50+ Common Italian Phrases: A Painless Guide

July 20, 2021

Ever heard someone say Buon Giorno, and you do not know how to respond? When it comes to traveling to Italy, learning the most common Italian phrases will give you the chance to authentically express who you are, connect with the locals, and ask for help when needed. In today's post, we will you through the basic Italian phrases you need to master so that you won't ever feel overwhelmed during your travel.

If you have ever been to another country before, then we bet that you understand how scary it feels when someone comes up to you and talks in their native language. Now, imagine if someone suddenly tells you In bocca al lupo and pats your back while you are in Italy... what could that mean, right?

A quick trip to Italy is perhaps one of the highlights in everyone's bucket lists. Aside from the rich Italian culture, the country is best known for its fashion, cuisine, and World Heritage Sites, making it an ideal travel destination. One way you can truly understand the country, connect with the locals (since not everyone speaks English), and show respect is by making an effort to learn at least a little Italian language.

Luckily, learning how to speak Italian proves to be easy, especially if your first language is English. Moreover, since it is a Romance language, it is also related to other similar languages in the family (like Spanish and French). In fact, the FSI notes Italian as a category one language which means that you only need less than 800 class hours to master it alone!

Get started in the language learning journey today by focusing on the basic phrases and words in this post.


25 Most Basic Italian Phrases

Immerse yourself with the culture by speaking the language of the masses

If there is one important set of phrases that you must learn in Italian, that would be the greetings. Aside from speaking the basic ones, you also have to take note that the locals love giving hugs or kisses on both cheeks regardless of gender. So speak Italian like a pro by using the phrases below.

CiaoHi/ Bye
Buon giornoGood morning
Buon pomeriggioGood afternoon
Una buona giornataHave a good day
Buona serataHave good evening
Buona notteGood night
BuonaseraGood evening
GrazieThank you
Per favorePlease
Prego / Grazie milleYou are welcome
Mi scusi / PermessoExcuse me
Mi dispiaceI'm sorry
Non capiscoI do not understand 
Parla IngleseDo you speak English?
Mi chiamoMy name is
Sono americanoI am an American
PiacereNice to meet you
A prestoSee you soon
A dopoSee you later
Come sta / come vaHow are you
Sto bene grazieI am good, thank you for asking

Now that you know the essential Italian phrases let's focus on the more specific aspects you need to learn. You can also check out our guide regarding the most common Italian insults, which you might hear the locals say casually.


25 Common Italian Phrases For Traveling

25 Common Italian Phrases For Traveling
You can easily ask locals the exact directions when you know how to speak Italian

Learning at least the basic Italian phrases and words allows you to have an easier time navigating Italian streets. Check out the expressions that you can use to get around and avoid being branded as "the lost tourist."

Dove sono? Where are...
Dov’è…Where is…
La fermata dell’autobus Bus stop
La stazioneTrain station
Un taxiTaxi
A desteraTo the right
A sinistraTo the left
DrittoStraight ahead
Dove si trova la stazione del treno? Where is the train station?
Dov'è la stazione degli autobus?Where is the bus stop?
Quanto dista il Colosseo?How far is the colosseum?
Posso pagare con la carta?Can I pay with card? (for busses)
Assistente di voloFlight attendant
Ho prenotatoI have a reservation
Quanto costa il biglietto?How much is the ticket?
Quando passa l’autobus?When does the bus come?
Posso pagare con carta di credito?Can I pay with a credit card?


16 Essential Italian Phrases For Emergencies

16 Essential Italian Phrases For Emergencies
Learning the local language allows you to immediately seek help when you don't feel well

In order to ask for help in case of an emergency, it is better if you try to communicate using the local language since not all Italians know (and are comfortable) in speaking English.

Mi aiuti per favorePlease help me
Mi sento maleI feel ill
Mi fa male quiI feel pain in this part
Mi sento molto maleI feel very sick
Ho bisogno di un medicoI need a doctor
Chiamate la poliziaCall the police
Dov'è l'ospedale?Where is the hospital?
Sono stato assalitoI have been robbed
Ho perso il mio passaportoI lost my passport
C’è stato un incidente There's an accident
C’é un incendioThere's fire
La stazione di poliziaPolice station
Al ladroStop, thief!


25 Must-know Italian Phrases For Shopping And Dining

25 Must-know Italian Phrases For Shopping And Dining
Shopping and dining is easier when you know how to express yourself and haggle like a local

As part of the travel adventure, it is wise to check out the local Italian markets (also known as mercato) and purchase locally-made items. Some of the top things you should not miss are bags, accessories, shoes, and local snacks. Read on below to find out more about the Italian phrases for shopping and for ordering food.

Possiamo ordinare?Can we order?
Siamo pronti e vorremmo ordinareWe are ready to order
Vorrei il menu, per favoreI'd like to see the menu please
C’è una specialità locale?What is the specialty here?
Mi piacerebbe questoI'd like that one…
Che cosa mi consiglia?What do you recommend?
Il conto per favoreThe bill, please
Che cos'èWhat is this?
Cosa vuole dire?What does that mean?
Quanto costa questo?How much is this?
Non capiscoI do not understand
Quando si apri?When are you open?
Dove posso comprare i biglietti? Where can I purchase tickets?
Dov’è la guardaroba?Where is the cloakroom?
Sono allergica/o a…I am allergic to…
Vino rossoRed wine
 Una bicchiere A glass
Una bottiglia A bottle
PrimoFirst course
SecondoSecond course
Posso pagare con la carta?Can I pay by card?
Mi scusi, quanto costa?Excuse me, how much does this cost?
C’è uno sconto? Is there a discount?


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