20+ Fascinating Hobbies In Khmer

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 06:07 am

Are you wondering what to learn next after learning some common word translations in Khmer? Don’t worry. This blog is here to ease all your tensions and lead you toward the right path. From common hobbies in Khmer to cultural facts about the Cambodian people, you will encounter everything you need to make your learning fun and informative.

No matter how old you get, your hobbies and interests keep changing. With time, even types of hobbies have changed in this ever-developing world. Thus, to connect and communicate with the people of Cambodia, the first thing you will need is Hobby words in the Khmer language like ហ្គេម (Gaming), ហែលទឹក (Swimming), etc., to understand the local mates and to convey. So, if you want to learn more about English words, synonyms, and examples of sentences, continue reading!

Hobbies In Khmer: 8 Essential Words

Hobbies In Khmer

People have different hobbies depending on their life experiences, growth, and family background. Even when you visit Cambodia, you will realize that every person, from a child to a grown-up man, practices different activities. Well, isn’t it fun having hobbies? They define the character of a person and distinguish them from another.

However, every place has its specialty and primary activities. Depending on such elements, you will notice that people from hill stations are more interested in picking berries and people from beach areas are more interested in swimming. Likewise, Cambodian people have some common hobbies that almost all locals love. This section will introduce us to those specific activities with pertinent details. Let’s begin!

1. Trekking – ដើរលេង

One of the most common and exciting hobbies that most locals love is trekking, known as ដើរលេង- daerleng, in the beautiful mountains and rainforests of Cambodia. The country is home to one of the largest rainforests in the world, and morning treks around the forest are one of the blessings that the visitors and residents of Cambodia are bestowed.

Although many illegal predators and smugglers have recently invaded the forests for their selfish interests, the locals still love to walk around and trek the mountains spending quality time with their friends and family. Mondulkiri Project Hiking Trail and Kulen Mountain Waterfall Trek are some of the best trails.

2. Drinking – ការផឹកស្រា

Drinking or kar phoekasra sounds pretty standard, doesn’t it? We all love drinking and spending quality time with our friends and lovers. But when it comes to Cambodia, drinking beer and spending time with friends hit differently. The Cambodia beer is the favorite beer of the locals, and the drive for drinking can be seen throughout the year.

From towns and villages to cities, each corner of the country celebrates drinking beer together, and the friendly nature of the locals compels them to invite foreigners who visit their place. So, make sure you sit around the table with the villagers, listen to music, and impress them with your language skills.

3. Dancing – រាំ

The traditional dance of Cambodia is known as the Court dance. It was initially developed 1000 years ago to build a bridge between spiritual beings and humans. Ever since, Cambodian culture has held dancing or roam at the core of its heart, respecting every rhythm and flow.

The talent and craze for dance have led to dancing being one of the most loved hobbies of the nation. However, it is not just the traditional form. From deep dance dramas to casual party dancing, Cambodians are very interested in trying out fun moves and are passionate about this physical activity.

4. Kite Flying – ខ្លែងហើរ

Another hobby that locals love to watch and do is kite flying or khleng haer. Very popular in the country, from children to parents, everyone engages in the international kite flying festival hosted in the Koh King province. The traditional kite of Cambodia makes a humming musical sound when flown, giving a mesmerizing view and vibe to the people present.

Although kite flying is also famous in other Asian countries like India, the Cambodian interest in flying kites cannot be overseen. It is attractive, entertaining, and worth watching. You would agree once you have visited the country.

5. Biking – ជិះកង់

Cambodia is the right destination for you if you love journeying all day and seeing unknown places to recall memories. The people of Cambodia love biking or chiahkng around the lush green areas, mountains, and prestige temples. If you watch videos on YouTube, you will realize that biking is not only practiced for traveling from one place to another but admiring nature, bird watching, and even exploring the wild.

There are many official sightseeing places. Make sure you research well to get precise information about the entry fees and travel expenses. Ta ProhmElephant Terrace, and Bayon are familiar visiting places that I recommend you visit without failure.

6. Swimming – ហែលទឹក

Another fantastic thing that the locals and tourists love to do in Cambodia is swimming, pronounced heltuk in Khmer. Imagine it is a sunny day with lovely clouds and you have planned a soothing swimming session. The best thing in the world, isn’t it?

