5 Best Spots In Cebu For First-Time Travelers

5 Best Spots In Cebu For First-Time Travelers

If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in Bora Bora and Manila, it’s time to think again. The real MVP of the Philippines is actually Cebu City – a mana from travel heaven! Why? Well, some of the best spots in Cebu are actually the best spots in the Philippines.

Trust us, wanderers, this underrated destination is about to rock your world. Cebu has landscapes that first-timers can’t even imagine. We’re talking lush jungles hiding waterfalls so crazy beautiful, you gotta see ’em to believe ’em. Swimming with gentle whale sharks (for real!). World-class diving spots that go down in legend. And OMG, the mouthwatering lechón roast pig dish – could anything taste better?

Still not packing your bags for Cebu? Well, listen up. We’ve cherry-picked the 5 hottest, awesomest attractions to give newcomers the best intro to the natural wonders this magical destination has to offer. From jungle adventures that will blow your mind, Tagalog expressions, to the funky colonial city vibes of Cebu itself – our insider’s guide has got your vacay covered, baby.

Best Spots In Cebu Province

Take A Jungle Dip At Kawasan Falls

Location: Alegria, Cebu City

Kawasan Falls is easily Cebu’s most Instagrammed natural wonder – and for good reason. his showstopper triple waterfall is Mother Nature at her finest! We’re talking three frothy, crazy turquoise cascades of mountain water, surrounded by lush trees and colorful blooms. An absolute oasis!

One top attraction here? Taking a refreshing dip, baby! Have a blast swimming and soaking up views for the ‘gram in those aquamarine pools and cascades. The pristine waters feel ah-mazing, wanderlusters. Go ahead, jump on in! Feeling daring? Cliff jump those pools for a total thrill!

After getting your water fix, sprawl out riverside with a picnic, or chow down on tasty local grub at the on-site eateries. Before ya leave, hunt down the hidden swimming holes and mini falls scattered around the rainforest. We’re talking secret locations!

Swim With The Giants In Oslob

Location: Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Oslob, 6023 Cebu City

If high up on your bucket list is swimming with those gentle giants of the sea – whale sharks – then you need to hightail it to Oslob, baby. This tiny coastal town puts you up close and personal with these magnificent creatures in the wild – I’m talking a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Now I know whatcha thinking… swimming alongside the biggest fish in the sea sounds kinda terrifying, amirite? But hear us out, wanderlusters! These massive beautiful beasts are total softies who gently feed on tiny plankton, paying zero attention to their human fans. The experience is downright surreal!

The best whale shark action goes down early morning when sightings are pretty much guaranteed. Local fishermen will be your guides to find the butanding (what Filipinos call them) and hook you up with snorkels. While ya only get limited time in the water to keep the animals chill, those moments will be seared into your memory, baby!

When you finally drag yourself back to land, there’s still heaps to do in Oslob – we’re talking swimming under Tumalog Falls at sunrise, feasting on fresh seafood along the beach. But we know those whale shark encounters will be the highlight, wanderers. There’s no better intro to the Philippines’ amazing marine life for first-timers!

Dive With Millions Of Sardines In Moalboal

Location: Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, 6032 Cebu

Want an underwater spectacle that’ll straight up blow your mind? Then a dive in Moalboal is about to rock your world! This western Cebu town is famous for the sardine run – we’re talking a kajillion silver fish swirling through the water in giant bait balls. It’s marine magic at its best!

The primetime to witness this jaw-dropping phenomenon is off Pescador Island, a primo diving and snorkeling spot. Descend into that blue world and prepare to be stunned by the swirling waves of glinting fishies. We promise the sheer volume of sardines is mind-blowing!

While those little dudes steal the show, there’s still heaps to love under the sea here with colorful corals and funky marine creatures galore. For newbie divers, no sweat! The crystal clear waters make for excellent snorkeling, too, for anyone who prefers to float.

After a day immersed in underwater enchantment, head back to picture-perfect Panagsama Beach. Snack on fresh seafood and sip coconut water before claiming a front-row seat for the best sunset show in town!

