20+ Easy Bosnian Homestay Phrases

homestay phrases in Bosnian

Bosnia and Herzegovina, in recent times, have become a great tourist destination. With its beautiful greenery and jaw-dropping architecture, people have started looking forward to the country’s visit more than ever. If you are one of those planning to visit Bosnia soon, this blog has all the essential Bosnian homestay phrases for you. Continue reading to find out the best tips and tricks.

When it comes to tourism, one thing that has gone upscale in popularity is the homestay business. People nowadays prefer homestays and Air Bnbs over hotels and motels to get the authentic country experience. Many tourists have even claimed that homestays are an amazing experience that provides service better than any other.

So, if you are planning to visit Bosnia, I am pretty sure you must have booked a homestay with a welcoming host family. However, to make your experience more fruitful, it is a must to know some essential phrases in the new language, Bosnian. So, to help you become one of the native speakers, this blog has prepared all the Bosnian homestay phrases that you will need!

Why Choose A Bosnian Homestay?

If you still haven’t booked a Bosnian homestay yet, now is the time to do it. This section will clear all your doubts and let you know all the advantages of choosing a homestay for your trip.

1. It’s Like A Home Away From Home

The first and foremost reason why you should choose a homestay is because of the homely environment. Homestays are a home away from home in a strange city. Sometimes, traveling to a completely different foreign country than your own can be overwhelming. It can be the language, the culture, or even the food. However, if you choose a homestay, the host family will make sure that you get accustomed to the culture first-hand without any confusion.

2. Experience Authenticity

Second most rewarding reason for choosing a homestay in Bosnia is that you get to taste authentic home-cooked traditional dishes. While you will find many restaurants serving Bosnian dishes, the taste of homemade items can never be surpassed. Especially students visiting Bosnia can taste all the extraordinary flavors without spending extra money.

3. Help Local Communities

Choosing a Bosnian homestay also equals supporting local communities. Instead of handing hefty amounts of money to corporate buildings like hotels, you spend time and money on residents and help them directly without any middleman. You increase their income level and take a step toward making their lives better. Moreover, you also support ecological development as the room that they provide are a part of their house, and there is no environmental damage whatsoever.

4. Get Local Tips And Insights – Increased Flexibility

Lastly, homestays provide more flexibility when it comes to schedules. You can have food on your own time, come back and leave on your schedule, and even cook food and avoid spending money outside. Another thing is the local experience, as mentioned before. While hotels have a lot of activities packed for you, nobody can do it better than the locals themselves. So, if you choose a homestay, the host family will guide you through all the best and underrated sights often missed by corporate agencies.

Bosnian Homestay Phrases

Now we will go through all the important Bosnian phrases under different word categories that will help you communicate with the locals and make friends easily. Knowing a few words and phrases will not only help you make new friends but develop you in other ways, such as new language skills and cultural awareness. Moreover, staying in a homestay means living with locals.

So, to talk and blend with them in your own way, you have to practice Bosnian vocabulary and prepare yourself before your journey begins!

Bosnian phrases - group of people shake hands

Greeting Phrases In Bosnian

First things first, you must learn how to greet people. Whether you are going to study abroad or have a fun vacation in Bosnia, you should learn how to greet and start a conversation. Especially when Bosnian people are so welcoming, it will sound rude if you put zero effort into reciprocating the same energy. So, here is a list of greeting phrases that will allow you to chat with the locals.

HelloZdravo[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Zdravo[/Speechword]
How are youKako si[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Kako si[/Speechword]
My name is…Moje ime je…[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Moje ime je[/Speechword]
May I come in?Mogu li ući?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Mogu li ući?[/Speechword]
Where are you from?Odakle si?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Odakle si?[/Speechword]
What is your name?Kako se zoves?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Kako se zoves?[/Speechword]
Thank you for having usHvala vam što ste nas primili[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Hvala vam što ste nas primili[/Speechword]
Is this your house?Je li ovo tvoja kuća?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Je li ovo tvoja kuć[/Speechword]
How long have you been here?Koliko dugo si ovdje?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Koliko dugo si ovdje?[/Speechword]
Your house is beautifulVaša kuća je prelepa[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Vaša kuća je prelepa[/Speechword]
I am looking forwardRadujem se[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Radujem se[/Speechword]
It is a pleasure to be hereZadovoljstvo je biti ovdje[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Zadovoljstvo je biti ovdje[/Speechword]
Goodbye, see you soonZbogom, vidimo se uskoro[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Zbogom, vidimo se uskoro[/Speechword]