Cambodians love to swim during summers and along with elephants to make it even more pleasurable. Elephant Valley Project at Mondulkiri is a particular group that takes care of elephants who have no shelter. As a tourist, you can even book tickets to get entry and have a beautiful water splashing session with the cute elephants.

7. Eating – ការបរិភោគ And Cooking – ចម្អិនអាហារ

If you’re wondering whether Cambodian people spend time cooking- chamain ahar and eating- kar briphok or not, you will be surprised to know the food habits of Khmer people. If you click on Cambodian cuisine, you will realize that the locals eat everything. From pork and Buffalo to fish and chicken, they cook every part of it and eat them.

Such engaging activities also make the country an excellent place for food lovers. The locals have it in their blood to cook different kinds of food and eat extraordinary cuisine. So if you want to do things out of the box, you should get in touch with the cooking and eating habits of the locals.

8. Playing – កំពុងលេង

Who doesn’t love to play during their leisurely hour? Likewise, Cambodian people are fond of playing- kampoung leng different sports like volleyball, basketball, and even boxing. A traditional game known as Sepak takraw is similar to volleyball. So if you love volleyball, you are going to love the country.

You will find people from different age groups recreating together and spending quality time. Such activities can also become excellent ways for you to enhance your relations with the locals.

More Hobbies In The Khmer Language

Hobbies in Khmer

Here we will discover all the hobby words in the Khmer language to enhance your vocabulary twice as much. So, let’s get started.

EnglishKhmer TranslationPronunciation
Archeryបាញ់ធ្នូbanh thnou
Actingការសម្ដែងkar samdeng
Bowlingប៉ូ​លីងbau​ ling
Craft makingសិប្បកម្មsebbakam
Horse ridingការ​ជិះសេះkar​ chiahseh
Huntingការបរបាញ់kar barbanh
Investingការវិនិយោគkar viniyok
Ice skatingជិះស្គីលើទឹកកកchiah skei leu tukakak
Magic tricksល្បិច​វេទមន្តlbich​ vetomon
Playingកំពុងលេងkampoung leng
Raftingជិះក្បូនchiah kbaun
Shoppingការដើរទិញឥវ៉ាន់kar daer tinh ivean
Tennisកីឡាវាយកូនបាល់keila veay kaun bal
Wood carvingចម្លាក់​ឈើchamleak​ chheu

Everyday Phrases In Khmer

Practice these regular hobby-related sentences to make communication easier!

EnglishKhmer TranslationPronunciation
I love to swimខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តហែលទឹកkhnhom chaulchett heltuk
Do you have any hobbies?តើអ្នកមានចំណង់ចំណូលចិត្តទេ?tae anak mean chamnng chamnaulchett te?
Your hobbies are interestingចំណូលចិត្តរបស់អ្នកគួរឱ្យចាប់អារម្មណ៍chamnaulchett robsa anak kuor aoy chabarommo
I love drinking and dancingខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តផឹកស្រា និងរាំkhnhom chaulchett phoekasra ning roam
You are too good at flying kitesអ្នកចេះហោះខ្លែងខ្លាំងពេកanak cheh haoh khleng khlangpek
We have similar hobbiesយើងមានចំណូលចិត្តស្រដៀងគ្នាyeung mean chamnaulchett sradiengoknea
I would love to dance with youខ្ញុំចង់រាំជាមួយអ្នកkhnhom chng roam cheamuoy anak
Is cooking your favorite hobby?តើ​ការ​ធ្វើ​ម្ហូប​ជា​ចំណូល​ចិត្ត​របស់​អ្នក​ទេ?tae​ kar​ thveu​ mhoub​ chea​ chamnaul​ chett​ robsa​ anak​ te?
Do you ride bikes regularly?តើអ្នកជិះកង់ទៀងទាត់ទេ?tae anak chiahkng tiengteat te?
Let’s drink together!តោះផឹកជាមួយគ្នា!taoh phoek cheamuoyoknea!

Wrapping Up!

Knowing each other’s hobbies helps people make more robust and profound bonding. Because when you know one’s interest, you start understanding that person sufficiently. Thus, with the list of words and phrases above, you are sure to make many friends who will become a valuable part of your life. Moreover, you will also enhance your speaking skills once you start practicing different words.

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