The Best 10+ Filipino Movies That You Must Watch!

Filipino Movies

Last updated on May 22nd, 2023 at 12:17 pm

Watching Filipino movies will open you up to a whole new world of entertainment, give you a glimpse into the culture in the Philippines, and help you learn Tagalog. From lighthearted movies to movies that talk about the complexities of a relationship, you’ll learn about it all here!

Don’t worry, we won’t include any spoilers!

What Makes Filipino Movies Stand Out?

From the cinematography to the screenplay, the Filipino film industry offers a wide array of films that showcases the creativity of the country.

Not to mention, the acting is exquisite! Not only do these actors and actresses help produce high-quality films, but they manage to evoke feelings from the audience.

If you are looking for the best Filipino movies to binge on, definitely keep reading!

Top 11 Filipino Movies

1. Hintayan Ng Langit (Heaven’s Waiting)

If you are looking for a Filipino film to get the ball rolling, this movie starring Eddie Garcia and Gina Pareño is perfect! This story tells the romance between the two main characters and their life when they met in purgatory.

Is it an uncommon plot? Yep. Is the story good? Definitely. If you are looking for an excuse to cry and have your heartstrings pulled, Hintayan ng Langit is the best movie for you to watch!

Filipino Romantic Comedy Movie "Four Sisters and A Wedding"

2. Four Sisters And A Wedding

If you are looking for the perfect movie that talks about family and reconciliation, all wrapped up as a romantic comedy, this masterpiece by Cathy Garcia-Molina is something you don’t want to miss.

Four Sisters and a Wedding talks about four sisters, with differences and issues between one another, going home for their baby brother’s wedding. While they are home, these sisters get tested on their differences and, by the end, they have each gone through a journey of deep self-discovery.

This movie is the perfect movie to watch with family and friends because it truly shows the beauty of reconciliation and the importance of bonds.

3. Goyo: The Boy General

Up for some Filipino history? If so, this movie starring Paolo Avelino should be on the top of your list. While this movie is known for its award-winning cinematography and screenplay, it also explores the journey of Gregorio ‘Goyo’ del Pilar, one of the youngest generals at the time.

It showcases bravery, patriotism, and even firmness in one’s values. So, if you want a glimpse into Filipino history coupled with a lot of action, you might want to check this one out!

Best Filipino Movie "Never Not Love You"

4. Never Not Love You

Starring Nadine Lustre and James Reid, this film tackles the complexities and problems that come in a relationship when there’s a difference in careers. This movie, a bit slow yet beautifully made, is definitely a tearjerker that you actually won’t mind shedding a few tears for.

Fun fact, some scenes were filmed in London!

5. Hello, Love, Goodbye

Looking for another tearjerker? This movie by Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards is the perfect movie to watch.

This movie talks about the dreams of Filipinos who work in Taiwan. Not only that, but it explores the pain of separating from your partner in order to achieve your goals.

6. Buy Bust

If you are looking for action-packed scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time, you need to watch Buy Bust!

This movie follows a special operative and her team as they try to eradicate drug cartels in the area. If movies about drugs and actions are your cup of tea, you might want to consider checking this action thriller out.

Best Filipino Horror Movie "Kuwaresma"

7. Kuwaresma (Lent)

Are you a lover of horror films? If so, this movie will surely keep you up at night.

This movie follows a family that’s haunted by the ghost of their youngest daughter. Filled with jump scares and unexpected plot twists, this cinematic masterpiece is definitely a must-watch!

8. Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna is also one of the best historical films ever produced. It talks about Antonio Luna’s leadership during the Philippine-American War.

So, if you are looking for a movie that talks about the country’s history, this should be on your list. Not only is the story gripping and well-thought-out, but it shows the true bravery of the general.

9. I’m Drunk, I Love You

If you are a fan of one-sided love, this movie starring Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador is something that you shouldn’t miss. It takes a look at how complicated love can be when you like someone that likes someone else.

If you are a fan of slow-burn movies and don’t mind crying, you should check this one out.

Filipino Romantic Movie "Tula Para Kay Stella"

10. 100 Tula Para Kay Stella (100 Poems For Stella)

Another story about one-sided love, this movie follows the story of Fidel liking Stella. In the story, Fidel has a speech defect, making it hard for him to speak and communicate his feelings. As a result, he decides to write poems to express his feelings, especially when it is about how he feels for Stella.

Perfect for a rainy day with hot chocolate, this movie will surely stir up your emotions. Yes, it’s that good.

11. Alone Together

From college lovers to people meeting each other for the first time, Alone Together covers all kinds of topics from self-discovery and second chances.

This movie isn’t your typical love story, which is what makes it stand out. The script is beautifully written and it is filled with hidden metaphors and symbolism.

Choosing A Filipino Movie To Watch

These are just a few Filipino movies that can help introduce you to Philippine cinema and the culture of the Philippines. Even better, if you’re interested in learning Tagalog, these films can help you practice! No matter your reason, Filipino movies won’t disappoint.

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