Japanese Currency: Discover #1 Fascinating Insights About Yen

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The Japanese currency has taken a little tumble and reached its weakest level in 2023. Well, aren’t you curious to dive deeper into the world of this fascinating currency?

Japan is the land of endless wonders and captivating allure! It’s no wonder it has become a dream destination for countless travelers like us. Here’s a little secret that can make your timing to visit absolutely perfect: the exchange rates! Let me tell you, visiting Japan during this time is like stepping into a magical wonderland where everything is 25% off! Trust me, you won’t be able to wipe that smile off your face.

Yup, the Japanese Yen lost value over time compared to the US dollar. But hey, the Japanese Yen has a fascinating history, so why don’t we dive in and learn more about it up close?

The Overview Of Japanese Currency

Japanese yen (円), Japan’s official currency, is one of the world’s major currencies and the third most traded currency after the US dollar.

Japanese CurrencySymbolCode
円 (Yen)¥JPY

Did you know that the yen replaced the old Tokugawa coinage and those different Hansatsu paper currencies? It’s interesting how things change over time.

In 1871, Japan’s Meiji government introduced the New Currency Act. It was a big deal because it was officially set in the Japanese yen as the new currency. This was done to improve the monetary situation and replace the old currency system from the Tokugawa era.

After that, the Bank of Japan was founded in 1882. It was given the exclusive power to control the money supply. Pretty interesting, right? The yen had once lost much of its value. So, after World War II, they set up a fixed exchange rate of 360 JPY per 1 USD to aid the Japanese economy. The yen had lost much of its value.

Let’s look at the list of Bank of Japan notes and coins that are currently used!

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Japanese Yen Coins

Here’s the world of Japanese coins! Let’s discover how many types of these shiny little treasures you can use.

1 Yen (Aluminium coin)1 円Ichi en
5 Yen (Brass coin)5 円Go en
10 Yen (Bronze coin)10 円Juu en
50 Yen (Cupro-nickel coin)50 円Gojuu en
100 Yen (Cupro-nickel coin)100 円Hyaku en
500 Yen (Bicolor clad coin)500 円Gohyaku en

Fun fact: People often donate five yen coins when visiting Japanese shrines. It’s because the sound of 5 円 (go en) is similar to 幸運 (gouun), which means “good luck.”

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Japanese Yen Notes

Japan has three types of these valuable pieces of paper that’ll make your wallet go wild with excitement! So, let’s explore the four types of banknotes you can use!

1,000 Yen1,000 円Sen en
2,000 Yen 2,000 円 (rarely use)Nisen en
5,000 Yen5,000 円Gosen en
10,000 Yen10,000 円Ichiman en

How Much Is A 1 US Dollar Bill In Japan?

Have you noticed that the Japanese Yen used to be stronger in the foreign exchange market?

As of September 2023, 1 US dollar is roughly equivalent to 145 Japanese Yen. It’s pretty weak, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s crazy how different the exchange rate is now compared to the fixed rate of 360 Japanese Yen per 1 US Dollar in the past.

Is Japan Still A Cash-Based Society?

It’s common to notice that many Japanese folks are starting to embrace cashless payment methods, but plenty still prefer good old-fashioned cash.

Japanese consumers prefer using cash because they value its security and reliability. You know, something interesting about Japanese people is that they tend to prioritize safety. So, that’s why people worry about their personal information being leaked when they sign up or use cashless options. It’s definitely a valid concern.

Useful Japanese Words About Money


In Summary

Now that you’ve got an overview of the Japanese Yen, you’re one step closer to conquering the Land of the Rising Sun! Armed with this knowledge, your trip planning just got much easier. Additionally, learning other foreign currencies beyond the one you use in your home country can surprisingly help broaden your horizons. So buckle up and prepare for an epic journey filled with sushi, samurais, and stunning sights!

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