7 Amazing Filipino Commercials You Should Know

filipino commercials

Worried an ad from teleseryes or movies would bore you out? Or perhaps you want to discuss some of the best Filipino commercials with your family and the locals? If so, we guarantee that the creative way of Filipinos in advertising will surely surprise you and make you stay to watch more!

This post will dig into the exciting world of Filipino advertisements- discovering their best commercials, the factors contributing to their extraordinary popularity, and the Tagalog words related to them.

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Top 7 Filipino Commercials

I understand how tiring it must seem to wait for your favorite show or Filipino movie to air from all those commercials. But imagine still getting your eyes glued on the television by the attention-grabbing ads instead of switching to another channel. That’s precisely how magical the Filipino commercials are! All over the years, they have been able to win over viewers’ hearts on a deep level.

Contrary to traditional marketing, Tagalog commercials fascinate viewers and have a robust and lasting impression. These advertisements are treated as works of art that leave strong emotions in viewers.

So let’s check out these top 7 Filipino commercials!

1. “Preso” (Prisoner)

Who knew that paints with Filipino colors could make a huge impact in commercials? Making it first on the list is “Preso” (Prisoner), aired in 2012, which narrates the story of a prisoner doing his sentence. Boysen Acrytex is being used to paint the prison’s outside walls as the narrative opens with him as a young man seeing through a barred window in his cell. The ad ends with hitting the viewers with a realization of how the brand’s paint would last a lifetime, as seen from the story.

2. “Asim Kilig” (Sour Tingle of Joy)

Knor’s “Asim Kilig” (Sour Tingle of Joy) in 2013 demonstrated how a bowl of Sinigang, with its sour, tingling sensation, instantly transforms a family’s routine moment from being uninteresting to fascinating and even encouraging Filipina moms to prepare more Sinigang for their kids. But what made it famous was its catchy melody and a three-step dance demonstrating the asim or sour flavor in Tagalog desired in a sinigang meal.

3. “Micronutrient Deficiency Edutainment Video” 

Bear Brand made another commercial with a catchy jingle famous in 2015. More than seven million people watched the video on Youtube alone. Most significantly, the program keeps raising awareness of micronutrient deficiency nationwide. Great job on that, Bear Brand!

4. “Roar”

Want to have a good laugh? Of course, the one-liner “Fita ko yaaaaaaaan!” of Fita biscuit will always remain unforgettable because of the comedic effect it has. Aired in 2015, it shows a man imagining himself to scream and make everyone fly away as his Filipino co-worker was about to take his biscuit away.

5. “Mr. Payong” (Mr. Umbrella)

Oohing viewers by a suave man in all white and an umbrella who prevents himself from being splashed by the mud but fails to do so is the commercial for Tide laundry detergent in 2016, which promises to remove any stains easily. Many found it humorous, which made this famous in the Philippines.

6. “Bonakid Preschool 3+”

One of the favorites of Filipinos is “Bonakid Preschool 3+”, sung and danced by every Filipino family during morning exercises, in schools, and numerous school programs and field demos. Through its melodic tune and lyrics, it engaged the viewers to be appealed to the milk brand of Bonakid Preschool 3+ when it was aired in 2017.

7. Nyahahakbkxjbcjhishdishlsab@!!!! Basta RC Cola! (Nyahahakbkxjbcjhishdishlsab@!!!! RC Cola, it is!)

Looking for something bizarre? RC Cola’s commercial in 2021 would make you stop and think about what’s happening with the marketing of a soft drinks brand. To help you visualize it more, the highlighted scene depicts the son revealing four drinking glasses sprouting from his back. “We’ve kept this hidden from you for so long,” the mother emotionally confessed before removing her head to reveal that she’s a gigantic bottle of RC Cola.

Odd, isn’t it? The commercial concludes with the mother pouring cola from her neck into the glasses and the entire family sipping off the boy’s back with straws.

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How Do You Say Commercial In Tagalog?

The Tagalog word for commercial is komersyal.

If you want to start a conversation in Tagalog, ask your Filipino friend, “Ano ang paborito mong komersyal?” which means, “What is your favorite commercial?” in English.


Frequently Asked Questions About Filipino Commercials

What Is The First-Ever TV Commercial In The Philippines?

The first TV commercial in the Philippines is the advertisement for Tide, a laundry powder detergent. This Filipino TV commercial aired in 1960.

What Is The Most Famous Coca-Cola Commercial In The Philippines?

Many Filipinos will remember the Coca-Cola commercial with the theme song, “Ito ang beat, sabay-sabay.” But, older Filipinos may remember the commercial “Tomorrow’s People” in 1986 which Lilet from the Philippines was chosen to sing the Filipino version of this historical advertisement.

Which Filipino Commercials Have Weird And Quirky Plot Twists?

The commercials from Biolink VCO Shampoo (The long-haired woman turns out to be a guy), Fita (Sports Car, yung Red!), RC Cola’s (Walang Himala – a parody of the classic Filipino film, Himala), and the latest Grab Commercial which depicts the super hot summer in the Philippines are some of the top choices for the latest and funniest Filipino commercials. These commercials are a must-watch!

Why Pinoy Commercials Stand Out

Still in awe of how commercials in the Philippines never disappoint? With the evident creativity for just entailing a product, there is no doubt that storytelling in Pinoy commercials is exceptional. They develop stories that evoke strong feelings and reflect the Filipino culture instead of just advertising products—creating an emotional connection with the viewer by appealing to basic human emotions like love, family, friendship, and compassion.

Have you ever heard how laughter can be a way to win one’s heart? Indeed, Filipino commercials have also mastered this with comedy and a heartfelt touch in their advertising style. How about some catchy jingles and dance moves that would make every Filipino hum in their household? Another check!

Through forging these ad tactics and skills, they can make the viewers smile, react positively, and help the brand’s message stick in their minds.

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