Master 33+ Easy Cooking Terms In Dutch

Cooking terms in Dutch

Knowing cooking terms in Dutch can help you both in the kitchen and at a local restaurant. You may want to be more specific about how your meal will be prepared, or maybe you’re curious about how Dutch food is cooked.

We’re going to go over common cooking verbs in Dutch and techniques. To get you started, here is your first mini-lesson.

How do you say to cook in Dutch? Cook is koken

How about food? Food in Dutch is voedsel

While in the Netherlands, you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy Dutch cuisine. It’s delicious and unique and often incredibly healthy.

So let’s get going learning some common words to help with the art of cooking in Dutch.

Dutch Cooking Terms – Present Tense

First, we’ll go over Dutch cooking terms in present tense form. You’ll see many of these words in a Dutch cookbook, so they’re super useful if you’re learning Dutch while cooking, baking, etc.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
to bakebakken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]bakken[/Speechword]
to blendMengen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mengen[/Speechword]
to boilkoken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]koken[/Speechword]
to burnverbranden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]verbranden[/Speechword]
to chillom te chillen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]om te chillen[/Speechword]
to fermentfermenteren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]fermenteren[/Speechword]
to foldvouwen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]vouwen[/Speechword]
to fryom te bakken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]om te bakken[/Speechword]
to grillgrillen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]grillen[/Speechword]
to mixmixen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline][Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]mélanger[/Speechword]
to peelpellen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]pellen[/Speechword]
to poachpocheren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]pocheren[/Speechword]
to preparevoorbereiden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]voorbereiden[/Speechword]
to pressdrukken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]drukken[/Speechword]
to roastroosteren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]roosteren[/Speechword]
to scaldverbranden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]verbranden[/Speechword]
to steamstomen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]stomen[/Speechword]
to stewstoven[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]stoven[/Speechword]
to stirroeren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]roeren[/Speechword]
to tenderizemals maken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]mals maken[/Speechword]
to trimtrimmen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]trimmen[/Speechword]
to washWassen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Wassen[/Speechword]
to whiskom te kloppen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]om te kloppen[/Speechword]
Cooking verbs in Dutch

Dutch Cooking Terms – Continuous Tense

These are cooking terms in Dutch found in the continuous tense form to help explain what you’re currently doing, were doing or will be doing. This vocabulary adds details to conversations.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
BakingBakken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Bakken[/Speechword]
BlendingMengen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mengen[/Speechword]
BoilingKokend[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kokend[/Speechword]
BurningBrandend[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Brandend[/Speechword]
ChillingKoelen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Koelen[/Speechword]
FermentingFermenteren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Fermenteren[/Speechword]
FoldingVouwen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Vouwen[/Speechword]
FryingFrituren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Frituren[/Speechword]
GrillingGrillen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Grillen[/Speechword]
MixingMengen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mengen[/Speechword]
PeelingPellen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Pellen[/Speechword]
PoachingStropen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Stropen[/Speechword]
Preparingvoorbereidingen treffen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]voorbereidingen treffen[/Speechword]
PressingDrukken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Drukken[/Speechword]
RoastingRoosteren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]mélRoosterenanger[/Speechword]
SatayingSaté[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Saté[/Speechword]
ScaldingBroeien[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Broeien[/Speechword]
SteamingStomen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Stomen[/Speechword]
StewingStoven[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Stoven[/Speechword]
StirringRoeren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Roeren[/Speechword]
TenderizingMals maken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mals maken[/Speechword]
TrimmingTrimmen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Trimmen[/Speechword]
WashingWassen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Wassen[/Speechword]
WhiskingZwaaien[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Zwaaien[/Speechword]

Dutch Cooking Terms – Past Tense

Now for Dutch cooking vocabulary in past tense form. These verbs are great to describe how food has been cooked or prepared. You may want to also learn some Dutch adjectives to add further details to describe how something has been cooked.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
BakedGebakken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gebakken[/Speechword]
BlendedBlended[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Blended[/Speechword]
BoiledGekookt[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gekookt[/Speechword]
BurnedVerbrand[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Verbrand[/Speechword]
ChilledGekoeld[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gekoeld[/Speechword]
FermentedGefermenteerd[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gefermenteerd[/Speechword]
FoldedGevouwen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gevouwen[/Speechword]
FriedGebakken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gebakken[/Speechword]
GrilledGegrild[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gegrild[/Speechword]
MixedGemengd[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gemengd[/Speechword]
PeeledGepeld[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gepeld[/Speechword]
PoachedGepocheerd[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gepocheerd[/Speechword]
PreparedVoorbereid[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Voorbereid[/Speechword]
Pressedingedrukt[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]ingedrukt[/Speechword]
RoastedGeroosterd[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Geroosterd[/Speechword]
ScaldedGebroeid[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gebroeid[/Speechword]
Steamedgestoomd[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]gestoomd[/Speechword]
StewedGestoofd[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gestoofd[/Speechword]
StirredGeroerd[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Geroerd[/Speechword]
TenderizedMals gemaakt[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mals gemaakt[/Speechword]
TrimmedBijgesneden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Bijgesneden[/Speechword]
Washedgewassen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]gewassen[/Speechword]
WhiskedGeklopt[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Geklopt[/Speechword]

Dutch Cuisine

Dutch food

Dutch food is different throughout the three main regions of the northeast, south and west. Mainly, dishes consist of breads, cheeses, meat, potatoes and vegetables.

However, the Dutch seem to be most well-known for their desserts and baked goods. Some examples are Poffertjes (small pancakes), Stroopwafel, and Apple Pie.

To learn more about famous Dutch recipes, have a look at our article all about delicious Dutch foods to try.

Dutch Cooking Methods

Dutch cooking incorporates many different styles although most are western techniques. In recent years in the major cities, international cooking techniques have been used to replace traditional cooking methods, which has really put the Netherlands on the world foodie scene.

Here are some cooking techniques that are used in preparing Dutch foods:

  • to slow cook om langzaam te koken [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]om langzaam te koken[/Speechword]
  • to deep fry om te frituren [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]om te frituren[/Speechword]
  • to stir fry om te roerbakken [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]om te roerbakken[/Speechword]
  • to braise stoven [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]mélanger[/Speechword]
  • to broil braden [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]braden[/Speechword]
  • to simmer sudderen [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]sudderen[/Speechword]

Dutch Eating Customs

The Dutch consider breakfast a very important meal of the day. Most people fill up on bread topped with cheese, or chocolate with sprinkles.

Lunch is almost never a hot meal but rather a grab and go eat with your hands type meal. Sandwiches and salads are really popular choices.

Dinner is eaten quite early between 5-7 pm with family sitting around a proper dinner table to eat together.

For drinks, the Dutch enjoy a good cup of coffee, tea, beer or wine.

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