8 Fun Malay Childhood Games To Enjoy With Your Friends

Malay Childhood Games- Featured Ling App

One’s childhood wouldn’t be complete if one didn’t get to experience the fun yet sometimes chaotic games outdoors. Looking back, don’t you think that time flew by too quickly? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and explore this list of fun Malay childhood games that you probably played casually outside!

Most Malaysian kids probably began their first memorable events with these nostalgic games. These fun activities have given children so much fun, and you have to admit, you may even play games like rock-paper-scissors as adults. Take a step away from your online games for a while and indulge yourself in playing traditional games that’ll bring you back to your childhood!

Malay Childhood Games

A game begins with a competitive soul, but always remember that winning is just a bonus you get when you play these fun activities. Let’s take you back to the good old days and discover these modern and traditional games that you probably enjoyed as a child while growing up in Malaysia! While if you’re a foreigner, it’s never too late to try these Malaysian childhood games during your free time.

Malaysian Childhood Games (Congkak)- Ling App

1. Mancala – Congkak

So, do you like playing board games? We’re not talking about Monopoly or chess, this is a traditional game quite popular in Southeast Asia. If you want to kill some time and play a two-player game, try Congkak. It involves using a wooden Congkak board with two rows of seven holes and large storehouses at each end. Playing it is pretty simple, you have to move in a counter-clockwise direction, collect seeds, and whoever gets the most seeds in their storehouses wins!

2. Slipper Throw – Baling Selipar

If you want to test a person’s dexterity and accuracy in aiming at things, then try playing Baling Selipar, or Slipper Throw in English. Most kids would probably amaze you as you watched them throw their slippers, perfectly hitting the object in the middle of the circle they formed. The objective is quite simple, you have to knock out the item placed on the ground. Some use tin cans as their target object, but this really depends on whatever’s on hand.


3. Marbles – Batik Guli

One of my favorite childhood games as a Southeast Asian kid was playing with marbles. The adrenaline rush gave me a nostalgic feeling. In this activity, you need to dig small holes in the ground, typically dirt, and quite similarly to golf, you have to shoot your marble in this hole. There are different versions of this childhood game, but the objective of this one is to hit the opponent’s marble that’s sitting in the said space. The rules really depend on your agreement, occasionally, you bargain for a marble when engaging in this game.

4. Slingshot – Lastik

Have you ever tried playing with rubber bands sometimes known as elastics? They may have caused you to cry a river during your childhood, but one of the most remarkable games you also enjoyed playing. You may attach a rubber band on a Y-shaped branch making it look more like a slingshot. While its ammunition is typically folded into cones or rectangular ones.

Malaysian Childhood Games (Kite Flying)- Ling App

5. Kite Flying – Wau

One of the calmest activities enjoyed by kids is flying these traditionally made kites designed with intricate patterns. These things come in different shapes and sizes, but the traditional kite in Malaysian culture usually has a shape that resembles a crescent moon, they’re specifically known as Kelantanese Wau Bulan. Unlike your Mathematics exercise book or your favorite card game, this activity comes with no rules. Although, you’d really want to play it in an open area with windy weather to fully enjoy the experience.

6. Volleyball – Sepak Raga Bulatan (Sepak Takraw)

Another fun game that’s quite similar to a Western game would be Sepak Raga Bulatan. If you watch people play it, you’ll realize its similarities with volleyball. But instead of using your hands to hit the ball you use your head, feet, knees, and chest! And oh, you won’t be seeing an inflatable ball here, since it’s made of rattan, which can inflict some pain on beginners.

7. Hopscotch – Teng-Teng

Perhaps Teng-Teng or hopscotch was a favorite childhood game of yours. The mechanics are pretty simple as the game starts with a player throwing a small stone into the numbered square, and you hop with either one foot or two depending on the block your stone landed on. But to be clear, one block equals one foot. You have to retrieve the stone as you make your way to it and reach the finale!

Malaysian Childhood Games (Tug of War)- Ling App

8. Tug Of War – Tarik Upih Pinang

Fun games may occasionally require strength, and they may get a little chaotic as you play them, but what’s a fun game without a challenge? This festive Malaysian game is pretty similar to “Tug of War” but instead of using a rope, you use a long betel palm frond and from there the game begins as two opposing teams pull on opposite sides.

Enjoyed These Malaysian Childhood Games?

Many children may miss the joy of playing these games, some may be too tied to their gadgets and not have enough exposure to these challenging yet exciting games. These commonly played activities may have captured your heart, but did their language also intrigue you? If you can combine learning and having fun, Ling can be your playmate.

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