Interrogative Bosnian Phrases

Staying in a new place means hundreds of questions. Especially when it is a homestay, you will take a while to figure out things. But to make life easy, you can use the below phrases and ask all your questions to the host family without thinking twice.

Where is the bathroom?Gde je kupatilo?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Gde je kupatilo?[/Speechword]
Can I use your phone?Mogu li koristiti tvoj telefon?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Mogu li koristiti tvoj telefon?[/Speechword]
Where is the kitchen?Gdje je kuhinja?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Gdje je kuhinja?[/Speechword]
Do you have extra blankets?Imate li viška ćebadi?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Imate li viška ćebadi?[/Speechword]
Can I borrow your slippers?Mogu li posuditi tvoje papuče?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Mogu li posuditi tvoje papuče?[/Speechword]
Can I bring my pet into the room?Da li mogu da uvedem svog ljubimca u sobu?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Da li mogu da uvedem svog ljubimca u sobu?[/Speechword]
Do you provide breakfast?Da li obezbjeđujete doručak?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Da li obezbjeđujete doručak?[/Speechword]
Can two families share the room?Mogu li dvije porodice dijeliti sobu?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Mogu li dvije porodice dijeliti sobu?[/Speechword]
How much do you charge for one night?Koliko naplaćujete jednu noć?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Koliko naplaćujete jednu noć?[/Speechword]
Is there access to a washing machine?Ima li pristup mašini za pranje veša?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Ima li pristup mašini za pranje veša?[/Speechword]
Is the rent negotiable?Može li se pregovarati o najamnini?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Može li se pregovarati o najamnini?[/Speechword]
How far is the nearest hospital?Koliko je udaljena najbliža bolnica?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Koliko je udaljena najbliža bolnica?[/Speechword]
Do you have single rooms?Imate li jednokrevetne sobe?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Imate li jednokrevetne sobe?[/Speechword]
Can I have the keys?Mogu li dobiti ključeve?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Mogu li dobiti ključeve?[/Speechword]
Do you have a rulebook?Imate li pravilnik?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Imate li pravilnik?[/Speechword]
Bosnian homestay phrases - people eating outdoor

Mealtime Essential Phrases In Bosnian

From your preferred meat to spice level, you will have a lot to say during your mealtime. Especially when it’s a new place with unique food items, you will ask at least twice before getting your food served. Hence, to make such a dining experience with the locals smooth and easy, here is a list of mealtime phrases. Learn all of these by heart and enjoy your meal in Bosnia without any barriers.

When is lunchtime/dinnertime?Kada je vrijeme ručka/večere?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Kada je vrijeme ručka/večere?[/Speechword]
What do you serve for breakfast?Šta služite za doručak?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Šta služite za doručak?[/Speechword]
Do you have vegetarian food?Da li imate vegetarijansku hranu?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Da li imate vegetarijansku hranu?[/Speechword]
I don’t eat meatNe jedem meso[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Ne jedem meso[/Speechword]
Can I get a bottle of water?Mogu li dobiti flašu vode?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Mogu li dobiti flašu vode?[/Speechword]
What item is this?Koja je ovo stavka?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Koja je ovo stavka?[/Speechword]
Do you cook beef?Da li kuvate govedinu?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Da li kuvate govedinu?[/Speechword]
I can’t eat thisNe mogu da jedem ovo[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Ne mogu da jedem ovo[/Speechword]
I would like another servingŽelio bih još jednu porciju[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Želio bih još jednu porciju[/Speechword]
Is the food spicy?Je li hrana začinjena?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Je li hrana začinjena?[/Speechword]
I can’t eat spicy foodNe mogu jesti ljutu hranu[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Ne mogu jesti ljutu hranu[/Speechword]
Can I have more?Mogu li dobiti još?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Mogu li dobiti još?[/Speechword]
You are a talented cookVi ste talentovani kuvar[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Vi ste talentovani kuvar[/Speechword]
The food is deliciousHrana je ukusna[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Hrana je ukusna[/Speechword]
Do you have alcohol?Da li imate alkohol?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Da li imate alkohol?[/Speechword]
I want to learn the recipeŽelim da naučim recept[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Želim da naučim recept[/Speechword]
Is this a traditional dish?Je li ovo tradicionalno jelo?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Je li ovo tradicionalno jelo?[/Speechword]
The dish looks interestingJelo izgleda zanimljivo[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Jelo izgleda zanimljivo[/Speechword]

