15+ Unforgettable Tagalog Pick Up Lines

Unforgettable Tagalog Pick Up Lines

Did you know that Filipinos have a unique combo of romantic flair and wit? Many Tagalog pick up lines have been created to demonstrate this idea. They are used in everyday conversations, which can be proven by listening to OPM songs or watching Pinoy telenovelas. To make it clear when a sentence is a pick up, I have collected some of the best ones that will help you cool down while talking to a Filipina in real time. Are you set? Let’s roll!

Classic Tagalog Pick Up Lines

Did you know that in the Philippines, there was this very cool thing with SMS where kids and young people built “texting clans”? Basically, it is all about chatting and making friends through text messages. Guess what? They had a fun habit of sending classic Tagalog pick-up lines to the entire group (known as GM). These were really witty lines that always made you laugh.

Although most of them sounded corny, these weren’t just flirting lines; rather, they were expressions of Filipino love for comedy and puns while forming in-group cohesion among the texters. Basically, this trend showed how the Filipino language was creative and how bonded they are as a community.

  1. Hindi ka ba napapagod? Lagi ka kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko.
    Translation: “Aren’t you tired? You’re always running in my mind.”
    Explanation: This line humorously implies that the person is constantly thinking about the other, likening it to them running in their thoughts.
  2. Bangin ka ba? Nahuhulog kasi ako sa’yo nang ‘di ko namamalayan.
    Translation: “Are you a cliff? Because I’m falling for you without realizing it.”
    Explanation: It’s a playful way to say that one is falling in love unexpectedly, using a cliff as a metaphor for the suddenness of the emotion.
  3. Mahilig ka ba magluto na pancit canton? Kasi pag kasama kita… feeling ko.. “LUCKY ME”
    Translation: “Do you like cooking instant noodles? Because when I’m with you, I feel like ‘LUCKY ME.'”
    Explanation: A pun on the popular brand of instant noodles in the Philippines, suggesting that being with the person makes one feel fortunate.
  4. Exam ka ba? Gustong gusto na kasi kitang i-take home eh!
    Translation: “Are you an exam? Because I really want to take you home!”
    Explanation: This line humorously compares the eagerness of taking someone home to the urgency of taking an exam home.
  5. Nabibingi ka na ba? Sinisigaw ka kasi ng puso ko eh!
    Translation: “Are you becoming deaf? My heart is shouting your name!”
    Explanation: It implies that the speaker’s heart is so loud in its affection for the person, it could cause deafness.
  6. Alam mo ba na scientist ako? At ikaw yung LAB ko.
    Translation: “Do you know I’m a scientist? And you are my LAB.”
    Explanation: A play on words, using “LAB” as an abbreviation for laboratory and a shortened form of “love.”
  7. Ini-SMALL ka ba nila? Wag ka mag-alala inii-BIG naman kita.
    Translation: “Do they belittle you? Don’t worry, I value you greatly.”
    Explanation: This line uses the play on words “SMALL” and “BIG” to convey that the speaker appreciates the person significantly.
  8. Alarm clock ka ba? Ginising mo kasi ang natutulog kong puso.
    Translation: “Are you an alarm clock? Because you’ve awakened my sleeping heart.”
    Explanation: Suggests that the person has revived the speaker’s capacity to love or feel emotions.
  9. Centrum ka ba? Kasi you make my life complete!
    Translation: “Are you a multivitamin? Because you make my life complete!”
    Explanation: Referring to the multivitamin brand, this implies that the person adds all the necessary elements to the speaker’s life.
  10. Punta tayo sa sementeryo…bakit? dalawin natin ang puso ko na patay na patay sayo
    Translation: “Let’s go to the cemetery… why? To visit my heart that’s totally dead for you.”
    Explanation: A humorous exaggeration, saying the speaker’s heart is so in love it’s like it has died for the person.
  11. Pustiso ka ba? Kasi I can’t smile without you.
    Translation: “Are you dentures? Because I can’t smile without you.”
    Explanation: Implies that just as one needs dentures to smile, the speaker needs the person to be happy.
  12. Utang ka ba? Kasi habang tumatagal, lumalaki INTERES ko sayo.
    Translation: “Are you a debt? Because as time passes, my interest in you grows.”
    Explanation: A pun on the financial term “interest,” suggesting that the speaker’s feelings are intensifying over time.
  13. Meralco ka ba? – pag ngumiti ka kasi may spark
    Translation: “Are you an electric company? Because when you smile, there’s a spark.”
    Explanation: Refers to Meralco, a Philippine electric company, likening the person’s smile to an electric spark.
  14. Crayola ka ba? Kasi nagbibigay ka ng kulay sa buhay ko.
    Translation: “Are you a crayon? Because you bring color to my life.”
    Explanation: Suggests that the person adds vibrancy and joy to the speaker’s life, just like how crayons add color to a drawing.
  15. Tapos na ba ang exam mo? Ako naman sagutin mo!
    Translation: “Are you done with your exam? Now it’s time to answer me!”
    Explanation: A playful way to ask for the person’s attention or response, possibly in a romantic context.
Funny Tagalog Pick Up Lines

Funny Tagalog Pick Up Lines

Think I’ll just roll out the red carpet on romantic pick up lines? Wrong! In this section, we’ll go over some of the funniest Tagalog lines you can use when speaking with the locals.

  1. Buti ang kalendaryo may date, ako wala.
    • Translation: “Good for the calendar, it has a date; I don’t.”
    • Explanation: This line humorously expresses envy towards a calendar for having dates (a pun on the word “date”), implying that the speaker doesn’t have romantic dates.
  2. Kuto ka ba? Bakit? Ang sarap mo kaing tirisin.
    • Translation: “Are you a head louse? Why? Because it feels so good to pick you.”
    • Explanation: This odd comparison likens the addictive quality of picking head lice to the attraction the speaker feels towards the person.
  3. Kamote ka ba? Bakit? Pag nakikita kita nauutot ako eh.
    • Translation: “Are you a sweet potato? Why? Because I fart when I see you.”
    • Explanation: A bizarre line that humorously suggests the person has a physical effect on the speaker, similar to how some people might react to eating sweet potatoes.
  4. Peanut ka ba? Bakit? PEANUT-ibok mo kasi ang puso ko.
    • Translation: “Are you a peanut? Why? Because my heart beats for you (PEANUT-ibok).”
    • Explanation: A pun involving the words “peanut” and “tibok” (the Tagalog word for heartbeat), suggesting that the person makes the speaker’s heart beat faster.
  5. Sana ipis nalang ako para tilian din ako ng mga babae.
    • Translation: “I wish I were a cockroach so that girls would scream for me too.”
    • Explanation: A humorous line that plays on the idea that girls often scream at cockroaches, wishing for similar (even if negative) attention from women.
  6. Unggoy ka ba? Bakit? Nagtataka ka pa.
    • Translation: “Are you a monkey? Why? Are you still wondering?”
    • Explanation: This is a playful and teasing line, implying that the person’s behavior or appearance is somewhat monkey-like, and it’s obvious enough to not need questioning.
cute Tagalog pick up lines

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There we have it! Here, we learned that Tagalog pick-up lines provide a delightful insight into the playful side of the Filipino language. This reveals how much creativity and humor that is inherent in the way Filipinos communicate.

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