55+ Easy Technology Words In French For Beginners

20+ Easy Technology Words In French For Beginners

Ever found yourself lost in translation, especially when it comes to those tricky technology words in French? I know firsthand how understanding the language of technology in France can be a game-changer. It’s not just about being able to navigate through a French keyboard; it’s about embracing a whole new world of tech culture. France is no longer just the land of wine, cheese, and fashion. It’s a tech hub, baby! Ready to learn more about the words related to this tech stuff? If yes, read on below!

As a programmer working in the field of information technology here in the Philippines, I’ve always had a knack for coding and tech gadgets. I mean, it’s my hobby and bread and butter as well! Pretty cool, eh? Back in 2017, the company I’m working at decided to send me to a massive tech conference in France! Exciting, right? But then it hit me – I knew the ins and outs of Python, Java, and C++, but I was a total noob when it came to technology words in French.

Like if this is a game, I’m on level 1! That’s how inexperienced I am with this language!

Determined to make the most out of this opportunity, I embarked on a thrilling linguistic journey, discovering that in France, everyone loves tech! From the conference attendees to the locals at the nearby bistros, people were chatting about the latest gadgets and digital trends. Learning the French words for technology didn’t just help me survive in a foreign land; it became a gateway to connect with people who shared my passion.

Trust me, there’s nothing like discussing artificial intelligence in French over a croissant and a café crème! Want to experience the same thing? If yes, let’s go over the sections below!

Basic French Computer Vocabulary

Basic French Computer Vocabulary

Before we dive into the intricacies of the French tech universe, let’s start with the basics. I mean, we all remember our first day with a computer, right? Navigating the desktop, playing around with the mouse, and those initial magical moments. Now, imagine doing all that but in French! That’s right, learning the basic computer vocabulary in French is like building a foundation, a starting point in this exciting bilingual adventure.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)Unité Centrale de Traitement (UCT)
Graphics CardCarte Graphique
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)Unité de Traitement Graphique (UTG)
Hard DriveDisque Dur
Input UnitUnité d’Entrée
LaptopOrdinateur Portable
MotherboardCarte Mère
Network CardCarte Réseau
Output UnitUnité de Sortie
Random Access Memory (RAM)Mémoire Vive (RAM)
Sound CardCarte Son
Storage UnitUnité de Stockage

Ready to put those French computer vocabulary words to use? Here are two simple sentence patterns for you to play around with. Just fill in the blanks with the appropriate words:

  1. English Pattern: “I need a new ________ for my computer.”
    French Pattern: “J’ai besoin d’un(e) nouveau(nouvelle) ________ pour mon ordinateur.”
  2. English Pattern: “My ________ is not working properly.”
    French Pattern: “Mon(Ma) ________ ne fonctionne pas correctement.”

Computer Peripherals In French

Even if you’re not a techie person, understanding the words related to peripherals is a must! Here are some of the words I rounded up.

USB DriveClé USB
External Hard DriveDisque Dur Externe
Computer-Related Buzzwords In French

Computer-Related Buzzwords In French

Want to impress your friends? Go gaga with over almost-jargon-sounding words from this table below!

Artificial IntelligenceIntelligence Artificielle
Big DataGrandes Données
BlockchainChaîne de Blocs
Cloud ComputingInformatique en Nuage
Internet of Things (IoT)Internet des Objets (IdO)
Machine LearningApprentissage Automatique
Virtual RealityRéalité Virtuelle
Augmented RealityRéalité Augmentée
5G TechnologyTechnologie 5G

Adjectives For Technology Words In French

Creating a report? When speaking about tech words, using adjectives can certainly add that unique oomph you are looking for. And since I want you to get more information from this post, I rounded up the common adjectives your can use. I kept hearing them during the conference so I know these are useful for everyday convo as well.

WirelessSans Fil
Cutting-edgeDe Pointe
Verbs For Technology In French

Verbs For Technology In French

What’s technology without action? Verbs are the dynamic force that brings our tech conversations to life. From clicking a mouse to programming a complex system, verbs narrate our interactions with technology. In French, these verbs not only add authenticity to your dialogue but also allow you to express actions and thoughts with finesse.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to talk about downloading a file or browsing the web in French, here’s your guide:

To ClickCliquer
To DownloadTélécharger
To BrowseNaviguer
To ProgramProgrammer
To UpdateMettre à Jour
To InstallInstaller
To DeleteSupprimer
To ConnectConnecter
To PrintImprimer
To HackPirater
To BackupSauvegarder
To UploadTéléverser
To RebootRedémarrer
To EncryptChiffrer

Learn The French Language With Ling

Voilà! We’ve taken a whirlwind tour through the vibrant landscape of technology words in French, covering everything from basic computer vocabulary to trendy buzzwords, lively adjectives, and dynamic verbs. Now, it’s your turn to put these words into action!

Interested in going deeper with your French language learning? Give Ling a try! It’s an immersive platform designed to make language learning intuitive, engaging, and downright fun. With Ling, you can build on what you’ve learned here and discover even more of the French language.

So, what’s stopping you? Download the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store now!

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