Best Apps For Learning Malay Language In 2022

Are you one of those people who wants to learn the Malay language? Are you tired of reading books and having problems with attending classes or hiring tutors? If you do, say goodbye to conflicting schedules and books to read because there are several language learning apps that you can use to learn the Malay language. Brace yourself for a blog filled with the best apps for learning Malay.


Learning A New Language With Apps: How It Works?

With the advancement of technology, almost everything can be learned online. Did you know that according to the U.S Department of Education, technology can build 21st-century skills, increase student engagement and motivation, and accelerate learning?

One of the benefits of technology is the development of language learning apps. But, how exactly language learning app can help you in your Malay language learning journey?


Learning Malay or any new language anytime and anywhere. How amazing is that? You don’t have to hire a tutor, enroll in a class or bring a dictionary as you travel. You can bring your phone everywhere to learn your target language.

Self-paced Learning

One reason why language learners do not succeed in language learning is the lack of time and conflicting schedules. Using Apps, you don’t have to follow a schedule to learn. You can learn while waiting for the bus, waiting for the food you order in a fast-food chain, and while having free time before you go to bed.

Rich In Multimedia

Most of these language learning apps do not just contain language lessons. They also contain images, audio from native speakers, and quizzes. Language learners, especially children, learn through audio-visual learning followed by practice—this is what keeps learners motivated instead of reading a pile of books and listening to a lesson.

Fun And Interactive

Language learning apps are designed in an interactive language learning experience. If you want to move from the conventional learning process, language learning apps provide a fun way to learn words and phrases in your target language. Some of these apps use gamification and game-based learning their language lessons which were proven effective by experts.


What Are The Language Learning Best Apps To Learn Malay

Before you learn the best apps for learning Malay, let’s first briefly introduce the Malay language. The Malay language, also known as Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia, is the official language spoken in Malaysia. But, don’t be surprised if you hear people speaking Malay in neighboring countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, and Singapore. Now that you can learn the Malay language using apps, there is a high possibility that more people will learn how to read, write, and speak Malay.

Now that you have an idea about the Malaysian language, let us now discover the 5 best apps for learning Malay:

1. Ling App

Best Apps For Learning Malay

Ling App is on the top of the list for a particular reason- it is an all-rounder of language learning. In this app, you can choose from a variety of topics and practice your learning through quizzes and review features. This language learning app covers vocabulary, grammar, writing, and speaking. Images are available to have a visual grasp of the word or phrase you are learning. Audio recordings from native speakers are available to teach you the right pronunciation.

Another interesting thing about Ling App is the gamification feature that will allow you to have fun and interactive learning through games and ChatBot. On Ling App’s website, you can also read different blog posts related to the Malay language to have a glimpse of the Malaysian culture and get language learning tips.

With more than 50 languages, you can learn not just Malay; Ling App will surely open your horizon to a wider understanding of different languages.

2. Simply Learn Malay

Going on a trip to Malaysia? Do not forget to bring with you the Simply Learn app. This is app will teach you all the basic words and phrases you need to know when you travel to Malaysia. It will widen your vocabulary about different words, phrases, and sentences that will help you get by with different situations such as chatting with the locals, ordering food, shopping in local stores, asking for directions, and even in emergencies.

Simply Learn is also a user-friendly app that is easy to navigate. Topics are well-categorized and easy to find. It also has customizable features like the speed of the audio and the size of texts. Review and repetition methods will surely strengthen your learning.

If you want to learn how to speak Malay like native speakers before you go to Malaysia, there’s no doubt that Simply learn will be your best partner to bring with you.

3. Vocly App

With a variety of topics you can choose from, Vocly app is surely one of the best apps for learning Malay. Vocabulary building is one of the essentials in learning a language. Having a firm grasp on the basic grammar of a language is the key focus of Vocly App. Learning relevant Malay words and phrases every day is achievable through a variety of techniques like memorization through repetition, practice, review, and games. You just have to set aside and save a few minutes of your everyday time from learning. This will not cause inconvenience because you can do it whenever you’re free.

Is that all? Of course not. Translate me has a conversation feature with instant translation, so talking with Malay speakers will be easier for you. This is why the Translate Me App is considered one of the best apps for learning Malay.


4. L-Lingo App

Motivation, exposure, and effectiveness. Who would have thought you can see this in just one app? Yes, you’ve read it right. If you are looking for other fun ways to learn Malay with the use of creativity, passion, experience, and learning, L-Lingo is another app to consider. This app covers essential vocabulary in a typical conversation in Malaysia such as greetings, ordering in a restaurant, and more.


5. Malay By Nemo

If you’re an IOS user, you can check out Malay by Nemo. This is another app that you can use to learn Malay anytime and anywhere. With this app, you’ll learn the most essential words of the Malay language with audio recordings from a native speaker. What’s interesting about this app is you can master your speaking skills through the Speech Studio. With this app being highly rated, there’s no doubt that there are many Malay language learners out there who learned Malay because of Malay by Nemo.

Which language learning App do you consider as the best app for learning Malay? Feel free to explore these apps by yourself. Imagine, you don’t have to go to school or enroll in courses just to learn a language. With the use of advanced technology, learning Malay will be achievable. Whether you’re an Android or IOS user, these apps are available to help you anytime and anywhere. Invest in your learning and start your Malay language learning journey now!

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