20+ Useful Malay Words For Hiking You Need To Know

Malay Words for Hiking- Featured Ling App

Malaysia’s great landscapes can captivate you and your friends the moment you land your eyes on the scenery. So, before you leave the country, why don’t you go for a good hike? But before you proceed, here are some Malay words for hiking that you need to take note of!

Getting those Instagram-worthy photos during your hiking trip is one of the best experiences one could have. Who wouldn’t want to store their memories in a photograph, right? Plus, the scenery from Gunung Datuk is something you wouldn’t want to miss either. But hold on, adventurer. Before taking a swing on this trip, check out these Malay words for hiking first. Having no clue where to go next is an event you’d fear to come across!

Get Ready For Your Trip With These Malay Words For Hiking

Getting lost in the steep and somewhat intimidating mountains alone surely isn’t a part of your plan when you said you wanted to go for a hike. So, here are some useful words that might come to your aid when you go hiking in Malaysia.

BackpackRansel/Beg Sandang
Hiking BootsKasut Mendaki
North Utara
Straight AheadTerus
Turn LeftPusing Ke Kiri
Turn RightPusing Ke Kanan
Ascend/Go UpNaik
Malay words for Hiking (Rules)

Rules Before Hiking In The Malaysian Mountains

As tourists, there are certain rules that we need to follow so that we can save ourselves from trouble. So, wake your soul up and read these rules before booking a trip to Malaysia or planning a hiking trip that may remain as “plans” if you don’t go through these notes!

Permits And Permissions

We understand that you’re very excited to begin cruising in the steep hills of Malaysia, but before you get your duffle bag and prepare your essentials, you must get your permits first. Certain hiking areas, such as national parks and conservation zones, typically ask for official permits to ensure environmental protection. So, if you don’t want to miss your chance of getting a wonderful hiking experience, always remember this rule!

Familiarizing Yourself With Local Norms

It’s no surprise that you want to find the amazing wilderness of hiking trails in Malaysia. However, remember that these places are also surrounded by indigenous territories. You’ll definitely want to make a good impression as a tourist. Always familiarize yourself with the local norms and traditions, alright? Before picking a spot to hike, you must do some research first.

Malay words for Hiking (Hiking)- Ling App

On The Trail: Dos And Don’ts

Here are some dos and don’ts that you need to remember.

Respect Wildlife

No matter how cute or friendly-looking an animal is, never feed or approach it! If there’s one thing we learned from hikers on the internet, being tempted to pet or feed them may put your life in danger. Plus, doing this also disrupts these wild animal’s behavior and diet.

Maintain The Path’s Sanctity

Some adventurers love hearing words like “risks” and “challenges,” but before you decide to cut corners and create new paths on your own, you might want to think twice. Instead of disturbing the perfect balance of the ecosystem, just stick to the designated trails. You’re not just saving nature here. You’re also preventing yourself from getting in trouble.

Pack In, Pack Out

You probably heard of “ClAY-GO” or “Clean as you go” in some places. If you’ve been practicing this for a while, then kudos to you. However, there are some people who could really use an earful of lectures since they can’t really apply these rules to themselves. So, always remember to minimize your plastic usage and take your trash with you. Keep in mind that you must leave these environments as they are, if not better.

Malay words for Hiking (Culture)- Ling App

Interaction With Local Communities

Participating in hiking activities doesn’t just help you enjoy the beauty of nature but also appreciate the local communities that you encounter along the way. Here are some reminders you’ll want to keep in mind!

Cultural Sensitivity

As a tourist, it’s important for us always to be mindful of our actions and take note of the important customs in different communities. When visiting Malaysia, it’s best if we dress modestly since they’re quite conservative. Also, remember to greet locals with a smile as you greet them with “Selamat pagi,” which translates to “Good morning/Hello” in English.

Trade And Commerce Etiquette

Did you bring some pocket money with you? It’s almost impossible to keep your eyes closed when seeing the amazingly handcrafted souvenirs you can get along the way. Like, can you really resist the temptation of getting a Malaysian Batik, Pewter, or Songket? I really doubt that. So, keep some extra cash because you’ll surely be enticed to purchase and support local businesses in the country!

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