Tagalog Christmas Greetings: 14 Easy Phrases

Tagalog Christmas greetings - A photo of a Filipino family during Christmas

If there is one country in the world that seems to enjoy the most extended Christmas (Pasko in Tagalog) ever, then that would be the Philippines. In fact, the locals usually turn the volume up as they happily hum to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ as soon as September (or the famous “-ber months” in the Philippine context) hits in. To greet your Filipino colleagues with style, we have listed here the top Tagalog Christmas greetings that can surely add sparkles to the Pinoy holiday spirit.

Are you ready to learn Tagalog? These Tagalog Christmas greetings you will learn here today will be very useful when you visit the Philippines! If you think you can only use these Tagalog Christmas phrases during the Christmas season, you’re wrong because for Filipinos, araw-araw Pasko (every day is Christmas).

Commonly Used Tagalog Christmas Greetings

Contrary to common belief, there is so much more to learn about the Tagalog language aside from saying mahal kita and magandang umaga. To make the season a special one, be sure to memorize some of these easy Filipino Christmas greetings that you can simply bring out as you chat, speak, or personally converse with a Filipino.

Tagalog Christmas Greetings

Filipino Christmas: Words And Phrases Related To Christmas

Christmas in the Philippines is unique. It’s filled with bright lights, joyful music, and family gatherings. And hey, if you want to learn Tagalog, try the Ling app. It’s a free language learning app available on Google Play and the App Store. Now, let’s look at some words and phrases that really capture the Filipino Christmas spirit.

Filipino Christmas Related Terms

What To Expect During Noche Buena In The Philippines?

While we know that the country has amazing local dishes, Christmas food is on a whole new level! By tradition, Filipinos wake up at exactly 12 to welcome Christmas day by feasting with the family…and when we say feast, we actually mean having a whole table filled with mouth-watering food prepared by the family members themselves.

If ever you get invited for a Noche Buena, you can expect the following dishes:

Christmas Season Foods In The Philippines

Did that make you hungry? I didn’t even include the tasty Filipino Christmas desserts in the list. While the Philippines may not have snow angel traditions or snow, in particular, that doesn’t mean that they do not know how to celebrate Christmas like a pro—and speaking of becoming like a pro, what better way to show your friends some love than by greeting them in a language that is very close to their hearts?

Now that you have learned some Tagalog Christmas greetings, it is time to try it out and send it to your Filipino friend. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it on social media to help spread the word on how to properly greet in Tagalog this Yuletide season.

Tagalog Christmas Greetings -
Puto-bumbong is a decadent rice treat that is only available during the Yuletide season.

How Filipinos Celebrate Christmas?

The Philippines is best known for its festive tradition of celebrating Christmas for four months. Yep, you read that right! It is like the last week of August is already about Filipino Christmas preparation and decoration.

The Start Of Christmas Season In the Philippines

On the very first day of September, you can even expect households are start to affix brightly colored parol or traditional Filipino star lanterns made of wood, plastic, metal, or even capiz shells. And just like magic, you can also see shopping malls erecting giant Christmas trees with ornaments fashioned from the finest native materials from across the country.

Every Barangay Lights Up During Christmas Season

As the days pass by, you will also see local barangays (directly translates to “neighborhoods” in English) and parks lighting up trees and electrical posts with exceptional Christmas light ensembles and star showers flickering to the beat of various Christmas songs.

December In The Philippines

And as December approaches, you will have to get yourself accustomed to the almost weekly fireworks display from Manila’s high-traffic areas. These fireworks usually signify the Catholic tradition of finishing the nine-day devotional masses called simbang gabi.

Tagalog Christmas Greetings - A photo of a Filipina holding a parol

Tagalog Christmas Greetings: Wrap Up

And that’s our little trip into Tagalog Christmas greetings! It’s all about warm wishes, twinkling lights, and happy moments. Whether you’re talking with a friend from the Philippines or just getting into the holiday mood, remember, it’s all about sharing joy, being with family, and lots of smiles. Happy holidays, and hope you enjoy using these friendly Tagalog Christmas phrases!

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