How To Say I Love You In French: The 10 Best Ways

Every day is the perfect time for falling in love over and over again. Wherever you are in the world, no one can deny the fact that hearing the words Je t’aime, or I love you in French sounds 100% more romantic than plain old English. With this being said, this special article will walk you through some heart-fluttering and soul-awakening love phrases in the French language.

May it be in music, poetry, art, and even culture, France remains to be considered one of the most prominent countries usually associated with terms like love, elegance, and passion.

One of the reasons behind that is that, historically, France was the first to celebrate the notion of romance and debunk the myth that true love does not exist. At that time in the 12th century, the people finally embraced the meaning of love through real courtship, songs, dances, and literature.

With over 7,117 languages in the world today, only one is considered the most beautiful spoken language, and that is French. It is linguistically considered as a smooth and flowy language, with its nasal vowel sounds combined with a melodious and almost angelic intonation.

It only has a few harsh sounding words under its belt, which makes it a perfect language for whispering sweet nothings in your lover’s ear.

In today’s post, you will learn the phrases to express love and endearment in the language of Romance, from Je t’aime (I love you) to Mon bébé (My baby); you will be ready to use these terms with your loved one.

How To Say I Love You In French?

I Love You = ‘ Je t’aime’

If you landed on this post, then it’s safe to say that perhaps you have finally met your match, and you are now starting to wonder how exactly to say those three little words that can change both of your lives. And for us here at Ling app, we definitely understand how important it is to say the right expressions, which is why we make it a point to review and cross-check all our translations just for you.

Ready to make your special someone go head over heels and fall further for you? Whether you prepared a romantic picnic or you just want to say it out loud once and for all, express you are sincere I love you in French today using our handy list of phrases below.

EnglishFrenchWhen/How To Say The ExpressionSound
I love youJe t’aimeThis is the most standard way of professing love for your other half. Never use this for expressing love to your friends.
I adore youJe t’adoreIf you want to vividly express how much you worship your partner, you can use this as a substitute for Je t’aime, as it is stronger.
I like youJe t’aime bienOf course, sometimes adding the word ‘so much” can earn you an extra cookie point for your loved one.
I am fond of youJe t’aime beaucoupWhen speaking to your friends, you can use this to tell them how much you like them.
You are the love of my lifeTu es l’amour de ma vieThis is used to express your profound passion and love for your special someone.
My heart is racing for youMon coeur bat la chamade pour toiWant to sound poetic? Use this to express how loudly your heart beats for your special person.
I am madly in love with youJe suis fou amoureux de toiDoes he/she make you go totally jelly? Express profound infatuation using this phrase instead.
I want youJe te désireIf you want to make your partner feel your passion toward him/her, say this phrase in combination with I love you.
You mean so much to meTu comptes tant pour moiFeeling a little bit shy about saying it all out? Say this phrase first to see how he/she will react.
I love you so muchJe t’aime tellementOf course, sometimes adding the word ‘so much” can earn you an extra cookie point to your loved one.
french couple words for love in french  i like you in french

Terms Of Endearment In French

Love is felt better if you use pet names, nicknames, or terms of endearment for your special person. If the English have “hubby,” “wifey,” or “bae,” the French have a whole set of fresh terms that you can use to tone down conflicts by raising humor and playfulness. In line with this, we also prepared a few creative terms that are usually used by the locals. Do note that some of these are very random, which can relate to animals, food, places, and so much more! If that sits well with you, then check out our list below.

My babyMon bébé
My beautifulMa belle
My loveMon amour
My dearMa chère
My treasureMon trésor
My heartMon cœur
My other halfMa moitié
My darlingMa chérie
My angelMon ange
My rabbitMon lapin
My kittenMon chaton
My chickyMon poussin
My little birdieMon oisillon
My teddy bearMon nounours
My cabbageMon chou

Now that you know how to say I love you in French and have the native-sounding expressions in your arsenal, you do not have to sweat anymore when declaring your sincere feelings to your romantic partner.

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