#1 Best Guide: Valentine’s Day In The Philippines

#1 Best Guide Valentine's Day In The Philippines

When you’re shacked up with a Filipina girlfriend, you probably notice how into romance and cherishing affection this culture is year-round. So just imagine when February 14th, the ultimate lovey-dovey day rolls around! It’s like Valentine’s Day in the Philippines brings out an extra festive energy across the whole country. There’s no way to miss it!

I literally mean, even those tiny local sari-sari shops abruptly fill up overnight with plush teddy bears hugging red satin hearts, sparkling cards, and flowers galore! Such a crazy sweet atmosphere, right?

The awesome part is you can personalize the day in any way you two lovebirds enjoy, whether that’s splurging on a luxury hotel stay or keeping it simple with a nice picnic dinner along an almost private stretch of beach. I put this guide together to clue you and other foreigners in on everything essential for making your special lady feel the love, Filipino style!

And because I want to help you totally impress her, I’ll even dish romantic Tagalog phrases she’ll melt over. I promise memorizing just a sentence or two pays off big time! Your girl will beam over your thoughtfulness to embrace cherished local Valentine’s traditions.

Celebrating Valentine's Day In The Philippines

Celebrating Valentine’s Day In The Philippines

Valentine’s Day, or Araw ng mga puso here, is seen as one of the biggest date nights of the year. It’s very couple and romance-centered. Even though the Philippines is tropical and beach-focused, this holiday still has a vibe of turning up the heat romance-wise, similar to Western celebrations.

Filipinos fully embrace February 14th as a chance to showcase affection and appreciation for your special someone. It’s seen as the ultimate time to shower your GF, BF, wife, or husband with love. Grand romantic gestures are not only allowed but EXPECTED on this day!

Giving Gifts To Show You Care

When it comes to Valentine’s here, gift-giving is huge. It’s traditional for couples to exchange cards, flowers, cute stuffed bears, chocolates, a little piece of jewelry…you name it. Any type of thoughtful gift works to show, “Hey, I really dig you!”

These presents stand as symbols to remind bae, “My feelings for ya run deeeep, girl!” That’s why shops overflow with things all decked out in red, pink, and little hearts leading up to the 14th. Those colors and shapes represent romance, sweetness, and never-ending affection here.

It’s not only acceptable but pretty much expected for couples to splurge more than usual. This one day out of the year offers the perfect excuse to treat yourself AND your partner to surprises that’ll make you both feel extra special. Even small tokens work when the thought and sincerity shine through!

Strengthening Relationships

Valentine’s Day here also offers the prime time to dramatically demonstrate just how crazy you are about your Filipina honey. Usually, couples keep public displays of affection on the down low. But the 14th suddenly gives you a free pass to showcase that devotion!

So rent a yacht and cruise the glittering Manila Bay waters while toasting champagne. Book a couples villa at a luxe Palawan resort and get massages buried in the sand. Shower your girl with elaborately wrapped gifts overflowing with her fave chocolates and flower trimmings galore.

Basically, feel encouraged to get super extra on February 14th! These traditionally over-the-top gestures mean showing off the depth of your feelings for all to see. When paired with sincere, sweet nothings whispered while you gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes – it’s swoon-worthy perfection!

Traditions for Valentine's Day In The Philippines

Filipino Traditions To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Gifting Flowers, Chocolates, And Cards

Many Valentine’s Day traditions in the Philippines mirror familiar Western versions. Exchanging flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and romantic cards is extremely common between lovers. Red roses signify passion, while pink blooms demonstrate more innocent charm.

Locally made chocolate treats are often heart-shaped, featuring words like “Mahal Kita” (I love you). Cheesy yet cute cards professing undying love are popular too. Most couples partake in exchanging at least a little something.

Booking Dates Well In Advance

With Valentine’s being a major date night event, reservations at fancy restaurants, hotels, and resorts tend to be booked up weeks or months in advance. Many couples planning a special evening out or overnight getaway make arrangements early. It’s not unheard of for places to be fully reserved over a year ahead for February 14th!

The early planning just demonstrates how anticipated celebrating this devoted day for lovers is across the Philippines.

Getting Beauty Treatments

Many Filipina ladies like to look and feel gorgeous on the year’s most romantic holiday. They’ll frequently schedule hair, nail, massage, or facial appointments in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Some may purchase a dazzling new dress or invest in beauty procedures like teeth whitening for a special date night out. It brings them joy to doll up a bit extra nice for their beaus every February 14th.

Decorating With Heart Motifs

In the weeks prior leading up to Valentine’s Day, pink, white and red heart motifs start popping up across cities and towns. Heart-covered wreaths, shiny garlands, cute plushies, and candle centerpieces appear in home displays, malls, shops, hotels, and churches.

