Happy Birthday In Portuguese: 10+ Easy Ways

Are you curious to find out how to say Happy birthday in Portuguese? It is always nice to be able to say happy birthday in different languages and ways, so you can enrich the conversation and choose the best wish based on the situation.

If you have Portuguese friends or are invited to a birthday party, this article will greatly help you express your wishes!

Easy Happy Birthday In Portuguese

Tons of birthday wishes can be used when invited to birthday parties. It is not necessary to know them all, but it is helpful to know a few of them to sound original to others. In general, the most common way to say Happy birthday in Portuguese is to use the word:

  • Parabéns [puh-ruh-beh-ins]

You could get confused if you hear this word in other contexts, but it is because this word is also used as “congratulations.” So you can listen to it when people try to congratulate others on weddings, promotions, graduations, and other achievements.

However, if you hear it during a birthday, it means “happy birthday.”

Here are some easy ways to say happy birthday in Portuguese:

Feliz aniversárioHappy Birthday
Feliz aniversário para si Happy Birthday to you
Tenha um aniversário fabulosoHave a fabulous birthday
Desejo que você tenha o aniversário mais feliz de todosI wish you to have the happiest birthday ever
Desejo que tenhas um aniversário maravilhosoI hope you have a wonderful birthday
Feliz aniversário para alguém que é eternamente jovem Happy birthday to someone who is forever young
Você parece mais jovem do que nunca! Feliz AniversárioYou look younger than ever! Happy birthday
Te desejo muitos anos de vida I wish you many years of life
Parabéns a você nesta data querida muitas felicidadesCongratulations to you on this date dear Best wishes
Tudo de bom All the best
Comemore seu aniversário com felicidade e alegriaCelebrate your birthday with happiness and joy
Desejo que todos os seus desejos se realizem. Feliz AniversárioI wish for all of your wishes to come true. Happy birthday!
Desejo-lhe um dia cheio de felicidade e um ano cheio de alegria. Feliz AniversárioWishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday
Espero que seu dia especial lhe traga tudo o que seu coração deseja! Feliz AniversárioHope your special day brings you all that your heart desires! Happy birthday

It is essential to understand the difference between:

  • Feliz aniversário


  • Parabéns

In general, feliz aniversário literally means “happy anniversary.” But it is used to wish happy birthday more formally. Instead, parabéns mean congratulations, which is a less formal way to wish a happy birthday.

Birthday Vocabulary In Portuguese

Happy Birthday in Portuguese

It is common to run into other words during a birthday party. For example, it is usual to talk about presents, age, cakes, and similar.

Here are some of the common birthday words to remember:

  • Música de parabéns – Happy birthday song
  • Cante parabéns para você – Sing happy birthday
  • Festa de aniversário – Birthday party
  • Bolo de aniversário – Birthday cake
  • Tradições de aniversário – Birthday traditions
  • Cartão de aniversário – Birthday card
  • Tenha um dia maravilhoso – have a wonderful day
  • Hoje é dia de festa – Today is a party day
  • É um dia especial – It is a special day
  • Família – Family
  • Vela – Candle
  • Presente de aniversário – Birthday gift
  • Quantos anos você tem? – How old are you?

Happy Birthday Song In Portuguese

It is very usual to sing the “happy birthday” song. If you want to go the extra mile and lear it, here are the words:

  • Parabéns a você
  • Nesta data querida
  • Muitas felicidades
  • Muitos anos de vida
  • Hoje é dia de festa
  • Cantam as nossas almas
  • Para o(a) menino(a)  [name]
  • Uma salva de palmas

The translation is the following:

  • Happy birthday to you
  • On this wonderful day
  • Many cheers
  • Many years of life
  • Today’s for celebrating
  • Let our souls sing
  • For our boy/girl [name]
  • A round of applause

How Do Portuguese People Celebrate Someone’s Birthday?

Happy Birthday in Portuguese

Portuguese people have birthday traditions like any other country in the world, and they love to celebrate and host big birthday parties.

It is common for the party to be done after the birthday and not before, although some people could decide to hold it on the actual day of the birthday.

What you can expect if you are invited are a lot of guests, presents, and candles. The candles on the cake are lit so that the person celebrated can blow them out, making a wish at the same time.

There aren’t fixed regulations on where and how to hold a birthday party. People can be as creative as they want!

One can celebrate a birthday at home, in a restaurant, or in any other place inviting family or friends to share the special and fun moment.

If you have Portuguese family or friends with whom you would like to spend a birthday occasion, it would be great to learn some more vocabulary, apart from their traditions, to build stronger bonds.

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