20+ Easy Space Words In Armenian For Beginners

20+ Easy Space Words In Armenian For Beginners

How often have you looked up at the night sky, vision blurred by the dazzling multitude of stars, and wondered, “What’s that one called, again?” Fellow gazer of stars and seeker of knowledge, we’re thrilled to tell you that your quest to comprehend the cosmos has taken an unexpected turn – right into the heart of space words in Armenian!

Why Armenian, you may ask? Well, picture yourself around a campfire, wide-eyed under the vast starlit canopy, sharing not just tales but also cultures and languages. That’s precisely the setting we envision as we embark on this journey of discovering Armenian space terms together.

This ancient, sonorous language, dating back to the 5th century, offers an exhilarating twist to our cosmological exploration. Whether you’re a linguistics enthusiast, a stargazer, or simply a perpetual learner, this unexpected intersection of astronomy and language will have you captivated and keen for more. So cradle that warm mug of cocoa, get comfortably nestled under your favorite blanket, and let us transport you from your cozy couch straight into the heart of the vast Armenian universe.

Basic Space Words In Armenian

Basic Space Words In Armenian

Ready to blast off? Warm up your linguistic engines, curious navigators, because we’re about to launch into a treasure trove of basic space words in Armenian. With these, you can start creating stellar phrases that will give you invaluable insights into both the cosmos and the Armenian language. So, without further ado, let’s break the language barrier and connect with the stars!

Sun ☀️

Arev (Արև): The bright, blazing beauty at the center of our Solar System has a name that rolls off the tongue as smoothly as the warmth of its golden rays. It’s easy enough to remember, right? Just think of a sunrise, “Arev” sounds like “a ray of” sunshine illuminating the day.

Moon 🌙

Lusanգայինին (Լուսայլ): Fun fact – it sounds like the English word “lucid,” doesn’t it? Indeed, the shimmering, silver moon would certainly agree. An interesting way to remember this is to break it down: “Lusa” sounds like “lunar,” linking it to the moon, and “nkayin” sounds similar to “night,” as the moon appears at night.

Star ⭐️

Astɫik (Աստղիկ): As we mentioned in our previous cosmic rendezvous, this label is a charming way to address those twinkling celestial bodies. Think of Astɫik as the “ast” in “astronomy”, linking it to the study of celestial bodies, like stars.

Comet ☄️

Sɫbʡana (Սլիքանա): Move over, Halley’s Comet! Here comes the Sɫbʡana, streaking through the starlit sky and leaving a linguistic trail in its wake. Picture the “Slk” as a streamlined streak across the sky to remember this unique term.

Meteor ✨

Kʷaylehaj (Քայլեհայ): Doesn’t it almost sound like a graceful cosmic dancer, flitting across the dark celestial stage? A fun way to remember this is to think of meteors “careling” across the heavens.

Galaxy 🌌

Manramasn (Մանրամասն): It may not be the Milky Way, but you’ll surely feel at one with the cosmos when uttering this term. To recall this term, imagine a “man” rambling “across” the many galaxies out there in the universe.

Astronomy 🔭

Kazmasnutʡyun (Քազմապատկերություն): The study of stars takes a rhythmic turn in Armenian – flex your linguistic muscles and let the syllables flow! To remember this, simply break it down to “Cosmic” (Kazma) and “Study” (nutʡyun) for an easier memory jog.

Planets In Armenian

Planets In Armenian

In the unending expanse of the cosmos, our Solar System is home. And, each planet carries its unique Armenian moniker.

  • Mercury – Merkuri (Մերկուրի): This speedy traveler zipping around the sun is known as “Merkuri” in Armenian. Did someone say speedy Gonzalez of the Solar System? You betcha!
  • Venus – Venera (Վեներա): The dazzling Beauty of our celestial neighborhood, Venus, is “Venera” in Armenian. Sounds a bit like “Goddess of Love and Beauty – Venus”, right?
  • Earth – Yerkrord (Երկրորդ): Ah, our own beloved Blue Planet. Earth translates to “Yerkrord” in Armenian. Keeps you grounded, doesn’t it?
  • Mars – Hoa (Հովա): Next stop, the Red Planet Mars, or as Armenians say, “Hoa.” An easy mnemonic could be: Hoa for the Hot planet!
  • Jupiter – Diasparem (Դիասպարէմ): Hold on tight because we’re zooming past the asteroid belt to visit Jupiter, or “Diasparem”. You could think of it as a “Diaspora” of cosmic gas that has formed into a planet!
  • Saturn – Saturn (Սատուրն): Here we encounter Saturn, famous for its picturesque rings, which mirrors its Armenian name – “Saturn”. Straightforward enough, right?
  • Uranus – Uranos (Ուրանոս): Let’s wave hello to the planet with an axial tilt – Uranus, or “Uranos” in Armenian. It’s almost as if Uranus is saying – “You ran across” the Solar System to find me!
  • Neptune – Neptun (Նեպտուն): Our last stop, the tranquil blue Neptune, takes the form of “Neptun” in Armenian. Tip: The Armenian name sounds like Neptune with an exotic accent.

Well, there you have it, cosmic wanderers – a tour of our Solar System in the language of an ancient civilization. Isn’t it incredible how a journey through language can reveal so much about our astronomical backyard? Who knew we’d go star-hopping through linguistics today?

Space Fiction Words In Armenian

Whether you’re a die-hard Trekkie or just love an exciting extraterrestrial escapade, we’ve got some Armenian space fiction vocabulary bound to add a touch of otherworldly charm to your conversations.

EnglishArmenian ScriptArmenian Pronunciation
Extraterrestrialարտադարձային էլեմենտartadarjayan element
UFOանհայտ տիեզերանիչanhayt tiezeranich
Light Yearլուսային տարիlusayin tari
Cyborgկիբերնավորված մարդkibernavorvac mard
Black Holeսև ակուռկsev akurk

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And there have it! In this post, we’ve journeyed through the words related to all space in Armenian. Now, it’s time to dock at the imaginary International Space Station and gaze out at the cosmos, pondering the beauty and complexity of the Armenian language. Filled with spaces yet to be explored and astronomical terms yet to be discovered, Armenian is truly a wonderful language to learn, right?

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