50 Popular Japanese Music List To Groove To In 2023

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Have you been grooving to the most popular Japanese music? If yes, you’re a fellow Japanese music enthusiast here! High five!

Well, buckle up because I have a list of famous Japanese songs that will transport you to Tokyo! Get ready to groove to some amazing beats and experience the unique sounds of Japan. So, without further delay, hit play and dive into the world of Japanese music!

Japanese Vocabulary For Music Genres

Oh wait, before we dive into the world of Japanese music genres, let’s brush up on your Japanese language skills. So, be ready to expand your vocabulary and impress your friends with your newfound knowledge.

Check out this juicy list of Japanese words together!

Traditional Japanese music日本の伝統音楽Nihon no dentō ongaku
Hip hopヒップホップHippuhoppu
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2023’s Popular Japanese Music

Have you heard about the massive music scene in Japan? It’s seriously huge!

In my view, the Japanese music industry is awe-inspiring. Not only do they drive out a ton of different music styles, but they also provide multiple platforms for these talented artists to showcase their skills. And guess what? They’re keeping records of all their tunes on everything from old-school tapes and CDs to online platforms.

Oh wait, do you know music tapes? If you were born in a smartphone era, it’s better to explain. The cassette tape is like a magical little box holding all your favorite music. They’re like these ancient artifacts from a bygone era, but they still hold charm and nostalgia. It’s like holding a piece of history.

Did you know that many young Japanese are totally into retro stuff nowadays? Yeah, they’re all about those old-school radios and jamming to some sweet tunes on cassette tapes! Why not check out Tower Records? It’s a total paradise for all you music madmen out there!

Alright, are you ready to take a journey to the land of the rising sun through music? Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these catchy tunes!

Top 25 Popular Japanese Songs According To Spotify

It’s time to turn up the volume and dive into the album’s standout track with the most played on Spotify!

I’ve got it all covered. So sit back, relax, and let the music take you on a wild ride through all genres, from Japanese pop music and the anime theme song to the famous Japanese rock band.

List Of Famous Japanese Music

  1. YOASOBI – アイドル (Aidoru)
  2. SPITZ – 美しい鰭 (Utsukushī hire)
  3. Vaundy – 怪獣の花唄 (Kaijū no hana-uta)
  6. MAN WITH A MISSION, milet – 絆ノ奇跡 (Kizuna no kiseki)
  7. Mrs. GREEN APPLE – ダンスホル (Dansuhoru)
  8. Mrs. GREEN APPLE – Magic
  9. Vaundy – そんなbitterな話 (Sonna bittāna hanashi)
  10. Yuuri – ビリミリオン (Birumirion)
  11. Mrs. GREEN APPLE – オセラセラ (Oserasera)
  12. Mrs. GREEN APPLE – 春と夏 (Haru to Natsu)
  13. Imase – Nagisa
  14. Tani Yuuko – X/X/Y
  15. 百足、韻マン – 君のまま (Kimi no mama)
  16. YOAZOBI – 祝福 (Shukufuku)
  17. QUEEN BEE – メフィスト (Mefisuto)
  18. Natori – フライデー ナイト (Furaidē naito)
  19. Yuuri – ベテルギウス (Beterugiusu)
  20. Mrs. GREEN APPLE, Sonoko Inoue – 点描の唄 (Tenbyō no uta)
  21. Natori – Overdose
  22. Saucy Dog – シンデレラボーイ (Shindererabōi)
  23. Kenshi Yonezu – KICK BACK
  24. Kenshi Yonezu – LADY
  25. YOAZOBI – 群青 (Gunjō)
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Top 25 Popular Japanese Songs According To Apple Music

Let’s switch gears and groove to some Apple music! This amazing music listening platform gives you access to all your favorite tunes and throws in your favorite song’s music video. I’ve got a list of popular songs that are just as catchy as that one music people have been playing on repeat on Spotify. Let’s dive in and discover some new Japanese songs!

List Of Famous Japanese Music

  1. Yuuri – ベテルギウス (Beterugiusu)
  2. Macaroni Empitsu – なんでもないよ (Nan demonai yo)
  3. Saucy Dog – シンデレラボーイ (Shindererabōi)
  4. Tani Yuuko – X/X/Y
  5. Yuuri – Dried Flower
  6. Aimer – 残響散歌 (Zankyosanka)
  7. Back number – 水平線 (Suiheisan)
  9. King Gnu – 一途 (Ichizu)
  10. Ado – New Genesis
  11. Yuuri – Shutter
  12. King Gnu – 逆夢 (Sakayume)
  14. YOASOBI – 夜に駆ける (Yoru ni kakeru)
  15. VAUNDY – 踊り子 (Odoriko)
  16. Fujii Kaze – きらり (Kirari)
  17. SEKAI NO OWARI – Habit
  18. YOAZOBI – 群青 (Gunjō)
  19. Aimyon – Heart
  20. Saucy Dog – いつか
  21. YOAZOBI – Monster
  22. Yuuri – Leo
  23. Da-iCE – CITRUS
  24. HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB – 夜風 (Yokaze)
  25. Ado – 踊 (Odo)

In Summary

Did you know that just like you can’t resist jamming out to some J-pop, you can also get pumped to learn new words daily? So explore your favorite popular Japanese songs or even Japanese musicians. You might find that spark that ignites your passion for learning this beautiful language! Our advice? Continue diving into this musical journey and discover the wonders of the Japanese language more through this form of media.

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