Learn 99+ Professions In Latvian That You Should Not Miss

If you’re planning to go to work in Latvia, then this is the perfect article for you! Learn how to say several professions in Latvian and how it is to work in this epic country today!

As a foreigner, you’ll find that Latvia, especially Riga, is a great workplace. This country, between Estonia and Lithuania, has a population of around 2 million people and is characterized by a calm and relaxed pace. There are plenty of restaurants and bars throughout town for an end-of-the-day drink with your coworkers, parks for a sunset run, and many cultural experiences for you to explore.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how life and work are in Latvia as well as explore how to say a few common professions in Latvia. But first, let’s talk a bit about living in Latvia.

Latvian Historic Richness

Is Latvia A Good Place To Live And Work?

Although a fairly small country, Latvia offers an excellent quality of life and potential for expats. It has many natural wonders to fill your weekends and holidays, such as incredible castles and historical relics to discover, natural parks to explore, lakes, mountains, and much more.

Latvia is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, making it a perfect place for people who want a high quality of life but still have to stick to a budget. Despite not having an underground system in Riga, you can easily commute by bus, trolley-buses, or tram, reaching all the corners of the capital without spending much!

For digital nomads, Latvia is a connected paradise as it has one of the fastest internet speeds in Europe. Did you know that there are over 800 free connection points in Riga for you to connect to the web? How awesome is that? As most of the job opportunities for foreigners are in Riga, this is where most expats choose to settle. Accommodation in the capital is very affordable, and you can find a one-bedroom apartment in Riga for around €350 per month.

On the cons list for this incredible country is its unpredictable and sometimes very adverse weather. If you’re not a fan of the cold, then maybe this is not the right place for you, as the average annual air temperature is around 6ºC, with the highest temperature in July at around 22ºC and the lowest in January at around -8ºC.

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Professions In Latvian

As a regular European country, Latvia has a range of different Latvian jobs that are common and frequent in the working environment. Mostly in Riga, expats have plenty of opportunities to explore, either by joining a job opportunity open in Latvia or by transferring their position. You’ll likely find a position that suits your needs and to which you have a good skill set.

Due to the country’s current development and economic development, the occupations that are seeing a high demand among Latvian people are engineers, builders, financiers, and programmers. Here is a list of the most common professions and their translation according to their industry.

busniess related jobs in latvian

Business Related Jobs

Business Related JobsLatvianPronunciation
Administrative AssistantAdministratīvais asistents
Business Operations ManagerBiznesa operāciju vadītājs
Customer Service RepresentativeKlientu apkalpošanas darbinieks
Executive AssistantIzpilddirektora palīdze
Financial AnalystFinanšu analītiķis
Financial ManagerFinansu menedžeris
HR SpecialistHR speciālists
Interpreter & TranslatorTulks un tulkotājs
Market Research AnalystTirgus izpētes analītiķis
Marketing ManagerMārketinga menedžeris
Public Relations SpecialistSabiedrisko attiecību speciālists
Sales ManagerPārdošanas menedžeris
Sales RepresentativeTirdzniecības pārstāvis
Medical jobs in latvian

Medical Jobs

Medical JobsLatvianPronunciation
Clinical Laboratory TechnicianKlīniskās laboratorijas tehniķis
Dental AssistantZobārsta asistents
Dental HygienistZobu higiēnists
Medical AssistantMedicīnas palīgs
Medical SecretaryMedicīnas sekretārs
Nursing AideMāsu palīgs
Personal Care AidePersonīgās aprūpes palīgs
Pharmacy TechnicianFarmācijas tehniķis
Physical TherapistFizioterapeits
Physical Therapist AssistantFizioterapeita asistents
Registered NurseReģistrēta medmāsa
agriculture jobs in latvian

Agriculture Jobs

Agriculture JobsLatvianPronunciation
Agricultural economistLauksaimniecības ekonomists
Agricultural engineerLauksaimniecības inženieris
Agricultural technicianLauksaimniecības tehniķis
Agricultural technologistLauksaimniecības tehnologs
Conservation plannerSaglabāšanas plānotājs
Environmental plannerVides plānotājs
Equipment technicianIekārtu tehniķis
Education jobs in Latvian

Education Jobs

Education JobsLatvianPronunciation
Elementary School TeacherPamatskolas skolotājs
High School TeacherVidusskolas skolotājs
Preschool TeacherPirmsskolas skolotājs
Sports CoachSporta treneris
Teacher AssistantSkolotāja palīgs
Trade Jobs in Latvian

Trade Jobs

Trade JobsLatvianPronunciation
Auto MechanicAuto mehāniķis
Maintenance & Repair WorkerApkopes un remonta darbinieks
Construction ManagerBūvdarbu vadītājs
Construction WorkerCeltnieks
IT Jobs in Latvian

IT Jobs

IT JobsLatvianPronunciation
Computer ProgrammerDatorprogrammētājs
Computer Systems AdministratorDatorsistēmu administrators
Computer Systems AnalystDatorsistēmu analītiķis
Database AdministratorDatu bāzes administrators
IT ManagerIT menedžeris
Web DeveloperWeb izstrādātājs
Software DeveloperProgrammatūras izstrādātājs
law professions in the latvian language

Law Related Jobs

Other ProfessionsLatvianPronunciation
Law AssistantJuridiskais palīgs
Law Professortiesību profesors
Paralegaladvokāta palīgs
Social WorkerSociālais darbinieks
Substance Abuse CounselorVielu lietošanas padomnieks
firefighter job

Other Professions

Other ProfessionsLatvianPronunciation
Civil EngineerBūvinženieris
Delivery Truck DriverPiegādes kravas automašīnas vadītājs
Event PlannerPasākumu plānotājs
Insurance AgentApdrošināšanas aģents
Marriage TherapistLaulību terapeits
Massage TherapistMasāžas terapeits
Mechanical EngineerMašīnbūves inženieris
Mental Health CounselorGarīgās veselības konsultants
Occupational TherapistErgoterapeits
Physical TherapistFizioterapeits
Real Estate AgentNekustamā īpašuma aģents
School CounselorSkolas padomnieks
Security GuardApsargs
Speech-Language PathologistRunas-valodas patologs

How To Get A Job In Latvia

The best ways to find Latvian jobs are by personal contact, employment agencies, recruitment firms or through the huge showcase of jobs on the internet and job posting portals. What we do know, though, is that learning Latvian is a plus when you’re looking for a job, as some of the job opportunities require that you speak the official language. However, as this is a pretty modern country, most opportunities require you to have a good knowledge of English, so you’re good there! 

If you want to impress your contract and coworkers, then learning a few languages, Latvian, is not wrong!

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