Social Evening Time Bosnian Phrases

Most people in Bosnia sit and hang out on the lawn and terrace during the evening to relax. If you are in a homestay, you will soon become a part of it. Below are some phrases that will help you involve yourself in the local conversation and discover new thoughts.

Hello everyoneZdravo svima[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]zdravo svima[/Speechword]
I am back!Vratio sam se![Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Vratio sam se![/Speechword]
How are you doing?How are you doing?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]How are you doing?[/Speechword]
Do you live here?Živiš li ovdje?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Živiš li ovdje?[/Speechword]
It was a long dayBio je to dug dan[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Bio je to dug dan[/Speechword]
What did you do today?Šta si radio danas?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Šta si radio danas?[/Speechword]
I had so much funTako sam se zabavio[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Tako sam se zabavio[/Speechword]
Can I have a cup of tea/ coffee?Mogu li dobiti šoljicu čaja/kafe?[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Mogu li dobiti šoljicu čaja/kafe?[/Speechword]
Thank you for cleaning my roomHvala vam što ste očistili moju sobu[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Hvala vam što ste očistili moju sobu[/Speechword]
Your recommendations were the bestVaše preporuke su bile najbolje[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Vaše preporuke su bile najbolje[/Speechword]
I went to…Išao sam u…[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Išao sam u…[/Speechword]
I visited…Posjetio sam…[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Posjetio sam…[/Speechword]
Bosnia is a beautiful countryBosna je prelijepa zemlja[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Bosna je prelijepa zemlja[/Speechword]
You are so lucky to be born hereTako ste sretni što ste rođeni ovdje[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Tako ste sretni što ste rođeni ovdje[/Speechword]
I would like to visit againVolio bih ponovo posjetiti[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Volio bih ponovo posjetiti[/Speechword]

Bosnian Homestay Vocabulary

If you are interested in learning more, this section is for you. Here is an additional list of homestay-related words that will improve your skills further and make you speak Bosnian like a pro.

AccommodationSmještaj[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Smještaj[/Speechword]
BedroomSpavaca soba[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Spavaca soba[/Speechword]
Bedkrevet[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]krevet[/Speechword]
CleanČisto[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Čisto[/Speechword]
FamilyPorodica[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Porodica[/Speechword]
HouseKuća[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Kuća[/Speechword]
KitchenKuhinja[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Kuhinja[/Speechword]
KeysKljučevi[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Ključevi[/Speechword]
LaundryPraonica[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Praonica[/Speechword]
MoneyNovac[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Novac[/Speechword]
RentNajam[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Najam[/Speechword]
TravelPutovanje[Speechword voice=”Bosnian Male” isinline]Putovanje[/Speechword]
learn bosnian with Ling app

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Did you enjoy learning all the Bosnian phrases mentioned above? If yes, you have taken a new step towards becoming a fluent Bosnian speaker. Learning such conversational and interrogative phrases in the local language will not just help you converse with your new friends but simultaneously enhance your knowledge concerning their traditions and also give you a great insight into the culture.

However, one of the most beneficial reasons for learning such words and phrases is that you no longer need to worry about emergencies. You can directly inquire about things without the burden of googling translations now and then.

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