5 Best Christmas Trees In Manila

Christmas Trees In Manila

Looking for the best Christmas trees in Manila? As a proud Pinay, I can say that you haven’t truly experienced the holidays until you’ve witnessed Manila transformed into a complete Christmas wonderland. While the bazaars, light shows, and carolers bring all the festive feels, it’s the larger-than-life Christmas trees around the city that bring the sparkling WOW factor.

From a Swarovski crystal-encrusted masterpiece towering over 50 feet tall to a five-story all-white futuristic cone glowing from within, these Christmas centerpieces are serving some serious extravagance. And that over-the-top glam is exactly why Manila’s holiday trees need to be on every young traveler’s Instagram feed RN.

Intrigued? Here are 5 of the absolute grandest, most showstopping ones that will have you yelling “Tinsel for the win!” (and racking up the double taps).

Fair warning: These glitter-bombed arbor idols are setting trends Santa could never.

Grand Mall Display Of Best Christmas Trees In Manila

Grand Mall Display Of Christmas Trees In Manila

As soon as the “-ber” months hit in the Philippines, you can bet Manila is about to explode into full holiday mode. We’re talking shimmering parol stars dangling everywhere you look, festive tunes pumping from mall atriums, and enough twinkle lights to make Clark Griswold proud. But nothing captures that warm Christmas spirit quite like the signature centerpiece of the season – the highly-anticipated unveiling of public Christmas trees across the city!

But before we get to the show-stopping holiday trees, let’s first get to know some Tagalog words related to it.

GiftsMga Regalo

Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City is bringing some serious holiday magic to downtown Manila this year with the unveiling of their magnificent 100-foot Christmas tree. Dubbed “Unboxing the Holidays,” this eye-catching pine punctuates 7th Ave with over 2,000 glittering red, gold, and silver bulb ornaments strung by hand.

It took a team of dedicated decorators over a week to carefully adorn each bough, along with draping the towering spire in flowing golden ribbon garlands. Illuminated by programmable LED lights, the tree glows against Metro Manila’s evening skyline while a 7-point star shines from the top bough.

So gather the squad and make your way to BGC this Christmas season to glimpse these dazzling holiday treats. Just don’t get too distracted shopping the luxury boutiques once your tree pics are snapped!

Shangri-La Mall

The second Mariah starts belting “All I Want for Christmas is You,” you know it’s caroling time! Towering over the Grand Atrium, this rockin’ 40-footer will flood you with all the childhood memories. Remember traipsing around the neighbs making a Yuletide ruckus on your mom’s pots and pans? Same energy! Just with way better decor.

Launched during their boppin’ “Holidaze” event, this Scotch pine pop star shimmers with over 2,000 colorful bulb baubles and dazzling digital light show bounce off its blinged-out boughs in time to Christmas classics.

Gateway 2 Mall

Manila might be missing the falling flakes, but Gateway 2 Mall is serving freshly fallen holiday whimsy with their Arctic-inspired tree. Making frosty evergreens more fab than Santa’s boots, this white winter stunner in their new Quantum hall gleams with 500 shimmering ornaments. Towering over even the tallest elf at 35 festive feet, she also rocks 200 twinkling lights, 58 Sputnik bulbs, and enough tinsel garland to wrap the North Pole twice.

And lest you forget it’s Christmas while snapping selfies below her snow-bright boughs, there’s an overhead LED screen immersing shoppers in digital falling snow. Take that, “Winter Wonderland!” We’ll take this holiday eye candy and steaming cinnamon dolce lattes over icy roads any day.

Eastwood Mall

While some malls are rocking around just one flashy fir, Eastwood City came to sleigh hard this year with TWO twinkling titans! First up in the Open Park, a 20-foot silvery space-age sculpture is orbiting on a revolving stand. Talk about tree tech! Just across the way, their traditional 50-foot evergreen centerpiece is getting gussied up with enough rainbow bulb ornaments and flashing gift boxes to send Santa’s workshop into a tizzy!

Draped heirloom crimson bows wide as sleds adorn her frame while rich metallic ribbons and beaded garlands cascade like gilded icicles off her voluminous branches. And that tree topper! Pure wow!

Robinsons Magnolia

While Manila malls are all about flashy holiday opulence, Robinsons Magnolia is sleighing with their warm, golden glow this year. Right off the main entrance, a radiant 40-foot fir draped in glittering sunshine-yellow baubles and tinsel will have you California dreamin’ no White Christmas required!

Fully leaning into those sweet honey hues, over 2,000 ornaments shine brightly from this queen’s outstretched boughs. And her shimmering spirit sprouts even more good cheer nearby! Gaze in wonder at a 16-foot offshoot flanked by gift-laden carts while a cheeky red bear sculpture waves amidst it all. Is anyone else suddenly craving honey-baked ham?

Capturing Christmas trees in manila

Who Said Times Square Park Is The Best?

Manila is clearly sleighing the Christmas tree game this year, so move aside Times Square! Sure, New York may rock a sparkling tower of light. But can they match a rainbow, musical note-strewn 40-footer? We think not. From wintery arctic vibes blanketing Quantum Hall to that golden goddess making Robinsons Magnolias shine bright, Manila malls each designed a spectacular centerpiece capturing classic holiday cheer their way.

But don’t just take our word for it! Book a flight and come immerse yourself in Manila’s extravagant, over-the-top holiday wonder for the ‘gram. Before these festive conifers bid “Paalam” until next year! To make it extra special, don’t forget to memorize some Tagalog Christmas greetings and other expressions. Enjoy!

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