50+ Best Shopping Vocabulary In German

Best Shopping Vocabulary In German

Who isn’t obsessed with the thrill of a shopping spree? And let’s be real, when you’re traveling to the Kudamm in Berlin, the Schildergasse in Cologne or Zeil in Frankfurt, no one wants to miss out on all the retail therapy fun just because of the language barrier! That’s why in this post, we’ll go over the top shopping vocabulary in German, so you can shop ’til you drop without any confusion or hassle! Let’s begin!

However, you can’t just go and brave the cobblestone streets in the country without learning basic German words! Trust me, I learned this the hard way! I’ve been in situations where I was asked by a salesperson, “Welche Größe haben Sie?” (What’s your size?) and had no idea what to say. That’s when I realized that it’s not fun feeling clueless and relying solely on Google Translate! When I heard that question, I thought she was asking me for the color of the dress I wanted to try on, but it turned out she was asking for my size!

Luckily, she kindly repeated the question in English. But think about this for a sec, what if you encounter a less-than-helpful salesperson who can only speak German? How are you going to take home the souvenirs you wanted to snag? That’s where learning even just the basics of German comes in clutch. In this post, we’ve got your back with a crash course on essential German shopping vocabulary and expressions. With these in your arsenal, you’ll be able to confidently navigate the shops of Germany and bring home all the goodies you’ve been eyeing.

Ready to level up your shopping game? Let’s dive in!

What Is The German Word For Shopping?

The German word for shopping is “einkaufen.” This word is commonly used to refer to shopping or making purchases, whether for groceries, clothing, electronics, or other items. When combined with other words, “einkaufen” can take on different meanings. For example, “Lebensmittel einkaufen” refers specifically to grocery shopping, while “Kleidung einkaufen” refers to clothes shopping.

Here are some simple sentences that make use of the word “Einkaufen.”

  • I want to go shopping = Ich möchte einkaufen gehen.
  • I am going shopping = Ich gehe einkaufen.
  • Today is a good day for shopping = Heute ist ein guter Tag zum einkaufen.
  • Do you want to go shopping together? = Wollen wir zusammen einkaufen gehen?
  • I don’t feel like shopping = Ich habe keine Lust aufs einkaufen.

Great! So the next time you visit a German-speaking country, be sure to use any of those sentences. Who knows, they might just impress your friends, right?

German Words For Stores

German Words For Stores

If you find yourself being asked, “Wo möchten Sie einkaufen?” This question is basically asking you where you want to shop, so you’ve got to be ready for a response. To help you out in this situation, here’s a list of words in the German language related to shopping.

Food And Drink

Now that AirBnb is an option when traveling, we bet that some of you will find yourselves wanting to use the kitchen. If that’s the case, then you should know where to find fresh produce, baked goods, or basic groceries! To get started, here are the easiest words you have to remember.

Bakerydie Bäckerei
Delicatessendie Feinkostladen
Greengrocerdas Obst- und Gemüsegeschäft
Supermarketder Supermarkt
Confectionerydie Konditorei
Dairydie Molkerei
Wine merchantdas Weinhandelsgeschäft

Clothing And Accessories

Looking to spruce up your wardrobe or accessorize your outfit? Check out the clothing and accessory shops listed in this section. From stylish boutiques to practical shoe stores, we specifically created these words so that your inner fashionista will be happy!

Fashion/Outfitterdas Bekleidungsgeschäft
Millinerdas Hutgeschäft
Shoe shopdas Schuhgeschäft
Leather goodsdas Lederwarengeschäft
Jewelerdas Schmuckgeschäft

Health And Beauty

Is your trip ending? Don’t forget to bring home some health and beauty-related gifts for your family and friends! After all, Germany has some of the highest quality products every skin will love! Whether you’re looking for cosmetics, vitamins, or hygiene products, you’ll find what you need in these stores.

Pharmacydie Apotheke
Chemistdie Drogerie
Beauty parlorder Kosmetiksalon
Health food storedas Reformhaus

Home And Garden

Green thumb? Looking to decorate your home or tend to your garden? Check out the home and garden shops listed in this section.

Hardware shopdas Bauhaus
Furniture storedas Möbelhaus
Floristdas Blumengeschäft


Looking for something fun to do or read? Check out the entertainment shops listed in this section. From bookstores to music shops, these stores have something for everyone. You’ll also find toy stores and newsstands in this section.

EnglishGerman Sound
Bookstoredie Buchhandlung
Toy storedas Spielwarengeschäft
Newsagent / Magazine storeder Zeitschriftenladen
Music storedas Musikgeschäft


Need some help with errands or special occasions? Whether you need travel assistance or tailoring services, these shops have you covered.

Travel agencydas Reisebüro
Dry cleanerdie Reinigung
Undertakerdas Bestattungsinstitut
Photographerdas Fotogeschäft
Shoe repairsder Schuhmacher
Tailordas Schneidergeschäft
Watchmakerdas Uhrengeschäft


Unsure which store to visit? Maybe the word you’re looking for is in this section!

Second-hand shopder Gebrauchtwarenladen
Gift shopdas Geschenkartikelgeschäft
Hypermarketder Großmarkt
Laundrydie Wäscherei
Phrases To Use When Shopping In Germany

Phrases To Use When Shopping In Germany

If you’re planning a trip to Germany, we’ve got some insider intel that’ll take your shopping game to the next level. Picture this: it’s late summer or towards the end of winter, and suddenly the stores start slashing prices left and right – that’s right, we’re talking about the Sommerschlussverkauf and Winterschlussverkauf sales! These two events are some of the biggest sales of the year in Germany, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on these sweet deals!

But before you book a flight during those sales, let’s first go over some phrases that can be useful when shopping in the country.

Phrases For Inquiring

Can you help me?Können Sie mir helfen?
Can you repair this?Können Sie das reparieren?
Can you show me where…is?Können Sie mir zeigen, wo … ist?
Could you recommend something similar to…?Könnten Sie etwas Ähnliches wie … empfehlen?
Could you tell me more about…?Könnten Sie mir mehr über … erzählen?
Do you have this in a different size/color?Haben Sie das in einer anderen Größe/Farbe?
Do you have…?Haben Sie…?
Do you sell….?Verkaufen Sie . . .?
I’d like…Ich möchte…
I’m looking for…Ich suche…
Is it possible to order…?Ist es möglich, … zu bestellen?
May I try it on?Darf ich es anprobieren?
What are the available options for…?Welche Optionen stehen zur Verfügung für…?

Phrases For Asking Price

How much is that?Was kostet das?
How much is it?Wie viel kostet es?
It’s too expensive.Das ist zu teuer.

Phrases For Buying

I’ll take (number) of those.Ich nehme (Nummer) Stück hiervon.
I like it.Das gefällt mir.
I will buy it.Das kaufe ich.

Phrases For Paying

Do you take credit cards?Nehmen Sie Kreditkarten?
May I have a receipt?Kann ich eine Quittung haben?
May I pay by credit card?Kann ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlen?
Other Basic Shopping Vocabulary In German

Other Basic Shopping Vocabulary In German

Now that you already have a basic vocabulary list related to shops and the best phrases to use while shopping, let’s now go over the other words related to this topic.

Cash registerKasse
Credit/debit cardKredit-/Debitkarte
Department storeKaufhaus
Shop assistantVerkäufer/in
Window shoppingSchaufensterbummel

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