With its ocean magic, island hopping adventures, and chill coastal vibe, Moalboal gives visitors a true taste of that trademark Philippine beach town lifestyle. For first-timers – it’s a must-see, baby!

Marvel At The Majestic Temple Of Leah

Location: Cebu Transcentral Highway, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Who’s ready for some buildings that define majesty?! Then get those cameras ready for the Temple of Leah – a must-see masterpiece rising over Cebu City that’ll leave your jaw on the floor. This sprawling marble pad was built by a big-shot businessman as a monument of undying love for his late wife. Excuse us while we ugly cry in the corner!

But enough waterworks. The larger-than-life structure itself is about to blow your mind! We’re talking towering columns straight out of ancient Greece, striking statues, and tons of hangout space – all perched with swoon-worthy panoramic views.

Be sure to explore every inch of this palace to catch the ah-mazing details, wanderers. Make the trek to the highest point for those iconic postcard-worthy pics of the city from up high. Visit at golden hour when sunlight makes it shine or time your trip for mouthwatering color-burst sunsets. However you slice it, the Temple of Leah is snappably fab from every angle!

Escape To The Flower Paradise Of Sirao Garden

Location: CV48+MPV, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

No trip to Cebu is complete without stopping to smell the roses at the crazy stunning Sirao Garden. This floral paradise nested in the mountain foothills will have you swooning with its never-ending beds of vibrant blooms!

It’s the sheer volume of technicolor petals that makes Sirao such a jaw-dropping sight. Rows of celosia, roses, chrysanthemums, and more stretch on forever and ever! Take all the time you need meandering the paths and bridges, snapping pics of floral fabulousness around every corner.

Once you’ve explored the massive oasis of petals, stop for a breather in the garden’s German-inspired cafe and shop. Sip a cold drink on the patio while soaking up those stunning panoramas!

Spots In Cebu

How To Get To Cebu Island

Lucky for travelers, this Visayan paradise has become more accessible than ever to reach! Most visitors will start their Cebu adventures by flying into Mactan-Cebu International Airport, located on Mactan Island just across a bridge from Cebu City.

With flights available from major hubs across Asia and an increasing number of direct routes from farther destinations, getting to Cebu is a breeze! AirAsia, Philippine Airlines, and Cebu Pacific are go-to carriers, with regular, affordable flights servicing MCIAA airport.

Already in the Philippines? Domestic flights connect Cebu to Manila, Davao, and other popular spots. Alternatively, inter-island ferries and fast crafts can whisk you over from destinations like Bohol, Negros and Leyte. Companies like Oceanjet run smooth services between neighboring islands and ports.

Wherever your starting point, trails lead to Cebu! Flight or ferry, simply sit back and enjoy the ride to this west-central haven. The tough part will be deciding how long you want to stay in paradise…

Useful Tagalog Phrases For Cebu

While English is widely spoken in tourist areas of Cebu, it’s still handy to know a few key Tagalog phrases to help you connect with locals and navigate your travels. Here are some of the most useful expressions to add to your vocabulary:

  • Magandang umaga! – Good morning!
  • Magandang hapon! – Good afternoon!
  • Salamat – Thank you
  • Walang anuman – You’re welcome
  • Tulong! – Help!
  • Magkano ito? – How much is this?
  • Masarap! – Delicious!
  • Masaya ako – I’m happy
  • Oo/Hindi – Yes/No
  • Paalam – Goodbye

The main language spoken in Cebu is actually Cebuano language. But don’t worry – most locals understand and commonly use Tagalog too. Infuse some of these friendly phrases into your interactions. Finding common ground through language is a great way to enrich your cultural experience in Cebu!

The Best Way To Learn Tagalog

Want to know the easiest way to master these essential Tagalog phrases and many more? Download the Ling app for free! Ling offers fun, bite-sized lessons and quizzes, so you’ll be speaking with confidence in no time.

Whether you’re visiting Cebu, Manila, or any destination in the Philippines, the Ling app has your language needs covered. Study useful travel expressions, food vocabulary, polite phrases, and everyday terms to give your Tagalog a head start. With the Ling app in your pocket, cultural barriers vanish as you connect to Cebu’s welcoming, friendly locals through their native language.

Download it now!

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