31 Crazy Sweet Tagalog Love Phrases

Tagalog Love Phrases

Indeed, the world’s a stage, and the role we all aspire to play is the one who is loved and is giving love. We cannot contest the idea that it is the greatest feeling in the world. In fact, love allows you to feel several emotions all at once, which makes it a unique roller coaster ride. In today’s article, we will walk you through some of the greatest Tagalog love phrases that can support you as you express romantic declarations in the native language of your special one.

If you want his or her heart to skip a beat, let’s dig into our kilig (Tagalog word for being excited about a romantic experience) list of expressions!

Who wouldn’t want to feel the exhilarating rush of excitement and joy when you finally hear the words “mahal kita” from someone you love?

You see, with the number of people all over the world, it is very much possible that the one you are destined to be with will not hail from the same country where you come from. Maybe he or she will be a few miles out or even on the other side of the globe. But regardless of the distance, love knows no boundaries. And for us language enthusiasts, we do not find it surprising if you want to make an effort to learn a whole new language to impress your special one. And if that person is a Filipino, we got you covered!

Tagalog Love Phrases

When the time comes, and you finally feel ready to profess your feelings, check out our foolproof list of romantic phrases that are guaranteed to sound native for extra “pogi points” (Tagalog version for the humorous phrase “brownie points”).

1. Mahal Kita (Common) [Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Mahal kita[/Speechword] / Iniibig Kita (Poetic)[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Iniibig kita[/Speechword]

Translation: I love you

When it comes to saying directly what you feel, nothing beats the usage of these two particular phrases. If you want to be straightforward and you do not want to leave room for misinterpretation, the locals highly recommend using these expressions. Just make sure that your intentions are clear since these phrases carry a lot of weight and shouldn’t be thrown around easily. You can say it with your partner, family members, and even with really close friends.

2. Gusto Kita [Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Gusto kita[/Speechword]

Translation: I like you

There’s a huge gap between liking and loving someone. If you are still unsure of how deep your love is or you simply are just beginning to get to know each other better, it would be wise to use this expression than “mahal kita.” In this context, the word “gusto” is directly translated as “like” in English. In the same straightforward manner, the word “kita” refers to “you.” Isn’t it easy to remember? Remember to use this one when you want to casually ask someone out. For instance, you can say “gusto kitang makasama sa araw na ito. Free ka ba?” (Translation: I want to spend time with you today. Are you free?”)

3. Gagawin Ko Ang Lahat Para Sa’yo [Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Gagawin ko ang lahat para sa’yo[/Speechword]

Translation: I will do everything for you

If you have ever been head over heels for someone before, then you understand how magical love is. This feeling has the capacity to give you strength to the point that you are willing to do whatever it takes to be with someone you love. According to the locals, this is one of the best expressions that will surely make your partner feel the “kilig.”

4. May Gusto Ako Sa’yo [Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]May gusto ako sa’yo[/Speechword]

Translation: I have a crush on you

Ever heard of David Archuleta’s song entitled “Crush“? In the context of this expression, the word “gusto” refers to the feeling of having a very big crush and adoration for someone. If you are just beginning your relationship with a Filipino, it would be wise to confess your feelings by using this expression. Trust us when we say that you will surely sweep them off their feet with this one!

5. Nandito Lang Ako Para Aa’yo [Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Nandito lang ako para sa’yo[/Speechword]

Translation: I am always here for you

Looking for a subtle way to show your feelings to someone? By simply saying that you are on their side and that you’ve got their backs, you will surely earn a brownie point with the Filipinos. This can be used in casual conversations with your close friends or with your special ones. Fortunately, this is an expression that you can use anytime and can be interpreted as a polite expression to say whenever someone is going over some challenging experiences.

6. Kailangan Kita [Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Kailangan kita[/Speechword]

Translation: I need you

In the Philippines, there’s even a movie and a song with the title “kailangan kita.” For the locals, hearing this simple expression reminds them of the unique feeling of being loved by someone deeply. After all, this does not just say that you have some deep feelings, but it also states that you want to be with them forever. It’s like you cannot breathe, and you don’t feel complete without them. Very sweet, right?

7. Ikaw Lang Ang Gusto Ko [Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ikaw lang ang gusto ko[/Speechword]

Translation: It is only you who I like

Have you ever felt like nothing else matters so long as you are with someone you love? Like it doesn’t matter if it rains, snows, or whatever catastrophic event happens as long as you spend it all with your partner. If that rings a bell, then you certainly should use this expression to say precisely how you feel in Tagalog.

8. Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Kulang ako kung wala ka[/Speechword]

Translation: I am not complete without you

Love is a tricky thing for most of us. Some are lucky to find their partners at such an early time, while there are some who are not as fortunate as them. Once you find “the one,” you should tell them this Tagalog love phrase since it means that you are practically only complete when you are with them. Like a puzzle piece, your partner will complete you.

9. Aaalgaan Kita [Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Aaalgaan kita[/Speechword]

Translation: I will take care of you

Planning your wedding vows for your Filipino partner? Nothing beats using this expression since it reflects not just your love but your commitment to stand by the person you love no matter what. It also shows that the type of love you are feeling is not a fleeting one and that you’ll be there for better or worse.

10. Gusto Kong Tumanda Kasama Ka[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Gusto kong tumanda kasama ka[/Speechword]

Translation: I want to grow old with you

It is amazing to see the kind of love that stays the same through the years. If you are fond of “The Notebook” or any other Nicholas Sparks books, then you must use this phrase to express your intention of loving someone eternally. This phrase is so popular that there’s a song related to it entitled “Kasama Kang Tumanda” which is usually played during weddings.