Splurging During Sales Season

With gift purchasing a crucial part of the festivities, large sales frequently occur prior to February 14th. Especially in bigger cities like Manila and Cebu, massive discounts on gifts, beauty packages, clothing, jewelry, and flowers attract eager shoppers.

Department stores and top retailers launch big Valentine’s campaigns with great deals on the most sought-after items. Heart-filled gift sets packed with local goodies, Club Clio cosmetics, Nestlé chocolate treats, and fragrances dominate the special displays.

During these sales, Inventory gets bought up quickly, which also contributes to the rushed, excited energy seen ahead of Valentine’s Day. I mean, even if you’re single, there’s no more exciting time than the days before February 14th to nab excellent deals and pick up tokens of affection.

Dinner Valentine's Day In The Philippines

Top Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Dinner Cruises

*Prices range from ₱2,000-₱5,000 per couple

A fantastic date night option is a evening dinner cruise along Manila Bay. You’ll be wined and dined with a multi-course meal while taking in gorgeous sunset views on the tranquil waters.

Many cruise companies add extra romantic touches for February 14th like fresh flowers, chocolate treats, or live musicians. It makes for incredible memories floating under the stars next to your sweetheart.

Couples Massages & Spa Treatments

*Prices span from ₱800 for basic massages up to ₱15,000 for luxury package deals

Treat yourselves to Relaxation at a world-class beachside spa and resort with couples massages and rejuvenating facials. From Boracay to Cebu to Palawan, the Philippines offers stunningly beautiful locales to whisk your love away to. After indulging in side-by-side services, lounge beachside soaking up some Vitamin sea together. Pure bliss!

Weekend Romantic Getaways

*Costs vary between ₱4,000-₱25,000 depending on destination and lodging luxury

Get out of the hustle and bustle of the city to reconnect amongst nature. Tagaytay, Batanes and Davao host quaint bed and breakfasts providing scenic sites and privacy to cozy up.

Spend mornings leisurely enjoying regional cuisine. Then explore lush parks hand in hand, hike adventurous trails showcasing jaw-dropping lookouts, or simply relax poolside undistracted.

Luxe Hotel Valentine’s Packages

*5-star hotel romantic promos average ₱15,000 and up

For next level pampering, check into a 5 star hotel running special Valentine’s promotions. Makati Shangri-La, Belmont in Boracay, and Acacia Hotels tempt lovers with premium dining experiences, chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne toasts, flower-adorned suites with top amenities, and often live musical performances.

DIY Beachfront Romance

*Pulling off private beachfront picnics or bonfires costs around ₱1,000 or less

You don’t have to break the bank to have a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day. Pack a picnic dinner basket filled with local delicacies like fresh lumpia or inihaw na isda to feast beachside. Build a small bonfire as the waves crash along the shoreline and stargaze wrapped in each other’s arms. Spark creativity by crafting your ideal date reflecting your unique love story’s personality.

Tagalog Valentine’s Day Celebration Phrases

One way to melt your Filipina sweetheart’s heart is by whispering romantic and cute Tagalog words and short sentences. Even if your pronunciation is not perfect, she’ll appreciate you making the effort.

Here are some key phrases sure to impress on your special February 14th date night:

  • “Mahal kita” – The most important Valentine’s phrase meaning “I love you” to profess. Bonus points if you study proper pronounciation by listening to recordings to speak it with confidence.
  • “Magandá ka” – A compliment to call her beautiful. Flatter your girlfriend, wife, or even friendly date with this lovely phrase.
  • “Para sa iyó” – Translate to “For you” in English and present a small gift like her favorite White chocolate morsels from The Philippines or fragrant dainty roses.
  • “Maligayang araw ng mga pusò” – Wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day with this traditional blessing suited for the occasion. She’ll light up hearing you honor the spirit of the holiday in her native language.
  • “Masayá ako kasama ka” – Saying “I’m happy with you” underscores you cherish your special bond that much more on amorous Valentine’s Day. Sweep her off her feet, communicating this sentiment in Tagalog.

Ready To See How Filipinos Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

You’re now stacked with the must-know local traditions, some slammin’ date ideas, thoughtful gift suggestions, and even a few basic romantic Tagalog phrases. I’d say you’re all set to completely wow your girl!

The most crucial thing, though, is letting your genuine admiration for these traditions show through. Don’t just default to whatever you’d do for February 14th celebrations back home. Fully dive into experiences here with an open, understanding mind and heart.

If you wanna keep soaking up more insider knowledge about charming cultural customs plus tag along learning more handy Tagalog phrases, I highly suggest you try the Ling app. Ling breaks down mini lessons that’ll help you understand everyday Philippine lingo and etiquette at your own pace. It perfectly fits busy expats committed to respectfully blending into local lifestyles.

You’ll pick up key expressions for dating, attending family gatherings, rocking holidays – all kinds of useful stuff. Plus, the recordings help you master pronunciation quickly, so you’ll sound like a confident pro.

Give Ling a try before February 14th arrives!

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