10+ Easy Job Vocabulary In Tagalog For Language Learners

job vocabulary in tagalog

Are you ready to take your Tagalog skills to the next level and conquer the world of work in the Philippines? Whether you’re a language enthusiast, an expat, or simply someone who wants to communicate more effectively with Filipino colleagues, mastering essential job vocabulary in Tagalog is a must.

In this post, we’ve handpicked the top 10 job-related terms to help you navigate the workplace easily and confidently. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and dive into the fascinating world of Tagalog job vocabulary!

Job Vocabulary In Tagalog

Learning a new language can be both fun and challenging. It becomes even more enjoyable when you learn words that are useful in everyday life. This section explores Tagalog’s top 10 essential job vocabulary for language learners. These common words will come in handy when you’re talking about work or looking for a job in the Philippines. So, let’s dive in!

Job/Work/Occupation (Trabaho)

Whether you’re looking for a new gig or talking about your current one, “trabaho” is the go-to Filipino word for all things work-related.

Example sentence:

  • English: Have you found a new job?
  • Tagalog: Nakahanap ka na ba ng bagong trabaho?

Employee (Empleyado)

This term refers to the people who work for a company. They’re the ones who make things happen and keep the business running smoothly. So, if you’re an employee, you can proudly say, “Ako ay isang empleyado!” (I am an employee!)

Company (Kompanya)

This is the word for the organization or business that employs people. It’s always good to know the name of the “kompanya” you’re working for or applying to.

Example sentence:

  • English: The company I work for makes shoes.
  • Tagalog: Ang kompanya pinagtratrabahuhan ko ay gumagawa ng mga sapatos.

Position (Posisyon)

Your job title or role within a company is your “posisyon.” It’s essential when discussing your responsibilities or applying for a new job.

Example sentence:

  • English: They’re offering me the position of manager.
  • Tagalog: Inaalok nila sa akin ang posisyon bilang manager.
Filipino doctor job position in tagalog

Salary (Suweldo)

Let’s talk money! Your “suweldo” is the compensation you receive for your work. It’s a crucial topic when negotiating job offers or discussing raises.

Example sentence:

  • English: How much is your salary?
  • Tagalog: Magkano ang iyong sweldo?

Applicant (Aplikante)

The brave soul who’s ready to take on the world of professions and conquer the job market!

Example sentence:

  • English: The applicant has impressive credentials.
  • Tagalog: Ang aplikante ay may kahanga-hangang mga kredensyal.

Application (Aplikasyon)

To land your dream job, you must submit an “aplikasyon” or application to showcase your skills and experience.

Example sentence:

  • English: I need to submit my application on Monday.
  • Tagalog: Kailangan kong magpasa ng aking aplikasyon sa Lunes.

Interview (Interbyu)

This is when a potential employer asks you questions to see if you’re the right fit for the job. Remember to brush up on your Tagalog vocabulary skills before your next “interbyu.”

Example sentence:

  • English: I’m nervous about my interview tomorrow.
  • Tagalog: Kinakabahan ako para sa aking interbyu bukas.

Contract (Kontrata)

A “kontrata” is the translation for a legally binding document that outlines your terms of employment. Make sure to read it carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Example sentence:

  • English: Before I start work, I need to sign the contract.
  • Tagalog: Bago ako pumasok sa trabaho, kailangan kong pirmahan ang kontrata.

Orientation (Oryentasyon)

This is the initial training or introduction you receive when starting a new job. “Oryentasyon” helps you get familiar with the company culture and your new colleagues.

Example sentence:

  • English: The orientation for new employees is next week.
  • Tagalog: Ang oryentasyon para sa mga bagong empleyado ay sa susunod na linggo.

Promotion (Promosyon)

Climbing the career ladder? A “promosyon” is an advancement in your position, usually accompanied by increased responsibilities and a higher salary.

Example sentence:

  • English: She received a promotion due to her hard work.
  • Tagalog: Nakatanggap siya ng promosyon dahil sa kanyang sipag.

Office (Opisina)

The place where you spend most of your waking hours making friends and chasing deadlines!

Example sentence:

  • English: Our office is located in Makati.
  • Tagalog: Ang aming opisina ay matatagpuan sa Makati.

Now that you’re familiar with these essential job vocabulary words in Tagalog, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the world of work in the Philippines. Keep practicing, and you’ll be a language pro in no time!

two girls working in an office in the philippines

Tips For Learning And Using Job Vocabulary In Tagalog

Can’t wait to use these words in a conversation and impress Tagalog speakers? We’ve got your back with some super useful tips to help you learn and use these essential words like a pro. Let’s get started!

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any language lesson, the secret sauce to mastering Tagalog job vocabulary is practice, practice, practice! Don’t hold back – use these words in daily chats or even have a convo with yourself in front of the mirror. The more you use them, the more they’ll feel like second nature.

Flashcards = Instant Study Buddies

Whip up a set of flashcards featuring the top essential job vocabulary words in Tagalog. Keep them close and give them a quick glance whenever you have some downtime. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll pick up these words!

Binge On Filipino Shows And Movies

Get cozy with Filipino TV shows, movies, or YouTube channels. Hearing native speakers drop job-related words in context will help you grasp their meaning and usage like a champ. Plus, it’s an entertaining way to learn!

Context Is Key

When learning new job vocabulary, try to use them in sentences or mini-conversations. This will help you understand how they’re used in context and make it a breeze to remember them.

Use A Language Learning App

Incorporate a language learning app, like the Ling app, into your study routine. It offers fun and engaging vocabulary lessons, quizzes, and games that will help you learn and memorize job vocabulary in Tagalog more effectively.

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