d want, right?

4. Use Natural Materials

Think about the cozy charm of wooden furniture, the rustic appeal of bamboo accents, the earthy feel of rattan, or the timeless beauty of stone artifacts. Not only do they bring a slice of nature right into your home, but they also infuse any room with a warmth that feels like a big, comforting hug.

5. Be Mindful Of Scale & Proportion

Malaysian decor has some showstopper pieces that are big and filled with intricate details. Just a heads up – when you bring one of these beauties home, make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves without making the rest of your room feel left out. Balance is key!

Malay Words For Home Decor (Color Coordinate)- Ling App

6. Color Matters

Decorations from this country are like a splash of vibrant paint on a canvas – bold, colorful, and full of life. While these lively shades can give your room a burst of energy, remember to play nice with the other colors in the room. A hint? Blend those bright hues with some calming neutrals. It’s like having a lively chat with a cup of soothing tea— the perfect balance!

7. Visit Local Markets

If you’re in Malaysia, local markets and craft fairs are treasure troves of authentic decor items. Places like Central Market in Kuala Lumpur offer a variety of traditional crafts.

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Incorporating Malaysian home decorations can transform a space, making it feel warm, vibrant, and story-rich. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned decorator, these tips can guide you in celebrating the beauty of Malaysian decor. Anyway, did you find it easy to learn these Malay terms? If you did, then here’s some insight that you might want to hear— like, how does learning the Malay language sound to you? Don’t worry, Ling has got you from start to finish!

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