11. Mamahalin Kita Habang Buhay[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Mamahalin kita habang buhay[/Speechword]

Translation: I will love you forever

Ever heard of Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally“? If you share the same sentiment as that song, then now is the best time to use this phrase to explain your intention to be with someone forever. You can also use this for your wedding vows, as this is one of the sweetest Tagalog lines ever!

Sweet Tagalog Phrases For Expressing Significance

Cannot seem to find the right descriptive words to show how much your partner means to you? We bet we have the best selection of Tagalog love phrases just for that! Review our shortlist below and make sure you say it to your partner from time to time.

1. Sa’yo Lang Umiikot Ang Mundo Ko[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Sa’yo lang umiikot ang mundo ko[/Speechword]

Translation: My world revolves around you

2. Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ikaw ang lahat sa akin[/Speechword]

Translation: You are my everything

3. Ikaw Lang Ang Kailangan Ko[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ikaw lang ang kailangan ko[/Speechword]

Translation: You are all I need

4. Ikaw Ang Dahilan Kung Bakit Ako Masaya[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit ako masaya[/Speechword]

Translation: You are the reason why I am happy

5. Binago Mo Ang Buhay Ko[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Binago mo ang buhay ko[/Speechword]

Translation: You changed my life

6. Kulang Ang Buhay Ko Kung Wala Ka[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Kulang ang buhay ko kung wala ka[/Speechword]

Translation: My life is incomplete without you

7. Kulang Ang Araw Ko Kung Wala Ka[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Kulang ang araw ko kung wala ka[/Speechword]

Translation: My day is lacking without you

8. Binago Ako Ng Pagmamahal Mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Binago ako ng pagmamahal mo[/Speechword]

Translation: Your love changed me

9. Napaka Swerte Ko Sa’yo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Napaka swerte ko sa’yo[/Speechword]

Translation: I am very lucky to have you

Tagalog Love Phrases For Long Distance Relationships

Aside from saying “miss na kita”, there is a whole level of Tagalog phrases you need to unlock!

Have you ever heard of the line “appearance blinds, whereas words reveal”? Experts in the field of relationships believe that words are integral for strengthening the bond between partners. In fact, according to Gary Chapman, there are people whose primary love language are words of affirmation. In this case, words can mean a lot to them, which is why you need to memorize this shortlist of easy Tagalog love phrases perfect for your long-distance relationship.

You are always in my mindLagi kang nasa isip ko[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Lagi kang nasa isip ko[/Speechword]
I wish you were hereSana kapiling kita[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Sana kapiling kita[/Speechword]
You are the best giftIkaw ang pinaka magandang regalo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ikaw ang pinaka magandang regalo[/Speechword]
I love you for who you areMahal kita kung ano ka[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Mahal kita kung ano ka[/Speechword]
I am honest with youAko’y tapat sa’yo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ako’y tapat sa’yo[/Speechword]
You are the answer to my prayersIkaw ang sagot sa aking mga dalangin[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ikaw ang sagot sa aking mga dalangin[/Speechword]
See you in my dreamsMagkita tayo sa panaginip ko[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Magkita tayo sa panaginip ko[/Speechword]
You are the complete packageNasa’yo na ang lahat[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Nasa’yo na ang lahat[/Speechword]
You excite meKinikilig ako sayo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Kinikilig ako sayo[/Speechword]
I want to be there with youGusto kitang makasama diyan[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Gusto kitang makasama diyan[/Speechword]
I can’t believe you are mineHindi ako makapaniwalang akin ka[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Hindi ako makapaniwalang akin ka[/Speechword]

Sweet Tagalog Compliments

In the same way that we cannot fully understand the vast space outside the Earth, love is also something that no man has mastered yet. What works for some, simply has no assurance of working with others. However, if you want to make hearts flutter, one way that you should learn is how to provide sweet compliments. With this said, below are some of the top compliments that you can say to your Filipino partner.

You are truly beautifulAng ganda mo talaga[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang ganda mo talaga[/Speechword]
You are so beautifulAng ganda-ganda mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang ganda-ganda mo[/Speechword]
No on can beat youWalang tatalog sayo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Walang tatalog sayo[/Speechword]
You are truly handsomeAng pogi mo talaga[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang pogi mo talaga[/Speechword]
You are so handsomeAng pogi mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang pogi mo[/Speechword]
No one comes close to youWala kang kapantay[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Wala kang kapantay[/Speechword]
You are the only oneNagiisa ka lang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Nagiisa ka lang[/Speechword]
No one compares to how beautiful/handsome you areWala kang kasing ganda/gwapo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Wala kang kasing ganda[/Speechword]
You are kind / You are niceAng bait mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang bait mo[/Speechword]
You are braveAng tapang mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang tapang mo[/Speechword]
You are cuteAng cute mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang cute mo[/Speechword]
You are so cuteNapakacute mo talaga[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Napakacute mo talaga[/Speechword]
You look fresh todayBlooming ka ngayon[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Blooming ka ngayon[/Speechword]
You are truly impressiveKahanga-hanga ka talaga[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Kahanga-hanga ka talaga[/Speechword]
I love your cookingGusto ko ang mga niluluto mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Gusto ko ang mga niluluto mo[/Speechword]
I love your eyesAng ganda ng mata mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang ganda ng mata mo[/Speechword]
I love your smileAng ganda ng ngiti mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang ganda ng ngiti mo[/Speechword]
You have good tasteMaganda ang taste mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Maganda ang taste mo[/Speechword]
You smell goodAng bango mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang bango mo[/Speechword]
You are sexyAng sexy mo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Ang sexy mo[/Speechword]
You are attractiveKaakit-akit ka[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]Kaakit-akit ka[/Speechword]

As we end this article, we hope that our expertise was able to help you in finding the right words to say to your Filipino partner. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it on social media and help us spread these sugar-coated lines to your friends. Who knows, you might just find love in the Philippines?

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