10+ Ways To Say Beautiful In Turkish As A Compliment To Someone

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Do you have a crush on a Turkish person and want to tell them how beautiful they are in their native language? Then you clicked on the right article!

In this beautifully written article, you’ll learn how to say beautiful in Turkish and many other Turkish slang phrases that are even more forceful than beautiful as an adjective. That’s right, I’m talking about the phrases that you can use when gossiping with your best friend and can’t help speaking highly of your crush.

I bet you can’t find those Turkish phrases on any other website or textbook. Alright, if you’re ready, let’s learn how to compliment someone by saying beautiful in Turkish!

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How To Describe Someone By Saying Beautiful In Turkish?

The most common way to say beautiful in Turkish is “güzel” and it is mostly used to refer to girls. You should say “yakışıklı,” which means handsome, to refer to men.

Note that the word “güzel” is also used as an adjective to describe anything you find likable. If you want to emphasize how beautiful something or someone is you can say “çok güzel” as in very beautiful.

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Calling Someone Pretty In Turkish Slang

I’m sure you find your girlfriend or boyfriend very pretty and charming all the time. Sometimes, it feels like saying beautiful or handsome isn’t enough to describe them, right? In Turkish, there are a few interesting slang phrases to describe someone attractive.

Remember that the phrases below are strongly slang phrases and saying them on different occasions other than casual friends’ talk may be inappropriate.

You can say these phrases to describe your crush to your friends when they are not around – this is a crucial point because nobody wants their crush to hear how you’re falling for them. Or you can say these phrases directly to their face if you’re already in a romantic relationship with them.

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When Talking About Women

Here are a few slang phrases that you can use when talking about a charming Turkish woman.

1. Hanım Hanımcık Bir Kız

Meaning: A ladylike girl.

If she dresses and behaves like a courteous lady. This phrase must be said for her. These types of girls are the favorite of Turkish mothers. For example, whenever my mom talks about a beautiful girl she knows, she says “Çok hanım hanımcık bir kız, aynı senin gibi.” (She is a very ladylike girl, just like you) 😂

2. Fıstık Gibi

Meaning: A chick.

“Fıstık” actually means pistachio. I don’t know why but men usually use this word when they talk about a pretty girl.

3. Taş Gibi

Meaning: A stone-cold fox.

This phrase literally means “like a stone” and Turkish men use it to describe a very attractive woman with a beautiful physique and appearance. This phrase is also used to describe attractive men.

4. Bir Içim Su

Meaning: An absolute knockout.

The literal translation of this phrase is “a sip of water.” And men use this phrase to describe a good-looking woman with a model physique.

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When Talking About Men

Here are a few slang phrases that you can use when talking about an attractive Turkish man.

1. Heykel Gibi

Meaning: A statuesque.

This phrase is used to describe a man with a good physique. Imagine the statue of a Greek God: if your man’s body looks like that, then you can say he is “heykel gibi.”

2. Dalyan Gibi

Meaning: Strapping.

This phrase is used to describe a young good-looking man who is also tall and well-built. I think most Turkish girls like men taller than them.

3. Boylu Poslu

Meaning: Built like a tank.

“Boy” means height in Turkish and this phrase is more about the height of a man. Turkish people say “boylu poslu” when they’re talking about a tall man. Here is another famous quote by my mom, “I want my son-in-law to be tall.” 😂

4. Karizmatik

Meaning: Charismatic.

This is the second most common Turkish word – after “yakışıklı” -to describe a good-looking man. If he has a charming face with a beard and knows how to dress well then he looks like the average charismatic Turkish man. Most Turkish girls find guys with a beard more charismatic.

Words You Can Use Instead Of “Güzel”

Since beautiful is an overused word, here is a vocabulary list filled with words that you can use instead of “güzel” in Turkish. I also added their pronunciation so make sure to listen to them!


Other Turkish Compliments You Must Know

You have beautiful eyes.Çok güzel gözlerin var.
You look gorgeous.Harika görünüyorsun.
Your hair is so beautiful.Saçların çok güzel.
You smell so good.Çok güzel kokuyorsun.
Your smile is so sweet.Gülüşün çok tatlı.
You look very nice.Çok hoş görünüyorsun.
I love your style.Tarzına bayıldım.

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