#1 Best Guide: Congratulations In Estonian

#1 Best Guide Congratulations In Estonian

Ever find yourself lost in translation, wishing you could effortlessly jump onto the language train of another culture? Well, buckle up, because we are about to embark on a journey to the land of breathtaking Baltic landscapes, dense forests, and – most importantly – the captivating language of Estonian. Our first pit-stop? Immersing ourselves in the sprightly world of expressing “Congratulations in Estonian”.

Think about it. How often do we resort to a simple ‘congratulations’ when expressing joy or acknowledging someone’s achievement? Countless times indeed! While there’s nothing dull about doling out praises in English, adding a dash of linguistic diversity to our vocabulary has never hurt anyone, right? In fact, wouldn’t it be amazing to surprise your Estonian friend or colleague the next time they share some happy news?

Well, that’s precisely why we’re here! We’re inviting you aboard the language express as we delve into the intriguing world of Estonian celebratory expressions. No worries if you’ve never even heard of Estonian before. We’ll glide through it together, one word at a time – much like gently cruising down the Emajõgi River in Tartu! Let’s begin!

graduating class - How To Say Congratulations In Estonian

How To Say Congratulations In Estonian

Let’s bust the myth – Estonian isn’t gobbledegook. It’s eloquent, it’s beautiful and trust us, it’s easier than it looks! For instance, the translation for the word congratulations in Estonian is Õnnitlused, pronounced as ‘On-eet-loo-sed’. Think of it as a festive toast at a grand Estonian banquet. Toss this at an Estonian celebration, and you’ll have them in awe of your impressive language skills.

But hey! There are variations on how you can use this Estonian word. Let’s discuss more below!

Palju Õnne! – The Essential Congratulatory Charm

Picture this: a loved one shares some fantastic news, maybe an award, a new job, or perhaps an engagement announcement. While your heart brims with joy, your mind rummages for unique ways to express your elation. Now, instead of the old ‘congratulations’, try saying, Palju Õnne!! This phrase, pronounced as ‘Pahl-you-un-nay’, is just like an elder’s warm embrace. It envelops the celebratory occasion wholeheartedly, shining with positivity and best wishes.

Much like a loyal companion, Palju Õnne! has your back in every celebration. On birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or other joyous occasions, this phrase promptly flashes a charming Estonian grin, striking the perfect cord of heartfelt wishes.

Õnne Soovides! – The Connoisseur’s Choice

Fancy situations often demand equally fancy responses, don’t they? Õnne Soovides! is custom-made for such scenarios. Enchant your listeners as you whip up this phrase, pronounced ‘On-nay soh-vee-des’, which translates to ‘Wishing you happiness!’

This might look like a simple phrase, but be careful – simple yet profound, it has the power to add an unforgettable touch to any congratulatory message. A new home, a graduation, a baby’s birth, or milestones achieved – cast the charm of Õnne Soovides!, and you’re bound to leave an impression!

Elagu! – The Life Of The Party Phrase

Now, let’s spice things up a bit… or a whole lot more! Picture the scene: it’s the peak of the celebration; champagne just popped, laughter fills the room, and you shout, Elagu!, the Estonian equivalent of ‘Hooray!’. Pronounced ‘Ella-goo’, this is more than just a word. It’s a vivacious vibe wrapped in a confetti of joy!

So, the next time you’re amidst the loud cheers, vibrant balloons, and festive spirits, remember to chant Elagu! Believe us; the jubilant resonance of this ‘hooray’ in Estonian is sure to raise the celebratory pitch and give everyone a linguistic surprise!

Estonia's Much-Loved Congratulatory Gifts

Estonia’s Much-Loved Congratulatory Gifts

Toasting with the words “Õnne Soovides” or “Palju Õnne” is just the beginning when it comes to celebrating in Estonia. Estonians love to make celebrations special and unforgettable, not only with their unique language and cultural traditions but also with their typical, heartwarming gifts! Let’s unwrap the staples of celebratory gifting in Estonia.


If you adore something as timeless as it is unique, you’re bound to love Estonian handicrafts. Receiving a piece of Käsitöö (pronounced Ka-see-too), be it a beautifully hand-knit sweater or a charming ceramic vase, is considered special. Each item, meticulously crafted by local artisans, carries a slice of Estonian culture, making the receiver feel truly cherished.

Local Delicacies

An Estonian celebration is hardly complete without some delicious local cuisine creeping into the gifting arena. Think homemade jams, offbeat craft beers, or the famous Kalev chocolate. These are perfect for that homely touch, layered with lip-smacking flavors that promise a delightful culinary journey to the heart of Estonia.


A mention of Estonian gifting can never skip the vast array of woodwork! From juniper coasters bearing the unique aromatic touch of this Estonian tree, to intricate wooden spoons and bowls, these gifts pay a fantastic tribute to Estonia’s abundant forests and the nation’s sustainable practices.


Books, especially those by Estonian authors, are a popular choice when it comes to gifting. They not only celebrate Estonia’s rich literary heritage but also serve as thought-provoking gifts. Imagine delving into the depths of an Estonian detective novel or sauntering through the picturesque Estonian countryside in a beautifully illustrated travelogue. Sounds like the perfect gift, right?

Flowers And Plants

Finally, no matter where in the world you are, flowers and plants never lose their charm as congratulatory gifts. In Estonia too, offering blooming beauties like roses, tulips, and daisies is common. Don’t forget, if you’re gifting a plant, make it a resilient, easy-to-care-for one, much like the beautiful spirit of Estonia!

Learn The Estonian Language With Ling

We’ve helped you dip your toes into the delightful pool of Estonian greetings and gifts; now it’s time to dive right in! Fancy not only reading but pronouncing “Õnne Soovides” just like an Estonian local? Or surprising your friends by knowing just the right folk hero to mention on your – oops, sorry – their hand-knit traditional ‘käsitöö’ sweater? Buckle up for a fantastic ride with the power-packed Ling app!

With easy-to-follow lessons, engaging exercises, and pronunciation guides that can turn those tricky ‘õ’ and ‘ü’ sounds into second nature, learning Estonian has never been this fun and accessible. Whether you’re a newbie who still stumbles over ‘Tere!’, or a seasoned learner ready to discuss Estonian history and folklore, the Ling app has got you covered!

So, are you ready to add some Estonian magic into your celebrations? Download the Ling app now from the App Store or Play Store now!

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