Filipino Wedding Food: 5 Of The Best Dishes

Filipino Wedding Food

When I think of Filipino wedding food, my mind instantly transports me back to celebrations full of music, laughter, and a spread of mouthwatering dishes as far as the eye can see! As someone who has attended my fair share of weddings in the Philippines, let me tell you that the Pinoy food alone is worth getting on a plane for.

Trust me when I say you won’t forget your first taste of crispy lechon glistening with fat or the aromatic morsels of lucky pancit enough to make it to your plate. I still remember going back for a second slice of cousin Julia’s magnificent leche flan – and I wasn’t the only guest spellbound by dessert!

In this blog, I’ll highlight 5 can’t-miss Filipino wedding dishes that you must sample if you want to understand the warmth, vibrancy, and hospitality of the Philippines. Consume with gusto – because you’ll be welcomed like family at the celebration! I’ll also share some useful phrases in the Tagalog language to truly help you out!

Shall we get started? I’m warning you now, though – don’t be surprised if this will spark serious food envy that’ll have you booking flights to Manila immediately after!

5 Best Filipino Wedding Food To Serve

When it comes to any type of celebration here in the Philippines, food takes center stage! Sure, the dazzling decorations and lively music capture your attention at first. But once the food makes its way out of the kitchen, you can bet that everyone (including myself!) gets completely distracted by the aromas and colors tempting us from the table.

You see, gathering around plates of lovingly prepared food allows us Pinoys to bond and connect on a much deeper level in the Philippines. Mealtimes give families, neighbors, friends, and even strangers a chance to laugh, share stories, debate politics, and truly learn what’s in the hearts of our community.

To put it simply: food also provides social nutrition vital for the health and happiness we prioritize.

Lechon - Filipino Wedding Food

Crispy Lechon

If there’s one iconic dish that encapsulates the spirit of Filipino celebrations, it has to be the mouthwatering lechon. This whole roasted pig is the star whenever we Pinoys get together for special events and is a perfect pair for that fluffy white rice waiting on your plate. And I have to tell you, the crispy goodness of lechon we serve up puts basic roast pork to absolute shame!

The glistening brown skin of well-made lechon crackles with each bite, giving way to fat-rich meat pepped up with citrusy, garlicky flavors underneath. Expert lechon makers keep the flavoring simple but magistral, it’s truly the quality of the pig and precision technique that elevates this dish to legendary status.

Pancit canton - Filipino Wedding Food

Savory Pancit Canton

If lechon brings the crispy pork party, pancit canton delivers those satisfying carbs and toss-in veggies at Filipino weddings! This noodle dish has countless regional varieties but the canton version prepared with thick, chewy wheat noodles tossed in sweet-savory sauce reigns supreme in my books.

I clearly recall demolishing at least two heaping plates of my Tita’s mindblowing pancit canton after going hard on the dancefloor at my cousin’s wedding. Unlike its more delicate, translucent pancit cousins, canton can stand up incredibly well to bold flavors and texture additions. That’s why sliced pork, shrimp, and vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and green beans get incorporated into the mix.

Brides even have lucky pancit canton included in their wedding feast for its symbolic long noodles promising a wonderful lifelong marriage ahead! Now you see why it’s an indispensable part of any Filipino celebration?

Lumpiang shanghai - Filipino Wedding Food

Crispy Lumpiang Shanghai

No Filipino wedding menu is complete without a plate (or three) of golden, crispy lumpiang shanghai! These bite-sized vegetable spring rolls make perfect party food when you need a break from the lechon or pancit. I always have to remember to pace myself whenever lumpia makes an appearance.

The crispy shell cracking open to reveal moist, flavor-packed filling seriously activates my food FOMO! Lumpiang Shanghai has a savory meat and veggie blend that usually includes ground pork, shrimp, carrots, green beans, and garlic. Hearty without weighing you down, it lets the fresh, tasty fillings inside shine.

I love dunking these crispy cigar rolls in the sweet chili sauce served alongside too. The lumpia shell soaks up that pleasant kick and tang beautifully. Whether it’s the crunch of the wrapper or the zesty meat morsels inside, it’s easy to keep popping lumpia once you start. No wonder it’s an indispensable part of the Filipino wedding menu!

sinigang - Filipino Wedding Food

Steaming Sinigang Na Baboy

No Filipino wedding reception is complete without large pots of piping hot sinigang na baboy steaming away! This sour and savory pork stew instantly transports me back to lively fiestas with this iconic soup as the centerpiece.

The kinds of sinigang dishes served really depend on which island you’re on. But the tart tomato-tamarind and meat combination remain the hearty soul food of Pinoys everywhere. At weddings, the glowing pink broth simmered with morsels of tender pork belly, bok choy, and spinach makes for the ultimate comfort food.

I can never get enough of the multilayered tanginess sparkling on my palate with each spoonful of sinigang. The meat practically falls apart due to slow cooking while absorbing all the flavors of that zingy soup. Most hosts will have steaming cauldrons of rice ready to offset the mouth-puckering tartness too!

Caldereta - Filipino Wedding Food

Flavorful Caldereta

After going hard on the dancefloor at Filipino weddings, I really look forward to hearty mains like steaming plates of caldereta. This saucy beef stew instantly re-energizes me for more celebrations ahead! Known for its tomato-based sauce loaded with meat, caldereta reveals layers of sweet, savory and tangy flavors in an addictive bite.

Tender chunks of beef practically melt on my tongue from the slow simmering, soaking up all the rich spices and sauce flavors. Morsels of red bell peppers, olives, liver spread, and even hard-boiled eggs make appearances in this stew, too! The textures and taste contrast completely captivate my palate every single time.

I just love spooning mouthfuls of the caldereta gravy over fluffy garlic rice as well. The sharp tang cutting through the richness reminds me of lively fiestas, village feasts, and bonding potlucks back in the provinces. Whenever I spot those iconic white oval plates filled with rice, meat, and vivid red-orange sauce, I know comfort and community await.

Easy Tagalog Phrases For Filipino Wedding Food

You’ll be exclaiming, “Ang sarap!” (It’s delicious!) all night long once you dive into that incredible Filipino wedding spread! While the tasty lechon, pancit and lumpia speak for themselves, having a few Tagalog phrases handy to praise the dishes will win you new friends!

Here are some easy sentences to try:

“Ang bango nito!” = “This smells amazing!”

Go ahead, take a deep whiff of that perfect lechon. We won’t judge if you close your eyes in sheer aromatherapy bliss!

Ang dami kong kakainin!” = “So much delicious food I’ll eat!”

Pace yourself, but we totally understand if you go for seconds…or thirds!

“Nagugutom na ko!” = “I’m getting hungry!”

Time for appetizers? No need to be shy reaching for more lumpia or ube halaya!

Ready To Sample Some Filipino Food?

After highlighting just 5 incredible dishes, I’ve hopefully conveyed why attending a Filipino wedding is a must on any foodie’s travel checklist! From the moment you receive that invitation until the final morsel of lumpiang shanghai disappears, prepare your tastebuds for a party. Crispy, tangy, sweet, savory, no flavor gets left behind in this feast!

Want to level up your Filipino wedding experience further? To better understand our language, make sure to download the Ling app to learn essential Tagalog words. Give it a try now!

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